The Golden Years of Master's Grace: Beijing International Fa Conference

Ming Yan

PureInsight | September 19, 2018

[] At the end of October in 1996, the second Falun Dafa International Conference was held in Beijing. There were more than 400 participants, mainly overseas practitioners. They were from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. During the Fa Conference, Master sent a congratulatory message to celebrate the success of the Fa Conference in Atlanta, USA:

Salvation Far and Wide

Lay down your human, mundane mind,

The Fa gained, you now stand divine,

Break free, and depart, these Three Realms,

And ascend to Heaven with a Buddha Body.

October 16, 1996


Clarity of Mind

I spread the Fa, your Master, for salvation of all,

The earth’s four corners I pilgrimage, the Fa Vessel I board,

In a world full of sin and venom I transmit Dafa,

Turning the Falun, the Cosmos is set right.

October 16, 1996



On the evening of November 1, my brain suddenly received a message: Master would come tomorrow.

I was too excited to sleep. I didn’t understand supernatural abilities that much because I just obtained the Fa, so I was uncertain, “Will Master really come?”

The next day, I participated in the activities at Ditan Park and asked some older practitioner, “Will Master come today?” They said no because Master already sent a congratulatory message from Atlanta.

However, I still believed Master would come. When some practitioners engaged in small talk at a small yard, I kept looking at the door.

At 5 pm, I saw a staff arrange something in a hurry after answering a phone call. I was sure Master would come but I daren’t to say it. I looked forward anxiously to Master’s arrival.

They delayed serving at dinnertime for no apparent reason. We had to keep chatting away. It seemed that they were trying to delay the dinner. I was nervous because I knew Master was coming to the meeting room.

"Master is here!"

Everyone cheered and surged towards the door. A coordinator told us go back to our seats because it was not polite to Master. We immediately went back and applauded for Master's arrival.

Master came in with smile. I saw Master! Master was tall and kind. He said happily at the center of the dining room, “Please finish your dinner well and come to the lobby. We will have a lecture.”

Looking at Master, I clapped my hands with great happiness. Time and space seemed to solidify. Suddenly, I found Master was like my Dad. That idea scared me because I didn’t understand what fate was at that time. I was surprised why I had such an idea. (Later I knew Master opened my memory at that moment.)

After dinner, everyone gathered at the lobby and wanted Master to talk more. A staff told us Master came here directly from the airport without dinner.  I felt so sorry after knowing that: Master was always considerate towards us, but when were we considerate towards Master?!

To enable practitioners in the back to see Master well, Master put a chair on a big table and jumped up to sit on it. Then he asked if the cultivators in the back could see him. Everyone said happily: Sure. They applauded enthusiastically.

Next, Master lectured for more than forty minutes. The practitioners held their breaths and listened attentively. It was very quiet except Master's voice between the heaven and the earth.

After the lecture, the practitioners expressed their gratitude towards Master with a long warm applause. Master shook hands and talked with the practitioners. All practitioners wanted to extend this happiest moment, and no one was willing to let Master leave.

After repeated reminders from the staff, Master left the hall. He turned back a few times waving to us.

We stood quietly in the doorway and watched Master leave in the darkness.

It was 11 pm when we walked out of Ditan Park. The moonlight was like water, shining on the silent earth, shining on the sleeping city and us.



(a) During the break time of the Fa conference, I was talking with some Beijing practitioners. A young Taiwan initiate suddenly reached us and pointed at our faces: "Oh, you have Falun on your face. Yours (blue and blue) is blue, and hers (me) is purple.” -------

(B) Unfortunately, my camera battery had run out that day. I knew Master was coming, but all stores around closed. A practitioner who obtained the Fa earlier told me, “Don’t worry. Try again.” I didn’t understand and thought trying was futile. However, I did manage to take 11 pictures after Master came.


Our compassionate Master is great!!!


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