Two Unforgettable Days in Alabama (Three)

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 6, 2019


Bye for Now, Alabama

After my speech, we answered several questions from the audience before the end of the event. Many of them came up to me right after the event, and some came up a bit later, to express their gratitude; some were talking with David Matas and Weldon respectfully; some were being interviewed by the reporters from NTD TV.  

Most of them said to me, “Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! It’s so powerful!” And I always expressed my appreciation, “Thank you so much for being here and being so supportive!”

Some of them stayed and chatted with me for a while. A guy said, “I’ve never heard about the persecution and live organ harvesting of Falun Dafa practitioners before. I’m so shocked by your story. I really don't know if I could make it and not compromise with them (the evil) if I were in that situation. Compared to this, the Me Too movement and many other issues we’re paying much attention to are actually very trivial.”

I think they were also amazed by how well and professionally we did it both individually and as a team. Several of them asked me, “Are you guys on a tour?” I smiled, “I really wish we were. But we also need to work and make a living, and can’t be out on the road all the time. So chances like this are truly precious.” “It’s really powerful. There’re so many universities out there and this is a great way to raise awareness.” “You are right! Thank you for your encouragement and advice! I definitely wish we could do this a lot more.”

I saw that everybody showed sincerity, gratitude and empathy after getting to know about the truth. Looking at those kind and pure-hearted people, I felt somewhat comforted because I knew they were truly saved and would have a bright future.

At both the previous two events, Kyle would come to me and say how good my speech was and express his gratitude. And now he came up to me again and said very encouragingly, “You gave a perfect speech, even better than the precious ones. Really powerful!”

A while later, most of them left. Joan, the female reporter, came up to me with a big smile and some sort of excitement, saying from the technical perspective what a great speech I made. She told me that she noticed how well I controlled the flow of the speech, how I kept interacting and connected with the audience. I were well aware that those are among the abilities Master has given me for saving people.

After putting everything back to its place in the conference hall, Kyle drove us to the hotel to drop off David Matas before going to the airport to drop off me and Weldon. Weldon and I were heading back that night; Mr. Matas would leave in the next morning. On the way to the hotel, we all agreed that the event in the afternoon went really perfectly. I also thought that each element involved was in the right pace and the effects of saving people were truly powerful and comforting.

Looking back how my speech went, I can tell that some of the conditions and the abilities that Master has granted me and forged in me were “naturally” ripe and ready for me to be there to save those people and the countless sentient beings they represent. I felt a righteous field filled with powerful and compassionate energy from Master and righteous gods. It went so well that it was literally beyond my expectation. I was deeply emotionally involved, but at the same time I had a very clear and rational mind. It felt like I didn't make any effort, but instead just let the speech naturally flow. I wish some of the expressions in my speech had been changed a little for the better, but in reality the speech as a whole, with every element in consideration, was really powerful enough.

On the way to the hotel, Kyle said pleasantly, “It’s really amazing we held three events so successfully in two short days.” “Yes, it is amazing!” Everyone agreed with satisfaction and happiness. I knew it was Master who arranged for it to happen so perfectly, and for the whole group of us to do such a great job of coordinating so perfectly to save people. I wished there had been a lot more people in the audience, which was the only factor of the events that I wished to be different. (I didn't count so didn't know exactly how many people attended the three events.) But I knew that nothing happens by chance. It was pre-arranged for that number of people, exactly each of those people, to be saved right there and then.

Thinking back now, I can see that during the two days, my mind was always quiet and almost empty, with barely any human attachments interfering. In order to achieve an ideal result of saving people, Master had put me in a best state.

In front of the hotel, I shook hands with David Matas and said goodbye. He said, “Your speech was great.” And then he turned to Weldon, “So was yours.” Everybody laughed.

While saying goodbye to Kyle at the airport, Weldon smiled teasingly, “Well, you got a taste of Matas.”

I gave Kyle a big hug and said, “Thank you so much, Kyle! People like you are the real treasure for this country!”

On the next day, I expressed my thankfulness to Kyle in a text message and then got his response, “I can’t thank you enough for agreeing to partake in this and be so open throughout. I totally agree, the past two days will be of the most memorable for me, and I will never forget it! It really did work out so perfectly, and wouldn’t have without your help. Thank you so, so much for being one of the most courageous and loving humans I’ve ever met!”

I was aware that it’s Master who encouraged me through Kyle’s words. I thought I’d better not make him feel overwhelmed by too many text messages, but I was sure I needed to validate Dafa instead of validating myself. So I replied, “Thanks, Kyle! That’s so encouraging. Actually, it is Falun Dafa that has forged me into the person I am.”

Two Great Beings  

While waiting to board the plane at the Mobile Airport, Weldon said, “Thank you for saving the day!” I immediately responded, “No, no. It’s the work of us as a solid team that has made it a great day. Actually, it’s very obvious that, among the four of us, I did the least of the job.” He said, “Everyone played an essential role.” “Right. But if you think about it, Kyle took the initiative and did a lot of work there; you did a lot here on your part; David came all the way from Canada… What I did was just follow you there and make three speeches.” When Dafa disciples try to save people in a certain way, Master will get all the necessary conditions ready in other dimensions. This time, however, I felt that Master had even got everything ready for me in this dimension.

Then we talked about how amazing Kyle and David Matas are. I felt so grateful to Master for having arranged for them to help us save people.

In Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018, Master days, “So, that is to say, don't underestimate today's human society, Dafa disciples are not the only ones practicing cultivation, and human beings are all in it, too. They are being smelted, too. In their life, work, and various settings, the problems they encounter, the thoughts they have, and all the way to their actions — all are about positioning themselves, positioning themselves amid the rivalry between good and evil.” I got a strong sense that Master has chosen two of those non-cultivators who have cultivated the best to help us save sentient beings.

Weldon said the two of them were like what Master says in Zhuan Falun (Volume II), “In the Dao without cultivating the Dao”. I think his understanding makes some sense.

David Matas is in his mid-seventies, and Kyle is in his early twenties, which means there’s an over-fifty-year gap of age between them. Amazingly, however, both the “throwback” and the college senior have so many great characteristics in common: they are equally and exceptionally righteous, courageous, and altruistic or selfless. And the three truth clarification events that they either initiated or participated in were an undeniable proof for this, not to mention Matas’s consistent dedication to exposing forced organ harvesting of Dafa cultivators in all these years.

Matas talked to us about how the communist regime tried to harass and threaten him. Later Weldon told me a story about Matas. Once he was on a call-in show in Australia and received a phone call from China. The voice at the other end reminded him in some sort of threatening tone, “Don’t you think about your own safety?” Clearly knowing that the person was speaking on behalf of the communist regime, Matas replied, “If you don’t like what I said (about forced organ harvesting), don’t shoot the messenger, stop the crime.” And he then just hung it up. He’s just fearless.

As for Kyle, I didn't know if he ever wondered if he might put himself in potential danger for organizing such events that can enrage the communist regime. Yet he was so calm that it seemed like he never even gave a thought to that possibility. Maybe he is pure enough to not have ever had a bit of such concern.

Kyle also showed surprising maturity and a great sense of responsibility. This maturity is definitely not what most Chinese people are accustomed to as being smart, crafty and cunning after being contaminated in the big dye vat of the sophisticated and corrupt society. On the contrary, it is capability and wisdom backed up by rationality and a pure heart that enables one to act and get things perfectly done in a dignified manner. Weldon said, “When Kyle picked us up at the airport, I thought he would just drive the two of us to the hotel and leave us there before picking us up again for the evening event. But he actually drove us around, took us to the venues, made sure everything was in shape. He really knew what he was doing.”

That’s what impressed me, too. Before checking the venues, he took us to the cafe to discuss some details related to the events. In fact, I noticed that during the whole process of the three events, he was really dedicated, prudent and well-organized. It’s apparently not what you can expect from a normal 21-year-old.

Weldon who’s in his early forties said that in some respects Kyle was more mature than him. As a matter of fact, I thought this was the case for me, too.

Before seeing him the next morning, I sent Kyle a text message including these words, “You have an intelligent and rational mind, and more importantly, an exceptionally pure and righteous heart, shining like gold.” A moment later he replied, “I really appreciate your kind words, Roy! I’m so grateful that this all worked out and you were able to share your story with all of us. I can’t imagine the strength and courage that this takes, but it’s extremely inspiring, and I look forward to working with you in the future to fight for justice.”

What also was really striking to me was that, during the two days, I never saw Kyle get emotional — never complacent, overjoyed, angry or depressed. He always looked composed and quiet. I’m sure it’s because he has pure and composed heart. I have met some Americans of different ages and from various walks of life, who don’t cultivate in Dafa are so pure and quiet that I feel really touched upon seeing them. I was never touched this way by people in mainland China. Every single one of them is really kind-hearted. And among them, Kyle is an exceptional example. As a cultivator, I can surely tell that their being simple and quiet is definitely not pretended, nor is it merely a courtesy of not disturbing others. And naturally being quiet is also not simply quiet itself on the surface. It is a direct reflection of a quiet and relatively clean mind and a pure heart. It means that they have very weak human attachments. Except among Dafa disciples, I really can’t imagine finding people like them in China where people’s mentalities are so gravely distorted by the evil Party culture. This again reminded me of what Master has said in Teaching the Fa at the Conference in New Zealand, “I have found that a lot of Caucasians are very pure, especially those in remote rural areas. They are really pure and simple. They don’t have this or that concept. Or even if they do, they are very few, and so their obstacles to obtaining the Fa are small. ”

There was a small episode that really struck me. On the second morning Kyle came to the hotel to pick up the three of us for the event at noon. In the room where Weldon and I stayed, Kyle received a call. Judging by what I overheard, I guessed it was from one of his friends who were helping us, telling him that something went wrong. After the call, he quietly told me that he had suggested his friend to print a sample of the poster and make sure it’s the right one before making 200 copies for the following two events. It turned out, the friend didn't follow his advice, instead she directly printed 200 copies before finding they were actually the wrong ones. The mistake occurred at his cost. I paid special attention to his reaction to what his friend did, namely, ignoring his advice and consequently making a mistake at his cost. What I saw was, he quietly told me what happened, and I did not detect even a tiny bit of complaint in either his words and tone or his eyes and facial expressions. In the end, he added with a smile, “It’ll be fine.”

In China, people are like what Master has said in Zhuan Falun, “Nowadays, people behave this way and will first of all avoid responsibility upon coming across a problem, regardless of whether they are at fault.” Complaining about others and blaming others for problems is also an issue that many Dafa cultivators have, and an attachment and bad habit that many of us find hard to get rid of. Yet Kyle didn't even complain a bit about his friend. Instead, he looked truly calm and relaxed as if nothing undesirable ever happened. Looking at him at that moment, I couldn't helping searching within myself, because I was aware that I couldn't guarantee I would never complain about others even a tiny bit when something unpleasant happened because of others’ fault. Whoever blames others and avoids responsibility intends to protect themselves and even validate themselves. It directly stems from selfishness. But a non-cultivator like Kyle can unintentionally show me what it's like to be free of complaints about others.

What tremendous glory it is to be chosen by the Creator to assist Dafa disciples to save sentient beings in the Fa-rectification period! Maybe on the human side, they still don't know how great their beings really are, but I’m sure their knowing side is aware what they are really doing and how much what they’ve done means to the eternal future of them and the sentient beings they represent. I believe that ultimately this is the Creator’s choice and fulfilling of their lives.

It’s true that in this dimension Dafa disciples are playing the leading roles in saving sentient beings now. Yet some supporting roles played by some non-cultivators are so outstanding that if we look at them as mirrors, we’d see that they not only help us save people, but also sometimes unknowingly remind us of our own cultivation.

A Tiny Drop in the Bucket

On the way back, we again transferred flight in Dallas. While the plane was flying in over Dallas, I opened my eyes and was all of a sudden stunned by the scenes I saw through the window. Down there on the ground, there’s a vast sea of lights extending all the way to the horizon. I was deeply awed. And after a while I unexpectedly saw a full moon in the sky. The moon was so bright and tenderly cool, silently watching this world. Again I looked down. The countless lights formed different shapes, big and small, regular and irregular, and the car lights on the strap-like streets and roads were flowing in different directions like a giant being’s arteries constantly running. I couldn't help but gasped and sighed deeply: What a huge and vigorous city! What a busy yet lost world! Countless people and sentient beings are waiting to be saved, but those whom I’ve saved and those whom I can save are just a tiny drop in the bucket!

After landing in our city, Weldon drove me to my place and dropped me off when it was almost two o’clock in the early morning when most of the city was in sound sleep. I said to him, “I am really grateful to Master for giving me the chance and the ability to save people. And I’m also grateful to you for getting me aboard in this dimension and helping me all along.” Weldon said, “Yeah. I’m so happy we followed Master’s guidance and did what we did. Let’s try to get more opportunities like this.” “Right, as many opportunities as possible.”

On the way from the airport to my place, Weldon said that when Kyle told him he’d organize the events, he was somewhat concerned that the old forces might severely interfere with Kyle’s efforts to make the events happen. But it turned out Kyle got everything ready on his part for the events so quickly and efficiently, which didn’t signal any interference from the old forces at all. It really indicated to Weldon the further progress of the Fa rectification.

The Fa rectification is coming to a close. Consequently, the evil that prevent sentient beings from being saved are on the brink of being completely cleansed. However, there will be less and less opportunities to save people. And such opportunities will never come again.




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