The Experience of Using New Exercise Music

Yuxin Cang, Dafa disciple in Hebei, China

PureInsight | February 1, 2019

[] Recently, I downloaded the new exercise music from Minghui website. I feel that the time is increasingly fast. Our cultivation reaches a new transitional stage between Fa’s rectifications of the cosmos and our human world. Because a lot of practitioners are busy with clarifying the truth, studying the Fa, doing chores, and working, they cannot do exercises at the set time, 3:55am, with all Dafa practitioners around the world. Some other practitioners cannot even guarantee their daily exercise time due to laziness. Master is suffering for us to give us more cultivation time because some Dafa practitioners haven’t achieved consummation yet and more sentient beings need to be saved. Master is compassionate. Master re-recorded our exercise music in order to make us further advance in our cultivation. Falun Gong is a both mind and body cultivation. Not only should our minds reach the requirements of the new universe but also our bodies need to be completely converted by high energy matters. And then we are able to reach different levels.

I downloaded the new exercise music and shared with some fellow practitioners. Some were willing to accept it, but some did not. They said they would wait for a notice from Minghui website before using the new music. Now I would like to share some fellow practitioners’ experiences on the new exercise music.

Fellow practitioner A: After hearing the new exercise music, I feel more refreshed. Master’s voice is loud, bright and penetrating. In the past, sometimes I did not exactly follow Master’s voice when doing the fourth exercise, Falun Cosmic Orbit. But now, I feel my movements match the music. When I did the fifth exercise, Reinforcing Supernatural Powers in the past, I could reach the tranquility state if I tried very hard. Now sometimes I even forgot my limbs. I only had a thought in my mind knowing that I was doing the meditation. I reached a state of nothingness. The new fifth exercise music was relaxing. I feel refreshed when hearing it.

Fellow practitioner B: Energy field definitely became stronger. In the past, I felt something was obstructing me when I was doing exercises. But now, I felt more energy when doing the second exercise. When I was doing the fifth exercise using the new music, I sweat a lot and felt very powerful.

Fellow practitioner C: The fifth exercise became much easier for me. My legs hurt less when using the new music. In the past, sometimes I felt the time was too slow to bear the pain but now I do not have such feelings anymore.


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