Thanks to Benevolent Master at Mid-Autumn Festival

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland, China

PureInsight | October 24, 2019

[] My husband and I got to know Dafa in 1997 but we didn’t truly cultivate. After the persecution started, my husband and I gave up Dafa because of fear. I accumulated a lot of karma by fighting for fame, self-interests and Qing. Later, I joined Buddhism to relax myself. However, I developed shingles on my head. As I was unable to rid the disease after trying many methods, I thought of suicide. During that period, a Dafa practitioner told me to recite: “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” but I didn’t.

Later, my disease became worse. I became unconscious for most of the time and couldn’t recognize anyone. I looked like in my 70s even though I was just 50 years old. When I was in the hospital, everyone said my husband was accompanying his mother. I was unable to function. I was diagnosed to have Parkinson’s disease and Spinocerebellar Atrophy by experts in Beijing and in some other big cities. I was told my disease was not curable. I couldn’t leave medicine for even a single moment. Doctor told me I only had one to three years of life.

My husband suffered greatly mentally. When he and I almost lost hope of curing my disease, he called one of our relatives who is a Dafa practitioner. She told us to recite: “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good”. My husband and I recited together at night and we both had dreams that Master helped me and cleaned my body.

Afterwards, I left the hospital. My Dafa practitioner relative told me only Master could save me. I then told her that I wanted to learn Dafa. She got me Dafa books and Master’s lecture videos. Many Dafa practitioners read together in my house.

Great thanks to Master who didn’t give me up. Now I read Zhuan Falun or listen to Master’s lectures every day. My health condition changed greatly. I am able to function and become conscious. Now I can even do some chores. After starting cultivation for about one month, I threw away all my medicines which were expensive. At first, my husband didn’t agree with me stop taking the medicine. He got up several times every night to make sure I was ok. In the past, I couldn’t fall asleep even if I took medicine. Now I can sleep well without taking anything. I have been reading the Fa for eight months. Master has been protecting and helping me. Master wakes me up for righteous thoughts and exercises every day. I feel energetic even though I only sleep for four to five hours every day.

My husband saw the magic and power of Dafa. He really supports me to cultivate. He takes care of all the chores and urges me to read the book and do exercises. He always reads with me too. Gradually, he recovers from high blood sugar.

My husband and I are extremely thankful to Master. It was Master who gave me the second life. Master helped my whole family. Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. My entire family wished Master happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

My husband painted a picture with his full heart, respect and appreciation. We really appreciate Master spreading the Fa and saved us!

Really thanks to Master who didn’t give me up. Now I am cultivating and returning to true home with Master!

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