How a Hysterical Boy Becomes a Handsome Boy

A Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei

PureInsight | October 31, 2021


Greetings, Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

Over the past few years, I have witnessed the beauty of Dafa and would like to share with fellow practitioners.

After graduating from Normal University in 2009, I worked in primary school as a substitute teacher. I have hardly been in contact with children for more than ten years. When I first walked into the campus, I felt delighted. The children ran around the yard. I looked at their smiling faces. These kids seemed to be angels. Actually, I have not seen such purity for long.

I am the head teacher of Class Four, Grade One. When I first stepped onto the podium, I looked at their lovely faces. Suddenly I came up with Master’s Fa teaching in Zhuan Falun, “Of course, while we’re cultivating in the ordinary world we’re supposed to respect our parents and be good to them, just as we should teach our kids and discipline them. In every situation we should be good to others and be kind to people, let alone your family members. We should treat everyone the same, be good to our parents and our kids, and always be considerate of others. Then your heart isn’t a selfish one when you do that, but a compassionate one—it’s compassion.”

I believe Master brought these children to me, while I had predestined relationship with them. I would like to present beauty of Dafa to the children, so I treat them with kindness. I told them, “Young kids should be sincere, compassionate and tolerant. You are required to listen to your teacher and parents. You need to build beautiful manner, respect elders and consider others. We would turn Class Four of Grade One into a big family. We are brothers and sisters. I’m your elder sister; we should love each other and cherish the time we get together.” Some children nodded. Regardless of their young age, they can understand kind words.

When they talked to me after class, I squatted down, with a gentle tone. Grade One students still need me to serve as a nanny as well as a teacher. Some children don’t know how to tie shoelaces, so I tie them; some parents forgot to pick them up, and I wait with the children or send them home; some other children came back from toilet with their pants soiled, then I washed the pants, and called their parents to send clean pants to school... By doing this, I looked like a cultivator. The children have become well-behaved and obedient. Even if there is a quarrel, they will correct it as soon as they see me. I do not need to worry at all.


1.    Meet for the First Time

One day after school, Fengming (pseudonym), a parent who is skinny, asked me, "Teacher, does Tianqi (pseudonym) love to sleep in class? Does he tend to fall down after class?" I replied, “Children like jumping around. It is normal to fall down. The weather was still hot, so he easily felt sleepy.” She left without saying anything. After school the next day, she came to me with a form and asked me to record how many times Tianqi slept, how many times he fell off between classes, and spit out... I started to get confused, so I observed the child during the day, and it was true that he tended to sleep, fall down and he sticked out his tongue whenever he spoke.

On the third day after school, she came again. She cried and her eyes became swollen. I asked her what happened. She said, "The hospital said Tianqi had hysteria and asked me to record his behaviour during school. I had two daughters before. It's not easy to have a son, but now he had the disease, how can I live?" She burst into tears. I said, "Please don’t cry. Would you like to talk to me?"

She said, "Tianqi was smart when he was a child. He participated in dance competitions in the kindergarten and won prizes. However, just before this summer vacation, his uncle made a joke and stretched his leg. His hands were on the ground and his wrist was broken. We took him to a hospital to get a cast. His wrists healed after a short time, but his personality changed. He always felt sleepy and addicted to food. It was hard for him not to over eat. He became impolite and irritable. As long as he took an interest in something, he would rob that. He did not seem to be happy even for a day. Therefore, his family members told other children to be tolerant and avoid making him angry. Another issue was that his weight rose rapidly. We took him to a hospital for a full-body examination. There was no problem at all. We went to Beijing Children's Hospital and had a bone marrow test and the result was ok. I also took him to a sleep center where there all children with this disease. The symptoms were the same. During the day, they had hallucinations and auditory hallucinations. When they felt painful, they tended to beat, pinch and even bite their mothers. The mothers simply tolerated as long as their kids could feel a bit relaxed. The doctor told us the hospital had no good solutions. It was hard to get the disease completely cured, so the patient might have to take the medicine for a lifetime. We all went to the large hospitals, but we could not find an effective treatment. Finally, the doctor asked us to burn incense and ask Gua to try our luck in. We went to the Northwest Mountain during the summer vacation. We heard that the incense was flourishing there, and we also inquired about the famous Xiangmen nearby. In the end, they all talked about the same. Twelve years ago, the child's grandfather killed a young weasel, and now the mother of the weasel has come to avenge the child. We asked his grandfather, it was true. It's okay with my life, I'm not afraid of death, I have pity for my son, he is so young...I have prepared rat poison. "As she said, her tears fell like rain.

She had tried every effort, but in vain. I talked to her, “Have you heard about Falun Gong, which has a miraculous effect in healing? To the west of my house lived a child. Every day he shouted that his back felt heavy. He went to the hospital and the doctor said it was okay, but he was out of breath. Later, a fortune-teller said that the child’s grandmother liked him very much when she was alive, and she did not want to leave when she died. She leaned over him that is why his back felt heavy. Fortunately, the child’s mother is aware from Zhuan Falun, ‘One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils’. After a short period of her practice, her child’s back stopped feeling heavy.”

Feng Ming said, “But Falun Gong was banned.” I responded, “The state-controlled television program has defamed Falun Gong. In facts, Falun Gong teaches compassion to people. It is a spiritual practice rooted in Buddha School tradition. Once you have learned the truth, you will understand how precious Falun Dafa is. You can have a try.”

Two months passed, and the parent did not come to me. Tianqi had this disease, but I did not treat him differently. Instead, I took greater care of him and spoke to him more gently. Sometimes he was disobedient, but I did not talk to him loudly. Tianqi was still addicted to food and sleep. He had thick tongue coating and severe bad breath. Sometimes he could fall asleep on the books while doing homework, and fell down when he was running outside the classroom. When he talked, his eyelids seemed to be heavy, with his eyes full of bloodshot. I could see that he did not want to sleep, but he was unable to be self-controlled.

I told his schoolmates that Tianqi just loves to sleep. Whoever found him asleep, just woke him up gently. When he fell down, other children should not laugh at him, but helped him stand up. The children were kind-hearted and respected Tianqi. They were happy to help him. I know that Tianqi was blessed by Master’s mighty compassion.

After three months, Feng Ming told me, “Tian Yu, I came to understand the truth. Falun Dafa is wonderful. The television program that has outlawed Falun Dafa is fake and evil.” I asked her, “Have you read the book and started to practice Dafa?” She said to me, “You introduced Falun Gong to me. I was unable to concentrate on it, because I worried about my kid’s disease. We decocted medicine and fed him every day for the first two months. The medicine was too bitter and I could not swallow it, let alone a child. Suddenly I came up with what you said. Then I talked to the aunt who practiced Falun Gong in our village and borrowed Zhuan Falun from her. On finishing reading it, I suddenly became enlightened. It turned out that Master wrote all the meaning of life in the book. Next, I learned and practiced five exercises with the aunt. The movements were gentle and graceful; the music was peaceful, and I felt comfortable after doing the exercises. I have been practicing it for a month and have found the meaning of life.” I said, “That’s great.”

During class, I chatted with the children and asked them what dreams they had. Some said they found money; some said they went to travel. When I asked Tianqi, he said, "I dream every night that there are ghosts trying to kill me, or some monsters chasing me. I dare not sleep at all, but I am very sleepy. I can also hear people talking during the day, and I can see eyes looking at me." I asked him if he often watched cartoons or played video games, and he said no. The other children found it incredible and terrible. A person's energy is limited. If this happens for a long time, the person will be weak, and the ghosts will achieve the goal of revenge. I told him, "If you have this kind of dream again, you will shout 'Falun Dafa is good, truth-compassion-tolerance is good.' Then the ghosts will be scared away." He said he would keep this in mind.

2.    Validate Dafa
How time flies! My students were turning Grade Two. Tianqi was happy nearly every day. He suffered less from the disease, though the symptom did not totally disappear. One day, Feng Ming told me, “Now I feel relaxed. As his mother, I just fulfil my responsibility. It is useless worrying. Everyone has his own destiny.” I said, “Master taught us in Zhuan Falun, ‘you cultivate a true teaching, so when one person cultivates, others benefit.’ You only benefit from doing it yourself. It is greater to let your child do it with you. Not only can he strengthen his body, but he can also develop his wisdom. I obtained the Fa when I was young. Reincarnation and thousands of years of waiting is to obtain Dafa today. There is nothing luckier than practicing Dafa, and having the protection of Master's spiritual body (Fa-shen).Does this sound better for Tianqi?”

Feng Ming agreed with me, so she encouraged her son to do the exercises with her. She intended to help her son stop taking medicines. However, she was afraid that her intention might be opposed by her husband, who was poisoned by television program that outlawed Falun Dafa. Fortunately, he heard that his son’s teacher is a Falun Gong practitioner, who treats his son with kindness. Children who suffered this disease are likely to be discriminated. As time went by, the teacher will dislike this group of children, and the children will be affected by a lower level of self-esteem. As a result, their health condition will be deteriorated. However, this is not the case with Dafa disciples. Instead, practitioners are more patient with children. Tianqi’s symptom has been alleviated, so his father felt very grateful. I have always been invited to a meal. I told him, “I just did what I should do. Our Master asks Dafa disciples to be kind to others unconditionally. If you want to express thanks, please thank our Master.” He insisted on inviting me to a meal, but I could not decline his invitation, so I would take the opportunity to clarify the truth to him.

He was aware that Dafa is good. Nevertheless, he was unsure about Dafa’s miraculous healing effect. Feng Ming asked me what to do next. I suggested if he is afraid, he can continue to take medicines; if he is not afraid, there is no need. Tian Qi said, "I don't want to take medicines any more. It is too bitter, but it cannot cure my disease. Let's practice Dafa, which makes me feel happy." Then Tian Qi did the exercises and read books every day, and endured when he nearly lost his temper. Feng Ming still decocted the medicine every day, and when his father went to work and after the medicine turned cold, Tianqi poured it out by himself. He kept doing this for half a year, but his father did not notice this. His health condition gradually improved. He could have normal sleep and eating. The thick tongue coating and bad breath disappeared. He rarely lost his temper. In addition, he was very helpful. He was happy to lend his pen or exercise books to his classmates who were in need of help. Moreover, he often invited his friends to play at his place. He was not autistic at all. He liked to talk and laugh, and he knew how to share his toys, snacks and happy things with others. Therefore, Feng Ming felt most thankful for Master.

When I was young, it was hard for me to comprehend the Fa. When I grew up, I began to understand Master’s Fa teaching. To encourage Feng Ming to supervise Tianqi properly, I have tried to learn the Fa as much as I can. In addition, I have been determined to meet the requirement of Dafa when doing things. In the past, I did not cultivate Dafa seriously. Fortunately, when I approached Feng Ming and Tianqi, I found that cultivation is a serious matter. Thus, I should feel thankful for them.

They did not want to hide the fact any more. When told the truth, Tianqi’s father felt angry. Feng Ming peacefully explained to him, “Dafa is supernormal. If not, Qi has not taken any medicine for the past six months; his health condition should get downhill, but you see that he was cheerful, and he became even-tempered. The fact has proved that Falun Gong can really cure diseases.” Regardless of the facts, Tianqi’s father still felt worried. After a few days, the father took Tianqi to travel by train. Feng Ming was not advised until they arrived at Ji Lin hospital. Feng Ming simply made such good use of time to join in group Fa study and exercises. The more she learned the teachings, the more she loved the Fa.

At Jilin hospital, Tianqi got medical examinations every day. After a week, Tianqi's father called Feng Ming to replace him to be with Tianqi. Feng Ming saw that there were many elderly people, and only one child had the same symptoms as Tianqi had previously. He was in a trance and talking nonsense. But now Tianqi is kind and polite and had completely changed.

After returning home, Qiang qiang (a pseudonym) came to Tianqi. They were at the same age. They got to know each other before seeing a doctor, and had the same symptom. He stayed at Tianqi's house and beat Tianqi’s dad. Tianqi felt irritated, but he was able to endure the situation rather than stooping to the other person’s level. Now Tianqi is the most even-tempered person in the family, and he treats everyone with a gentle attitude. When they came to my house at night, Qiang qiang always said something horrible, either committing suicide or killing his parents. I was scared when I heard that, so I told him that children should be kind and pure-hearted. We are nurtured by parents, so we will be in rush repaying them. How can we kill them? As I said, Qiang qiang kept crying. He wiped his tears and said, “I don’t understand. I have never been like this before. How could I cry?" Tianqi also said, "It's amazing." I knew that Master was cleaning Qiang qiang's body. Although Feng Ming kept talking about Dafa to Qiang qiang's mother, she found that unbelievable.

Compared with Qiang qiang, Tianqi’s dad felt confident with Dafa. For this reason, he did not mention taking medicine any more. Further, he told his relatives and friends, “If you feel unwell, please practice Falun Gong with my wife.” Once, his wife argued with him terribly. He rang me, “Could you please ask my wife to stick to principle of Zhen-Shan-Ren?” I responded to him, “All right. Cultivators cannot speak and act like this. I will call her right away.” Feng Ming told me, “Because my husband interfered with my Fa study and exercises, I went back to the way I act before. I let him tell which one looks acceptable. Please do not worry. I am not truly arguing with him. I’m aware of cultivators’ Xinxing standards, so I will be using self-restraint.” This trick really worked, and I laughed for a while.

3.    Cultivate Compassion and Resilience

For some reason, I was assigned to work at another school. I told Tianqi to keep in mind as a cultivator, he should practice Zhen-Shan-Ren diligently.

After a year, Feng Ming and her son came to my house one night. Tianqi shouted when he saw me, "Sister, did you have your meal?" I was stunned. I was usually called the teacher. I replied, "I already had a meal." When we finished studying the Fa, they were about to leave. Feng Ming said, "My kid intends to keep connected with you. He wants to come out every night to learn the Fa and do the exercises with you. Also, he said that he will call you sister in the future, so as to be more like family members." His kind words made me warm and happy. It was hard to imagine that these words came out of the mouth of a 10-year-old child, and he suffered hysteria before. Master stated in Zhuan Falun, “Buddha’s light shines everywhere, propriety and righteousness harmonize everything.”

No matter how advanced today’s medicine and how advanced technology is, there is no way to make a person warm and kind. I smiled and said, "Okay, but is this generation messed up?" Feng Ming said, "It's just a title, so don't take trivial things seriously. He feels like you are his sister; it is just a child's innocence. And everyone wants to have a closer relationship." I agreed.

How time flies! It was time for Tianqi to go to junior high school, which has a boarding system. Only on holidays, Tianqi could come to me. During the summer vacation, he rode a mountain bike by himself every day, against the scorching sun. By the time he arrived at my house, his T-shirt was all soaked. However, he still said it was not hot. In winter, when his face was flushed with cold, he was not afraid of it. When it snowed, he was unable to ride the bike, so he walked to my place, but he had never complained. Seeing this child’s perseverance in studying the Fa, I felt sorry for myself. I was too ashamed if I could not study hard. Therefore, Tianqi’s arrival was also urging me to do well in cultivation.

Once we finished Fa study, Tianqi said that when I first taught them, he saw my whole body glowing on the podium. After I told him to read out the nine-character auspicious phrase, he had fewer nightmares, only weekly or fortnightly.  Later, after studying the Fa and doing the exercises, he never had any horrible dreams. Instead, he dreamed that I was the image of a flying fairy and came to take him home. He felt uplifted, so he told his mother about this. Her mother said, "Then you should learn the Fa with your teacher carefully; you’ve predestined relationship with your teacher."

Now he dreamed of Master and the end of the world. He dreamed that his school was flooded and the classmates were soaked in the water. Only he himself was safe upstairs. I told him that he should save his classmates. Then he tried to clarify the truth among his schoolmates. Master said in Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun, “Some children have extraordinary backgrounds—they have come to obtain the Fa.” My understanding is that Tianqi approached Dafa when he suffered the disease. Then Dafa pointed him to a path of cultivation.

4.    Goodness Is Rewarded with Goodness
Tianqi’s father went to the village to run for cadres election. Feng Ming could not stop him. In the end, he was elected. She said, “Since you’re elected, you should work hard for the welfare of the people. You cannot act like Communist Party officials who are horribly corrupted. People are quitting the party now, you can't join." Tianqi’s dad said, "I know." Later, when there was a chance to join the party, he did give up.

In 2015, Dafa disciples around the world began to prosecute Jiang Zemin. Feng Ming and I wrote a letter of prosecuting Jiang. I asked her if she was afraid of getting into trouble. She said, "I don’t feel scared. My family was nearly broken, which was saved by Dafa. Now Dafa has been outlawed. I want to speak out for my faith. If Jiang Zemin did not launch the persecution, more people would know that Falun Gong is good and would benefit. I want to prosecute Jiang Zemin." At the end of June, both of us sent the letter. At the end of August, the police started searching for people who practice Falun Dafa.

Tianqi’s dad knew someone in the government. The police officer told him Feng Ming on the blacklist. He deleted names of Feng Ming and I from the blacklist. In addition, he asked Feng Ming to kindly remind her fellow Dafa disciples about safety. So far, nobody has approached us; neither have we been harassed by the police’s subsequent "knocking" and "clearing". I was really happy for Tianqi’s dad at that time, and I was very grateful to him. He did this remarkable, a great good deed.

When the prosecuting Jiang event passed, Tianqi's father resigned. He said that the Communist Party is really inhumane. We also understand that he served as an official in the past few months. Actually, he was arranged to prevent us from being harassed. Now he runs his company wholeheartedly. Due to coronavirus restriction, other nearby companies are in a downturn. However, his business is not affected and is still booming. This is a true portrayal of goodness is rewarded with goodness.

5.    Tianqi Became a High School Student
Time flies like an arrow. Tianqi became a high school student. He is a handsome boy of 1.9 meters; he talks gently. As soon as he was a first-year student, the head teacher chose Tianqi to be the class leader and sports committee leader. He told me that he did not want to take up the roles, as he might get tired, and easily offend classmates. I said, “This might be arranged by Master. That is your cultivation environment. You just need to meet Dafa disciples' standards in your role.” He said that his forbearance has been expanded. Moreover, he did not make any complaint, but he did the dirtiest work that other students on duty are unwilling to do. One day, a classmate told him that a girl in his class liked him and wanted to interact with him, but Tianqi tactfully refused. He said that now he aims to focus on his studies and does not want to think about other things.

There was a final exam in the class. The top five students could choose their seats at will. A student was ranked after the fifth and wanted to change seats with Tianqi. Tianqi changed his seat by being tolerant. That classmate even wanted to change his notebook, which was a prize for excellent overall grades and an honor. How could it be easily given away? It suddenly occurred to him that Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Some people knew he was a cultivator, so they asked him, ‘You cultivators don’t want anything. So just what do you want?’ He told them, ‘Whatever other folks don’t want, that’s what I want.’ The truth is, he wasn’t at all dumb. He was pretty sharp. It was just when something of his was at stake that he handled it that way—he let things happen naturally.” Tianqi thus did not feel annoyed and exchanged his notebook. I felt happy to hear that and I was really proud of him. It is hard to tolerate unexpected things all the time. Master said in Solid Cultivation from Hong Yin, “Focus on how you study and cultivate”. Not in the order of entrance, nor in the age, your cultivation level just depends on how much you cultivate.

When Feng Ming’s company is busy, they can't go back home. Tianqi will wash and cook at home during his vacation. He is good at home cooking. Parents can eat delicious meals when they come back. After the coronavirus lockdown was lifted last year, Tianqi’s good buddies had to go back to Wuhan to do business, and they had to leave the next morning. There were no bicycles. He ran to my place and asked for amulets, said, “His buddies understand the truth and they need amulets.” Afterwards, he ran back immediately to his buddies' house. He said, “When you encounter a crisis, remember to read out “Falun Dafa is good. Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” This will keep you safe." His buddies felt very touched. Now Tianqi has both a warm family and friendship. Modern science and technology are simply helpless in the face of some diseases, but cultivating Dafa can solve problems that hospitals cannot handle. Master stated in Zhuan Falun, “Qigong is a science—it’s a higher science.”

During vacation, Tianqi’s dad asked Tianqi to play basketball every day to improve his physical fitness and make friends. He studied the Fa with me in the afternoon. After finishing Fa study, he went to play basketball for an hour, and then did the exercises in the evening. Not only did he learn the Fa, but also fulfilled the agreement with his father. Now Tianqi understands the content of the book quickly; we had no obstacles in communication. Sometimes I even asked him if I could not comprehend Fa teaching. Once, I passed by the basketball court where Tianqi was playing. I stopped and watched him from a distance. Tianqi rushed over and told me that he would finish the sport game immediately. I said I was not in a hurry. Seeing him galloping on the court, it is really hard to believe that boy fell sleepy and fell down easily ever before.

6.    I Feel Grateful to Master and Dafa
It was Master who allowed me to witness these extraordinary moments and extraordinary people; it was the beauty of Dafa that made me participate in so many moving episodes; it was the super nature of Dafa and we should repay Master’s compassionate salvation by striving forward vigorously.

Thank you, revered Master!

Thank you, my fellow practitioners!


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