Talking About Cultivation from a Perspective Acceptable to Ordinary People

Qing Feng

PureInsight | December 26, 2020

[]The scope of clarifying the truth is actually very wide. In addition to letting people understand the beauty of Dafa and leaving the CCP, letting people understand what cultivation is, breaking the shackles of atheism is also an aspect. Of course, the content of this aspect is relatively less urgent. But after the people being clarified understood the basic truth and made the “three withdrawals from CCP”, and if there is still an opportunity you can tell them about cultivation. The Chinese people have been brainwashed by the CCP for many years, and the concept of atheism is deeply ingrained. If you want to explain it, you must talk about it from an angle acceptable to ordinary people.


Someone once asked me, what purpose do you want to achieve by practicing Falun Gong? I said at a shallow level I want to have a healthy body and at a high-level I want to achieve enlightenment. There is a saying: “There are four walls: wine, wealth, libido, Qi. Everyone hides in them. As long as you can jump out, if not a god you will still live long.” Cultivation is to let us jump out of wine, wealth, libido, and Qi to forever gain the human body and always be beautiful.” He said he understands.

The average Chinese believe that a person only lives one lifetime, a person dies like a flaming lamp. Heaven and hell, reincarnation, ghosts, Buddhas, and gods, they simply do not exist. It is unrealistic to change this concept all at once. I think it can be used from another angle. It might as well say: what do you think as an ordinary person pursue? Isn’t it just wine, wealth, libido, and Qi? In other words, wealth and glory, money status, power, and women are almost these things. Looks at the Buddha Shakyamuni. He himself is the prince. He has everything that ordinary people pursue, but he gave up all these things to practice and suffered countless hardships. If it is true that a person dies like a flaming lamp, it is a handful of ashes, and there is no heaven and hell, no reincarnation, no eternal beauty of life, then why shouldn’t he enjoy life well, enjoy all these, and why should he go through any troubles? Isn’t this saint and enlightened person recognized by the whole world as smart as an ordinary person? In Chinese history there are many kings who gave everything up to be a monk. Are they fools?  Can this mean that things like reincarnation and eternity of life in religion are likely to be true?

Such a statement generally can trigger the other persons’ thinking, and once his mind set loosens, it will be effective when you continue to speak according to the specific situation.


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