What I Know of Earth's History and Mysteries (5): An Interdimensional Portal—The Bermuda Triangle

Dao Ming, a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China

PureInsight | August 23, 2020


Preface: As the Fa rectification progresses, so do I continuously upgrade my xinxing in Dafa cultivation, assimilating myself to the universe's principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, and as such, my wisdom deepens and my capabilities strengthen. Dafa has revealed to me, at my realm of cultivation, the truths of different levels, including Earth's history and mysteries. I have written these down to share with fellow practitioners.

An Interdimensional Portal—The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of water located between the Florida Peninsula and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. For the past 100 years, countless ocean liners and planes have mysteriously disappeared there. Unmanned “ghost ships” suddenly appear and disappear. Wireless transmission stops and compasses start spinning wildly … This area of sea has greatly confused modern man. Every year, more than 1,000 people die here. So many bizarre things occur in the Bermuda Triangle. Researchers have offered all sorts of theories. To a cultivator, these deductions and guesses are much like how a blind man feels an elephant (i.e., unable to see the bigger picture). Nobody is able to truly know the real reason behind all the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. At my cultivation realm, the reason why ships and planes repeatedly go missing is that there is an interdimensional portal that randomly opens and closes in that dimensional field.

These interdimensional portals formed as a result of Earth being impacted by other planets. Such tremendous impacts caused fractures to Earth's tectonic plates, much like how the explosion of nuclear weapons causes irreparable damage in this dimension. At the same time, the many other dimensions at different levels corresponding to Earth are also badly damaged. Explosions cause severe disruptions, such as everything being turned upside down, in some dimensions. During the upheaval, particles that make up the human dimension and of another dimension resonate at similar frequencies, thus eliminating the material discrepancy between the two space-times. This is how interdimensional portals are formed. Interdimensional portals can actually be closed, but due to various reasons, high-level beings have not closed this one. It is not the right time to discuss in detail why this is the case. For millions of years, interdimensional portals have been watched over by high-level beings. Beings in any dimension are not allowed to casually go in and out of them. The bizarre phenomena occurring at the Bermuda Triangle have various complicated and profound historical reasons. There are two other reasons for an interdimensional portal to open: 1) The small universe itself is a life form, and all corresponding dimensions of this universe are interconnected. Matter's transformation and motion can itself form interdimensional portals; 2) The high-level beings in different dimensions of the universe have the ability to open up interdimensional portals.

The truth behind the many mysterious disappearances does not just relate to the interdimensional portal. There is another significant reason—aliens. In a prehistoric period, an alien base was established there. Aliens have established a base in the oceanic trench, located in the deepest, darkest depths of the Bermuda Triangle. It is an enormous base in the deep sea with a circumference close to 100 kilometers (approx. 62 miles). They are also using the pyramids, albeit after some remodeling, of a distant age that sunk to the seabed for their own purposes. These aliens hail from the extremely distant Cygnus system. They are highly intelligent lives from that constellation. They stand at around 1.5 meters (approx. 5 feet) tall. Their skin are ash gray in color. They have pairs of fully black eyes without any whites in them. Their hair are also ash gray in color. Their science and technology have taken a most unique approach, which are very different from the route humankind's science and technology have taken. Their galaxy is on the verge of utter disintegration amidst Fa-rectification. These aliens have nowhere to go and thus have taken refuge on Earth. They chose to settle in the Bermuda Triangle because it is situated at 30 degrees latitude north, which is where Earth's rotating energy belt, that is very important, is located. In addition, the Bermuda Triangle has a strong space-time energy field, so it is a special place. The energy field supplies the aliens with sufficient power and perfectly solves the issue of energy consumption for their base. The aliens regard the Bermuda Triangle as their territory. Any intruder who encroach upon the sea or air space of the Bermuda Triangle face grave danger of being eliminated. A considerable number of disappearances were caused, behind the scenes, by the aliens. I will now make known the true situation behind some typical cases.

In 1945, five U.S. avenger bombers mysteriously disappeared when flying in the airspace of the Bermuda Triangle. This shocked the world. Furthermore, the U.S. dispatched 300 planes and four navy warships on a search and rescue operation. They spent 4,100 hours scouring 950,000 square kilometers but found nothing. In a few short hours, five planes and 27 pilots of the 19th platoon vanished from the face of the Earth. Then, in the 80s and 90s, five planes were discovered in two different locations. In 1987, a Soviet space scientist received a satellite image of a WW2 U.S. avenger bomber on the moon's volcanic crater. The serial number of the plane was identified as one of the five missing planes from the 19th platoon. Just when the U.S. and the Soviets went to research this further, the plane vanished.

A few years later in 1996, American scientist Dr. Lutein used an astronomical telescope and found four WW2 U.S. avenger bombers flying at an altitude of several thousand meters and traveling at 40,000 kilometers per hour on Mars. These four planes were precisely the avenger bombers from the 19th platoon. Who could be behind this? This remains an unsolved case.

I saw that the Cygnus aliens who had seized the Bermuda Triangle caused this incident. That day, the aliens flew in an invisible flying device in the airspace of the Bermuda Triangle and flew right into the group of avenger bombers. Then, the aliens controlled the pilots' thoughts and had the pilots fly right underneath a gigantic flying saucer. The flying saucer shot out a beam of energy that formed a passageway, and in an instant, all five airplanes were sucked into it. The flying saucer then descended to the bottom of the ocean, and the avenger bomber pilots were all taken to the alien base. The pilots, feeling dread all over, looked around at their strange surroundings and at the ugly aliens. Although they were conscious of what was going on, their bodies were in a state of paralysis, so they could not move any of their limbs. Of the 27 squad members, five were kept in the underwater alien base to be used for human experiments. Among these five, there was one who survived the longest for 13 years.

Aliens used energy to dematerialize the bodies of the other pilots, who were reduced to raw molecules. The aliens shot out a beam of energy, which acted as a tunnel to transport one plane to their rear Moon base. The remaining four planes were placed on Mars. Some 1,500-4,000 meters underground on Mars, the Cygnus aliens established a huge base. Mars' underground has an alkaline lake. Aliens filter this alkaline water into drinking water that they consume in their base.

At that time, Dr. Lutein happened to witness the experiment the aliens were conducting. Aliens used energy to change the material structure of the planes to conduct a speed test. They wanted to see if their extraterrestrial technology could strengthen the materials humans used and transform the planes to fly faster and enter other dimensions without disintegrating. It was obvious the experiment would not work. If molecular matter from everyday people's dimension are not supported by powerful energy, it would certainly disintegrate and be destroyed upon entering a more microscopic dimension. As Fa-rectification forges ahead, the aliens on Mars found, through probing, that the matter and elements on Mars are incredibly unstable and are on the verge of disintegration. Earth's composition is the most stable. As such, they have all left Mars in drones to come to Earth. The alien base on Mars has already been abandoned. Their base at the rear of the Moon previously had at most a little over 100 extraterrestrial lives. Now, there are only two aliens who stayed behind to take care of things. It has become very lifeless there.

In September 1931, a Canadian whale catcher ship called the SS Baychimo was carrying fur worth millions of dollars. The ship sailed around for ten days and almost reached Wainwright in Alaska when it sailed into a powerful blizzard. The ship was stranded on ice and was unable to move. Within a week, the ship disappeared twice. After this incident, the SS Baychimo occasionally reappeared, just like a ghost ship floating about at sea. But, it has not been spotted since. So, what was going on here?

I saw that this ship sunk to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean in 1944. The hull of the ship was still in excellent condition as before. This ship was floating about at sea for many years because a group of spirits were secretly controlling it. This group of spirits were once the sailors of a Spanish treasure hunting ship. During the Age of Sail, this group of sailors went to an island in the South Pacific Ocean and murdered people, pillaged their homes, and committed arson. Their evil acts provoked the island's aboriginal wizard, who placed a dark death curse on all of them. In an instant, they all succumbed to a pestilence that came out of nowhere. Due to the curse, none of these sailors could reincarnate after death. They became lonely, hungry ghosts. In another dimension, these spirits were lost out at sea. They wanted to find a ship that would bring them back to their country. By chance, the SS Baychimo had a compass they had previously used. These spirits then found the compass and occupied the SS Baychimo whale catcher. For many years, these spirits controlled this ship, traveling back and forth in the Bermuda Triangle's space-time dimension. As the spirits only saw the corresponding scenes in the other dimension, they were unable to find the route back to Spain. When people saw the SS Baychimo out at sea, it was but a reflection from another dimension. This ship was just a ghost ship floating at sea. Since they interfered with everyday people's society and disturbed and damaged the balance of the ocean, the western Ocean God used a powerful Fa power to banish these spirits to an island in the Arctic Ocean. The SS Baychimo will now forever remain sunken at the seafloor of the Arctic ocean.

The Bermuda Triangle is the most well-known, but there are many other areas around the world similar to it. From the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean, following the horizontal parallels and passes through the Americas in the Pacific Ocean, there is another death triangle similar to it in the western Pacific Ocean. It is called the Devil's Sea or Dragon's Triangle and is located between Japan and the Mariana Islands. It is a volcanic area situated 30 degrees latitude north. It has a very deep marine trench at its seabed, where an interdimensional portal exists. Bizarre disappearances have occurred there as well, bewildering the scientific community.

On September 18, 1952, a Japanese research surveyor ship disappeared without a trace in Dragon's Triangle. During the search and rescue operation, no chips or fragments from the ship were found, which would have indicated that the ship met with danger. They did not find any corpses nor any traces of an oil leak. Not a single clue could be found to suggest what had happened. So, where did this ship go?

I saw that when this ship sailed into Dragon's Triangle, the Earth's crust was undergoing changes in that area’s seabed. The changes altered the material space-time energy field and caused the space-time field of another dimension to resonate at the same frequency, which connected the two fields. The Japanese ship disappeared into the interdimensional portal in that instant. As matter became increasingly dense in the dimension's space-time, the boat was gradually squeezed until it burst into splinters. In this process, the sailors experienced acute headaches, and every inch of their bones and muscles became unbearably painful. They ultimately lost consciousness as their bodies imploded and disintegrated. In the other dimension corresponding to this area of the sea, there are countless ship fragments and oil pollution floating on the water.

Another alien base is concealed in Dragon's Triangle. These aliens are from the Scorpius constellation and came to Earth for a different reason than those other aliens. This group of aliens is bloodthirsty and warlike. They want to invade the Earth and make Earth their accessory. They were behind the well-known case of the Filipino president's missing plane. On March 19, 1957, in the airspace of Dragon's Triangle, the Filipino president's plane was shot by an invisible alien aircraft, which projected a blue energy beam. The entire plane was wrapped in the powerful energy and was disintegrated from the surface layer of particles to the atomic layer of particles, all in a matter of ten seconds. The plane was obliterated in an instant, not leaving a trace in sight.

The Scorpius aliens have systematically implanted their scientific concepts into many countries on Earth. Japan has been the most seriously affected by them. The aliens, in an invisible state, regularly visit Japanese society. They have affected Japanese thinking. Japan's advanced computer technology, development of electronic goods, and sophisticated domain for gene science are controlled by these aliens behind the scenes. The well-known Transformers movie is about them controlling the thoughts of Earth's people. The movie shows the previous way aliens used to exist in the Milky Way and what they went through. If Japan's science continues to develop along this path, in 200 years, they will be able to make real intelligent combat robots just like in the movie Transformers.

I just brought up a few cases, but these are actually the tip of the iceberg for bizarre incidents in the Bermuda Triangle. Aside from supernatural energy manipulating things, there are also human factors at play, such as fabricating various crashes out at sea or in the sky or blaming disappearances and deaths on the mysteriousness of the Bermuda Triangle. This makes matters more confusing, and it is difficult to delineate the authentic from the bogus. Actually, everything that happens on Earth has a reason behind it. Things may appear to be random, but in fact they are not.

In the last 10 to 20 years, the aliens of the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon's Triangle have been observing human society and are looking for a way out. Because they are directly impacted by Fa-rectification, they have been directly resisting heaven's law. However, whatever resistance they put up is futile. Rebelling will only result in their disintegration during Fa-rectification. They know this, so they do not dare to casually make a move. At present, they are just keeping watch from Bermuda and are waiting for the time when they can sort things out and settle down. Through the aliens' plight, I have clearly realized one issue: these aliens have not been purified to the standard of Fa-rectification, so they cannot return to their origin. If lives of the old universe do not pass the examination of Fa-rectification, they will contaminate the new universe. Aliens face this [examination], as do humans.

For ten million years, legends of people disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle's interdimensional portal have been retold from ancient times to this day. These bizarre matters will continue to remain an eternal mystery to today’s people.

Chinese article: http://big5.zhengjian.org/node/239355


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