What I Know of Earth's History and Mysteries (7): Divinely Bestowed Culture—Secret Recipes of Ancient Chinese Medicine's Magic Potions

Dao Ming, a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China

PureInsight | September 20, 2020


Preface: As the Fa rectification progresses, so do I continuously upgrade my xinxing in Dafa cultivation, assimilating myself to the universe's principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, and as such, my wisdom deepens and my capabilities strengthen. Dafa has revealed to me, at my realm of cultivation, the truths of different levels, including Earth's history and mysteries. I have written these down to share with fellow practitioners.

Divinely Bestowed Culture—Secret Recipes of Ancient Chinese Medicine's Magic Potions

In the long river of history, China's 5,000-year-old splendid, glorious civilization served as China's orthodox culture. For thousands of years, this divinely-bestowed culture has steadily been passed down throughout all spheres of Shenzhou, the Divine Land. Today, I will talk about my understanding at my realm of cultivation concerning a significant part of the divinely-bestowed culture—some matters related to ancient Chinese pharmacy.

Many cultivators possessing supernormal abilities have appeared in the sphere of ancient Chinese medicine throughout past dynasties. Acting in line with noble medical ethics, they put into practice the exquisite divinely-bestowed art of healing to help the public, heal the injured, and help the dying. They have written books with paragraph after paragraph recording the legendary history of ancient traditional Chinese medicine. In different historical periods, doctors have used secret yet magical prescriptions to treat diseases and save patients. Next, I would like to talk about two prescriptions, which have been enthusiastically passed down among the people. I will discuss the factors that either make these prescriptions authentic or fake and what is actually going on.

Recently [end of 2017] a well-known Chinese person appeared on a television program and talked about a miraculous thing he saw when he was in a rural area [during the Cultural Revolution 1966 – 1976]. During the Cultural Revolution, educated youth were forced into rural areas to work on farms. One such young man who worked on a farm had an ugly sore on his head. The sore oozed a thick yellow liquid, which really stank. He took a lot of medicine for it everyday. He even got penicillin injections at the hospital. But nothing worked. Later, a villager gave him a prescription: roast the manure of a female pig, then smear it on the afflicted part to cure the unpleasant ailment. The young man did as instructed, and three days later the afflicted part regrew new skin. The ugly sore healed completely shortly after. This prescription is recorded in the Compendium of Medical Herbs.

After this prescription was recorded in the Compendium of Medical Herbs, what sort of situation came about? And what other profound theories are there? At my realm of cultivation, I saw that a ground deity who had been cultivating for more than 300 years in the Kunlun Mountains introduced this prescription during the Ming dynasty. He passed it onto people to specifically treat harmful ulcers and sores. It was an effective treatment. Later, the famous doctor, Li Shizhen, included it in his Compendium of Medical Herbs. So what was the cause behind the young man's ugly sore? I saw that the young man was influenced by the Chinese Communist Party culture, which made him disrespectful of gods and spirits. He insulted gods in front of others. A mountain god hit his head with a pickaxe, injuring his true body in another dimension. Reflected in this dimension was an ugly sore. In the other dimension, the ugly sore had a negative “yin” field, which attracted many black beetles that nibbled at the wound. The large number of black beetles released a negative red-yellow energy. When reflected into this dimension, the red-yellow substance was the focal point of the infection, inflamed and discolored. Using female pig manure to treat the ugly sore was a case of treating illness by fighting fire with fire. In another dimension, female pig manure is white in the middle and surrounded by a blue flame. The elements of the female pig can eliminate the focal point of infection, the negative energy field, and reach the poisonous bugs. The female pig's energy in another dimension at a microscopic level is all in the image of the female pig. The energy elements of the female pig can regenerate life at the focal point of the ailment and persistently eliminate negative spirits. Male pig manure, however, lacks this characteristic. It can alleviate the state of the ailment but not eliminate the foul disease. The pigs raised by people today are fed manmade fodder, which contains modern artificial ingredients. This has damaged the pigs' bodies and energy fields, so this treatment is much weaker today.

Next, I will discuss a lost ancient orthopedic treatment that has been the topic of heated debate—using willow sticks to set bones. In the book, The Golden Needle, there is a passage that records the use of willow sticks to set broken bones. When treating a broken bone in ancient times, peeled willow branches are shaped into bones. The center of the willow branch is hollowed into a bone cavity, and the branch is placed between the two fractured surfaces to replace the lost bone. Both ends of the branch are coated with fresh hot chicken blood, and a type of azurite powder that stimulates muscle growth is sprinkled on the existing muscles. The muscles are stitched together, and blood cream is applied. Wooden boards are then used to stabilize the bone position. Directly connecting two substances, one from nature and one from man, to set a person's broken bone is incomprehensible to empirical scientific theories. Does this method really work? I used my supernormal abilities to find that this diagnosis and treatment method produced exceptionally good results in the era when divinely-bestowed culture was prevalent.

The willow stick fracture-healing method has its origins in the Shang-Zhou dynasty era. Only medical practitioners with supernormal abilities or cultivators with Fa eyesight could employ this method. This type of diagnosis and treatment method was widely practiced during the Warring States period (475-221 BC). A doctor with supernormal abilities could use his divine powers to perfuse willow sticks with energy, causing the willow stick to be transformed by high energy matter. Fresh chicken blood would be daubed onto the broken area because the “yang qi” of the chicken blood would help form a straight path and unclog the blood vessels. During the recovery process following bone mending, those with supernormal abilities could see in another dimension one or two doctors (the image of gong in this kind of situation) incessantly performing sorcery on the afflicted part day and night, thus changing the molecular structure of the willow sticks. The wounded area of the body would be fused together with high energy matter in the other dimension. Some doctors used supernormal powers to dissolve the willow sticks, and a minority used telekinesis to remove the willow sticks from the bone. Most methods caused the willow stick to dissolve, becoming one with the bone. These extraordinary phenomena are not known by everyday people.

When a cultivator in ancient times reached a certain realm, one could use supernormal abilities to alter the body in another dimension. This is because everything in the Three Realms is composed of molecules. At my realm of cultivation, I have found through examination and practice that I am able to use the supernormal abilities that I developed in Dafa cultivation to disintegrate matter in other dimensions and recombine or reorganize matter and objects to create what I want.

Everything developed by modern science is not from the orthodox divinely-bestowed culture that gods purposely intended for humans. Instead, modern science is all under the influence of alien culture, warping and ruining what humans originally had. Various kinds of medical treatments in ancient China brought about supernatural phenomena. Modern humans use distorted notions to imitate the diagnosis and treatment methods from the ancient divinely-bestowed culture. Because matter's properties have become warped and the elements of divinely-bestowed culture are lacking or no longer present, the healing efficacy of medical treatments today are far inferior to those of ancient China.

In the sphere of ancient Chinese medicine, there were some herbal medicines that could bring a dead person back to life. Next I will raise the subject of ancient medical books and A Biography of Immortals, which mentions two types of herbal medicine: Ginseng and Chinese knotweed (polygonum multiflorum). From ancient times to today, all living things on heaven and earth, including human society's rise and fall, were arranged by gods. If you trace history, humans have been using ginseng for more than ten million years. I used my supernormal abilities to see that at the start of this cycle of human civilization, when Shennong (The God of Farming) tried and tasted all kinds of herbs, he also tried ginseng. One day when gathering herbal medicine in the mountain, he was digging when he unearthed a wild mountain ginseng that had been growing for more than 300 years. Shennong split the ginseng into two pieces for examination, namely to see its effects when eaten raw versus cooked. Shennong was a high-level cultivator. He used his supernormal abilities to record ginseng's medicinal properties when eaten as a food. He discovered that not only can ginseng calm and settle down the soul, but it can also restore a person's vitality, nourish one's essence of blood, and strengthen one's body. In order to further his experiments on ginseng's healing efficacy, he boiled ginseng with lingzhi (also known as reishi mushroom or ganoderma lucidum) and Chinese foxglove (rehmannia glutinosa). The medicine's properties were incredibly fierce, causing Shennong to pass out for three days after taking it. But upon waking, he felt physically stronger, and his vision became much sharper. His skin also became more tender. It seemed he had become younger than half his age. When Shennong practiced medicine, he came across a seven-year-old child who fainted and died from fear. He first utilized his powers to recall the child's soul back to his flesh body. Then he made a soup with the 300-year-old ginseng for the child, who was extremely weak at this point. After consumption, the child's qi of blood was restored rapidly, and his body returned to normal. This medical treatment has been passed down through the ages via records in medical books to this day.

The healing efficacy of different aged wild ginseng varies considerably. What has been revealed to me at my realm of cultivation is that wild ginseng at 50 years old gives off a light red glow in another dimension and nourishes the blood and flesh. Wild ginseng at 100 years old gives off a bluish-white glow in another dimension and can repair a person's brain. Ginseng that is more than 200 years old glows light blue in another dimension and replenishes a person's vitality. Ginseng over 500 years old gives off a light golden glow in another dimension and can turn one's internal organs into high energy matter. When wild ginseng grows, it absorbs the essence of the Earth at a radius of 30 kilometers. Due to ginseng's special growing mechanism, it can even absorb the celestial essence of the sun and moon. A ginseng soul over 700 years old can transform into any kind of plant. In ancient times, a ginseng soul older than 1,000 years could transform into the form of a human being. In modern society, the ginseng grown by people is normally picked around five years old and sold in markets. Ginseng grown for this long is ash-gray in another dimension and mainly only benefits the spleen and stomach. I used my supernormal abilities and discovered ginseng that was 10,000 years old. During the Shang dynasty (1600-1046 BC), on Shaoshi Mountain in the Taishi Mountain region of Henan Province, a 10,000-year-old ginseng grew. It was about a foot in length. Three plants had formed one seven-pound ginseng. This 10,000-year-old ginseng was picked at the time on Shaoshi Mountain by an extremely high-level cultivator cultivating the Great Way of the red-black taiji. He picked it to make dan pills. This matter alerted all the gods in the imperial court of the Three Realms. But those gods of the Three Realms could not interfere because this cultivator was at too high of a level. This cultivator used the ginseng to make dan pills in order to aid his cultivation. He cultivated for 1,200 years and far surpassed the realm of tathagata. If an everyday person were to take a dan pill this cultivator made, it would extend their life by three ji (one ji being 12 years). Today, there are 30 wild 500-year-old ginsengs in China and three ginsengs over 1,000 years old. They are guarded by Daoist immortals in the mountains and heavenly soldiers from the heavenly imperial court. They do not let humans find them.

In ancient times, all plants over 1,000 years old with an intelligent soul, such as ginseng, Chinese knotweet (polygonum multiforum), and “fuling” (wolfiporia extensa), are recorded in books in heaven. There are heavenly soldiers specifically assigned to guard them. Only with the approval of the heavenly imperial court can a cultivator in the world, who is to obtain the Dao, be entitled to enjoy their use, and that is to assist the cultivator in becoming immortal.

Next, I will talk about Chinese knotweed. What has been revealed to me at my realm of cultivation is that there are three Chinese knotweed plants in mainland China over 1,000 years old and five others nearly 1,000 years old. Chinese knotweed souls that have grown for 1,000 years have obtained the essence of heaven and earth. They are jet black and have an appearance similar to that of a human. Grass, branches, and tendrils grow from their heads. The soul’s two eyes are full of expression and emit two beams of shining white light. Daoist immortals used their supernormal abilities to cover the three 1,000-year-old Chinese knotweet plants. Even if an everyday person happened to stumble upon one, the flesh eyes have no way to distinguish and identify it.

I was a cultivator during the Jiajing period (1521 – 1567) of the Ming Dynasty and had cultivated for nearly 50 years. I had already reached the state of gradual enlightenment. When I was wandering, I travelled to the hinterland of Dawei mountain in Hunan province. I noticed a ten-meter-long violet qi pillar that shot out of the ground at the foot of Dawei mountain. I was quite curious and approached to take a look. I found it was a 1,000-year-old Chinese knotweed plant. It happened to be collecting the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. When it saw me nearby, the Chinese knotweed retrieved its gong and turned into a foot-tall human. It put its hands together in heshi to salute me. I asked it, “How long have you been cultivating on this mountain?” The Chinese knotweed answered, “As I had accumulated much compassionate virtue in a previous life, I am able to perceive the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. I have cultivated for 1,010 years on this mountain.” I asked, “After obtaining the spiritual qi of heaven and earth, have you done any compassionate deeds or implemented the righteous Dao in society?” It responded, “That little bit of compassion ... I will not raise for discussion. But 300 years ago, I did eradicate a 200-year-old freshwater soft-shelled turtle spirit that caused chaos and calamity for the villagers below the mountain. I deposed of its gong potency and forced it into its original form.” I held one hand erect in the lizhang position and said, “Excellent. I wish you obtain the Dao some day soon.” I then turned and left...

Ancient Chinese medicine is a part of the divinely-bestowed culture and has gone through countless generations of effort and probing. The accomplishments are glorious and earth-shattering. Today, I have offered my humble remarks on ancient Chinese medicine and pharmacy. But these are merely the tip of the iceberg in the vast sea of cases. The profound mysteries and theories are endless. Should fate permit, we can chat some more on this topic.

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