Pingtung Falun Gong Cultivators Welcome the New Year by Greeting the Master

Zeng Yanjun

PureInsight | January 25, 2021

[] The year of the rat is going to say goodbye, and the year of ox is going to welcome the new year. While the new year is coming, as 2021 is approaching, some Falun Gong cultivators in Pingtung, Taiwan gathered in Liudui Hakka Cultural Park to greet Master in advance and thank Master for spreading this high moral Dafa, which benefits people physically and mentally.






On December 13, Pingtung Falun Gong cultivators came to Liuduikejia Cultural Park with joy in the morning. Facing the rising sun, they held a banner "Falun Dafa is Good" and thanked Master Li Hongzhi for his compassion gratefully. Everyone recited loudly in closing hand in front of their chest gesture: “Cultivators from Pingtung, Taiwan wish revered Master a Happy New Year!” “Falun Dafa is Good. Truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance are good.”

Later, in the demonstration of the five exercises, with peaceful background exercise music, and Falun Gong cultivators showed the gentle movements of five exercises to the world, showing the beauty of Falun Dafa.

For many years, Falun Gong cultivators in Pingtung have been persistent, using various methods to reach out to people, spread the truth, and tell the people the fact that Falun Gong is innocently persecuted in China. Especially every weekend afternoon, the cultivators will distribute information around Pingtung Park, where there are many people. After reading the truth materials, many people signed the petition, in support of anti-persecution, strongly condemning the CCP’s persecution of human rights and the atrocities of making profits by organ harvesting on Falun Gong cultivators.

Falun Dafa has been spreading to the world for 28 years, and it has led the world to be full of light and hope. So far, there are over a hundred millions Falun Gong cultivators in more than 114 countries. The principle of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” enables cultivators to revive their morals, regain their physical health, and embark on the road to return to their true nature. Falun Gong cultivators expressed their gratitude to the Master for allowing themselves to benefit physically and mentally from Dafa and find a clear path to life.






Long Term Cultivator Greeting Master Li Hongzhi Gratefully for Fortunately Learning Dafa


Zizhen, who has worked in a school, has cultivated for nearly 20 years. Thinking back to herself before cultivating, she is deeply moved. The changes in her body are so unbelievable. It is really amazing to cultivate Dafa. She shared, “The changes in my body are obvious. In the past, I was sick every time I was in my menstrual period, and I also suffered from long-term insomnia, but I am no longer bothered by any of those illnesses after cultivation. I used to have the bad habit of being impatient, by learning to use Master's principles of gentle, slow, curved to contrast, the whole person becomes refreshed.”

At the time of welcoming the New Year, she brought along her young granddaughter and said firmly together, “Wish Revered Master a Happy New Year! We will go to the end of Fa-rectification with Master.”


Li Fen, a junior high school teacher who also works in the school, has cultivated Dafa for 18 years. She and her husband, Bai Xuan, brought four children to greet Master for the New Year.

In this chaotic period, Li Fen shared, “Human morals are degraded, and there is a lack of good interaction between people.” Her feelings have been particularly deep in the past few years. In the current society, “People's minds have deteriorated. Children are addicted to mobile games. The traditional moral values of goodness have been ignored.”

She believes, “If people can maintain faith in God, it is very valuable to children!” Her husband Bai Xuan also firmly agreed with her, “Today’s society seems to lack the standards of life, and sometimes people are very confused. However, since we have faith in our hearts and we firmly believe in and follow the principles of Dafa, we are very determined in our hearts. We will not be affected by social turmoil.”

In particular, the principle of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” not only requires oneself to be a good person, but also requires internal tolerance, which is even more important for educating children to improve their moral concepts. Li Fen said, “In the Dafa community, these good interactions have always existed. It allows children to grow up in such an environment. I am very fortunate that I can obtain the Dafa.”

Li Fen respectfully and gratefully said, “It is the best thing in my life to have the honor to obtain Falun Dafa 18 years ago. Master, thank you very much!”

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