Falun Gong Practitioners Are Revealing CCP’s Atrocities with the World Awakening Now

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PureInsight | September 30, 2021


[PureInsight.org] 2021 is the 22nd year that Falun Gong practitioners have counteracted the persecution. On this occasion, Falun Dafa Association of Washington DC held a seminar, revealing CCP’s crimes of forced organ harvesting.

Levi Browde, Executive Director of Falun Dafa Information Centre, said, “CCP has persecuted Falun Gong for 22 years. It has been markedly intensified in the past 18 months.”

The 2021 International Freedom of Religion Summit was held in Washington DC this week. Falun Gong practitioners held a meeting, exposing 22 years of CCP’s brutal persecution.

Wang Weiyu, former Tsinghua University PhD student, told that he was imprisoned, tortured and subject to forced labour when he stayed in China.

Wang Weiyu said, “At such a critical moment, I sincerely hope that the U.S. government can support Falun Gong practitioners, debunk CCP’s heinous crimes and help stop the persecution.”

“The video of DAFOH revealed the crimes of forced live-organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners.”

Johnnie Moore, Former member of the U.S. International Religious Freedom Committee, also called on the U.S. Congress to act immediately to stop the persecution.

Johnnie Moore said, "First of all, we have related bills in the Senate and House of Representatives and we will further push this move. This bill should be passed by members of the Democratic and Republican parties. It's time to sign tomorrow."

He contended that the persecution launched by CCP 22 years ago was a precursor to threaten the world, but other countries were not concerned. Currently, countries around the world were suffering CCP lies and human rights abuses.

“If grave concerns were triggered around the world, we might not have suffered from the coronavirus pandemic,” he added.

Levi Browde, Executive Director of Falun Dafa Information Centre, said, “Over the past 22 years, Falun Gong practitioners in China have kept conveying the truth and constituted the largest world’s civil disobedience movement. Also, overseas practitioners have made huge efforts to uncover CCP’s nature, telling the whole world that CCP is the biggest threat to humanity.”

July 20 this year is the 22nd anniversary of the anti-persecution of Falun Gong. On this day, Falun Gong practitioners gathered in Washington DC for rallies and parades, calling for the disintegration of CCP and an end to the persecution.


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