Two Stories of Karmic Retribution

Lianzi Li, a Dafa Disciple in Harbin

PureInsight | March 16, 2022

[] My mother passed away 29 years ago. She told me a true story in my childhood and I still remember it.

After CCP came into power in 1949, a poor peasant family sold the only pig they raised to a neighbor, who agreed to make the payment on the first day of the following month. On the day of payment, the owner had to go out to attend to his business and instructed his wife to keep the money in a safe place. The elder brother of the buyer came with the money and asked why the husband was not in while paying the money. The wife counted the money and put it under the kang seat with the man watching. After the man left, she started to work in the courtyard.

However, without her knowing, the same man went back to her house and stole the money. In the evening, the husband came back and asked about the payment. The wife opened the kang and could not find the money. The husband yelled at the wife. The wife called the neighbor and said, “At that time, only you and I knew where the money was kept, and no one else was around.” The neighbor swore, “If I stole the money I would be struck by lightning.” The husband felt distressed and suspected that his wife had sent the money to his mother-in-law’s family, so he beat his wife. The wife was unable to accept the accusation and hanged herself. Three days later, thunderstorms came throughout the night. The next morning, people from the same village passed by the cemetery and saw a man kneeling before the grave of the hanged woman. He was struck to death by lightning, with one hand held up and a wad of money between his fingers. This was the neighbor who stole the money.

In a neighboring village, a shocking incident occurred in the 1960’s. A husband died when he was young, leaving behind an orphan and a widow. The mother worked hard to raise her son and helped him to get married. However, right away the daughter-in-law made her husband very obedient. The mother-in-law was always busy with her grandchildren. Unfortunately, she was disliked by her daughter-in-law. Later, when the mother-in-law got older and the children grew up, the daughter-in-law and two granddaughters treated her cruelly.

The mother-in-law sometimes was not given proper meals and so her health went downhill rapidly. One day she was extremely hungry, and she stepped on the small stool to get something to eat. The elder granddaughter pushed her down and her waist got injured. As a result, her lower limbs got paralyzed. She was left unattended in a cold room. The daughter-in-law and granddaughter gave her the leftover vegetable soup fit for a dog, and the mother-in-law cried out in hunger. The elder granddaughter dragged her outside the house and kicked her. The grandma cried out, "As you beat your grandma unmercifully in broad daylight, God will strike you with thunder." The granddaughter said, “All right I drag you inside to beat you”. In less than half a winter, the old woman was tortured and starved to death. When she died, her body was frozen on the kang.

In the following year, a family in the same village invited the elder granddaughter to be a bridesmaid for a wedding. When the guests were preparing to have dinner, the clear sky soon covered with dark clouds and drifted to the house. Everyone was stunned, as there was suddenly a sound of thunder and screams, and a thick smoke filled everywhere. Everyone's ears were buzzing. A naked female corpse has a line of words on her back, but no one knew what was written, and her clothes were split into pieces. She was the elder granddaughter! The sky then became clear.

The younger granddaughter later got married and insulted her mother-in-law for no reason. She was driven out only after a month, she cursed at the gate of her mother-in-law’s house for a month, but was ignored. Because of her outstanding outlooks, she was later married to the son of a landlord who could not find a wife. She was also dominating in this family. The younger granddaughter and her husband stayed in the village. Later, three girls and one boy were born. The boy and one of the girls were born deaf and mute. The other child was disabled, after being scalded several times by boiling water and fire.

CCP advocates atheism and for this reason, the standard of morality had been degraded. Many Chinese people have shown indifference to others’ tribulation, let alone mentioning filial piety. Many people deceive, and harm each other for profit, fame and lust.

As Falun Dafa has spread to more than 100 countries, nearly 100 million people have benefited from practicing Falun Dafa. Their physical and mental wellbeing have improved and morality upgraded. However about one million Falun Gong practitioners had been put into jail for their faith. The imprisoned practitioners even include two-month-old babies and 90-year-old seniors. They were either tortured to death or subject to forced organ harvesting. The crackdown on Falun Dafa is such a tremendous crime, which is still ongoing. However, the righteous will definitely prevail over the evil. The true cultivators of Dafa will firmly follow Master’s Fa teaching, expose the CCP’s atrocity and save people who have predestined connections.

Good is rewarded with goodness and evil is punished. The Gods have managed the epidemic and other sorts of catastrophe to awaken people. CCP’s supporters and followers are in the face of karmic retribution. Before the great judgement happens, I hope that everyone can withdraw from the CCP and treat Dafa disciples with kindness. Only then can you embrace a bright future.


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