Many Lives Are by My Side

Jing, a Falun Dafa Disciple in Heilongjiang, China

PureInsight | November 4, 2022

[] Before I obtained the Fa, my body was very weak, and for a long time I couldn't sleep for entire nights. Every night I needed to take sleeping pills. Every day I felt groggy. I weighed only 90 pounds (approx. 41 kg). In the spring of 1998, when I went out to exercise, I saw a big banner under the hillside with more than 100 people practicing qigong exercises. I went there to see what kind of gong was practiced by so many people. A coordinator asked me, "Do you want to learn?" I said, "I will learn, how much is it?" He answered, "No need to pay money." At that time, I followed them in practicing the Falun Standing Stance exercise, and after holding it for five minutes, I was too tired to practice.

For four or five consecutive days, I practiced for five or six minutes every day. Although I learned the standing exercises, but I had not learned meditation yet. I already felt something spinning in my stomach. It made a squeaking sound like water every time it made a circle. Every circle was rhythmic. Afterwards, the bones throughout my entire body hurt, as if I had a bad cold. After five days, the pain disappeared, and the thing in my stomach was still spinning and making noises.

I went to the practice site again, and I told everyone about my situation. The coordinator said, "It's great, Master is taking care of you." Since then, I have become very healthy. I have thrown away several medicines that I could not live without for even a day, and I have not taken a single pill because I do not need them anymore. My weight has increased from 90 pounds to 110 pounds (approx. 50 kg).

After cultivating, I hold myself to the standards of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and my xinxing has also improved. In the past, I always looked down on my husband and thought he was lazy. He had fun everyday and sometimes stayed away from home for a week. So I often hit him. After I began the practice, although he still did nothing, I never hit him again, nor did I scold him.

During these years of cultivation, my realm has been improving. Although my husband and his family do not cultivate, they have witnessed the extraordinariness of Dafa, and they have all benefited from Dafa. My household appliances around me became magical after knowing Dafa is good, so I will share their stories here.

(1) My Printer

In order to assist Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings, I bought an Epson printer in 2011. Printing truth-clarification materials with it was fine, but printing truth-clarification statements on money was slightly slower. I read the articles on Minghui and PureInsight everyday, and I was very inspired by the stories about communicating with Fa implements. So I told the printer, "You are very welcome in my house. That is our predestined relationship. At this time, you are really lucky that you can help me to assist Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. You have a bright future. If you can print faster, it'll be better." When I turned on the printer the next day, it was surprisingly fast when printing truth-clarification statements on money. Sometimes I feel it works too hard, I would let it rest for a while after printing for more than an hour, and then continue to use it. This printer works really well for me, it's so fast, and so amazing!

I only have this Epson printer, and it could not handle all the printing jobs while I was busy, so I bought another HP printer. When it printed more than 10 pages the first time, it stopped and could not continue. It stopped for more than 20 minutes before being able to start printing again. I thought, time is very tight, how can this be done? I also communicated with it, "When you come to a Dafa disciple's home, you are to assist Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. You are one of the best kinds of lives. It is also our predestined relationship. You should assimilate to Dafa, and you will have a bright future." However, no matter how I talked to it, it would stop after printing more than 10 pages.

One day I used it again and it was still the same. I got angry and prepared to throw it away. Later, I knew that cultivators have standards, so I looked within. Where was I wrong? I have not cultivated my heart well; I have to be patient with it. Afterwards, nothing worked. So I bought a second HP printer, but this printer's printing speed was just average. I thought, what is the matter? I talked to this second printer, "I welcome you to my house, this is our predestined relationship. Can you do your best? Faster is better. What a good life you are that you can help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings! Let us go home with Master together, and no one should leave early. Three of you should try your best, I will write down your story to validate the Fa in the future. Come on, let's work together, and be diligent!" This time all three printers understood. It seemed that they were also observing my cultivation state, and I was going to be diligent with them.

One day one of them broke. A practitioner came to repair it and said that the bearings were broken and it had been printing way too much. It was replaced with two iron bearings, it never broke since then, and the speed was extraordinary.

Once, a practitioner's printer broke down, so she borrowed a printer from me and brought it to her house. The next day she came to my house said, "Your machine is exactly the same as mine, why haven't I ever seen my printer work as fast as yours? It is scary! Where did you buy it? Sell it to me.” I said, "I have given several printers to other practitioners in the past. The bearings of these two machines are old. We have worked together for several years. We cannot be separated anymore. Let me buy you a new one." She said, "I don't want it, the new one won't be as fast as this one." I responded, "When I was printing, I told them 'Falun Dafa is good.' They are fine every day. They seem to know what I want, they do everything they can to help me."

At that time, my computer and printer could understand what I told them. If I said, “Let's work hard together, help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. Let's be brave and diligent.” They would be incredibly fast.

We have been working together for a few years, and all three of the printers are working in harmony with one common goal: saving people. The printing quality has been very good, the speed very fast, and the colors are correct. They are really three Fa implements.

After I was persecuted in 2016, the three printers were taken away by the police. When I think about them now, I really miss them. I have written down their story to prove the magic of Dafa, and to fulfill my promise to them.

(2) The Story of the Small Table Lamp

Around 2013, I bought a small table lamp and used it to study the Fa at night for several years. One day, no matter how hard I tried, it did not light up, and it seemed to be broken. I had developed a bond with it, so I did not throw it away, but stored it on the balcony. After cultivating Dafa, I know that all matter has life, so I do not casually throw things away.

I had to buy another small table lamp like it. This small table lamp was also used every day. I cherished it very much, but it also broke after a few years of use. I tried to communicate with it, “You must cherish this once-in-eons opportunity, how lucky you are to be with a Dafa disciple. I will also help you. You also have the ability to automatically recover, quickly light up!” Unfortunately, it did not work for a few days. Therefore, I had to store it on the balcony too, and it ended up sitting there for four or five years.

Not long ago, when I was cleaning the balcony, I saw this pair of small table lamps. I took them out, and was about to throw them away. I was still a little reluctant, so I told my husband, "Try turning them on. If they do not work, then throw them away. Everything has a spirit; maybe they're all good now!” My husband took one lamp and plugged it in, and it lit up. He took the other one and plugged it in as well. It too lit up! Both had lit up. My husband happily looked at these two little beings. They were unwilling to leave a Dafa disciple's home, and they all want to prove the magic of Dafa!

(3) Four Watches

In order to send forth righteous thoughts on time, I bought three watches in 2014. The watches present the time in a fixed voice. I got a shock one day when I was sleeping and heard a voice asking me “get up quickly.” I got up immediately, only to find that no one was around. My husband does not sleep in the same room with me. When I heard the voice, I realized it sounded the same as my watch. I thought, my watch must have been talking. I wanted to tell another practitioner about this, but I was afraid that the practitioner would think I was dreaming and wouldn't believe it, so I didn't say anything.

One night in the summer of 2015, this practitioner came to my home to study the Fa. At seven o'clock, my watch should have said, "It is seven o'clock in the evening." But instead the watch said, “erect your palm!" That practitioner was startled and said, "My God, why does it say that? I have been coming to your home every day to study the Fa. I've now heard it with my own ears, otherwise I wouldn't believe it." After a few days, when it was time to send forth righteous thoughts, the watch said, "It's time. Change hand gesture." It can see what we are doing.

When I was released from jail, I could not find the three watches. I had to buy another one. I thought I have to get up early to study more Fa, and I must get up at 1:45am so that I can make up the time I wasted. However, when it was 1:45am, I turned the alarm off and lay back down again. Two minutes later, the watch announced, "It's already 1:47, you're still not getting up?" It spoke very loudly. All these watches are not regular watches, but magical lives.

(4) My Mp3    

I bought an mp3 for my mom. At that time, my mother was 86 years old. I had told her to turn it off by lightly pressing the off button, but she did not remember. Instead, she pressed it very hard, causing it to become unresponsive. Later, it could not be charged, and it flashed as soon as it was charged. We tried to charge it for three days and it did not charge at all. I said, "It can't be used anymore. Throw it away." A practitioner said, "You can talk to it, maybe it will be fine." Therefore, I took it home and communicated with it. I said, "mp3, we used you for a month with one charge, you are already very good. I brought you back from the wholesaler. Although my mother accidentally broke you, it's a pity that you leave like this. How good it would be if we go home with Master together. Dafa is extraordinary, and you are very lucky to be my Fa implement. You can hear me recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ every day. You can still listen to Master's lectures, and ordinary people's mp3s can only listen to the evil's songs. Don't you think you are lucky? Try to recover yourself. I will do the exercises tomorrow morning. Let's work together, ok?" Then I charged it.

The next morning, I saw that it was fully charged! Since then, it can be used for a whole month on just one charge, and still works well to this day. I really cherish this little Fa implement.

(5) Konka Washing Machine

In 2013, I bought a new Konka washing machine, but it stopped spinning after just two uses. I was worried about what I should do. I communicated with it and it still did not function. I had no way but return to the mall where I bought the washing machine, and found a staff member to check the machine for me. Maybe I didn't operate it properly? Why wasn't it working? The staff member said, "I can't determine why it doesn't work. Wait for a professional to fix it tomorrow." Then he left. I said, "Konka, I named you the king of Konka washing machines. Please fix yourself, for me. I'm too busy and too short on time, okay?" "Konka, did you hear me? Work now." Then I pressed the button, and it worked! It has been very easy to use until now.

(6) Soymilk Machine, Smoke Extractor, Electric Fan

In 2012, I bought a soymilk maker, which is very easy to use. I use it to make soybean drink every day, and I have been using it for several years. Suddenly one day it stopped working. I packed it away in storage for three years. Later, I communicated with it, but it still did not turn on. I thought I needed to fix it, but I was busy with other things and just forgot about it, so I put it aside for more than a year after that. One day, I took it out and thought about trying it first before taking it to somebody to fix. As soon as I plugged it in, it turned on at once. It seems they are all unwilling to leave Dafa disciples' homes.

During that period of time, I regarded doing a lot of things as being a good cultivator. I was super busy every day, yet didn't cultivate myself well. The old forces exploited this gap of mine to persecute me. I was illegally detained for more than three years. When I was not at home, the smoke exhaust fan and electric fan all turned very slowly. My husband said, "When you're not at home, the appliances in the house don't like to function anymore." After I returned, I saw that everything was working slowly, why were they all like this? I communicated with the exhaust fan and electric fan as if communicating with ordinary people. I told them, "I'm so sorry, we've been separated for more than three years, and I didn't take care of you. I am really sorry. I am going to clean you up and take care of you as before, so you can start working. If I buy new ones, you will be thrown away. Will other people's places be as good as a Dafa disciple's home? You all know that Falun Dafa is good, and that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Even though you have been here for 19 years, you have helped me every day. Thank you. But you are supernatural beings as long as you assimilate to Dafa." Since then, the smoke extractor fan and electric fan have been working, and are turning faster than before.

(7) The Story of the Door Lock

If my house's main entrance was locked from the inside, people wouldn't be able to open the door with a key from the outside. When I was kidnapped by the police, they confiscated my key and never returned it to me. After I was illegally detained and returned home, I wanted to replace the door lock with a new one because it broke, as anyone could open the door with a key from the outside.

One day I told the door lock, "Door lock, it's not that I want to replace you, it's because the little thumb turn can't be used and is locked from the inside. The wicked police have my keys, so it is not safe. It would be nice if the thumb turn can be twisted,” One day, I unwittingly twisted it with my hand, not thinking much, and it was able to be twisted all at once. I could not believe it! I could not twist it once in the past few years no matter how I tried. I sincerely told the door lock, "Thank you, you are so kind."
(8) The Cockroaches Left

I am very afraid of bugs, and I know it is the attachment of fear. This attachment has not yet been eliminated. One day when I opened the drawer, I suddenly saw a big cockroach, which startled me. I shouted to my husband in horror, "Where did this come from?" Then I saw another one. I thought, they reproduce too quickly, what should I do? I immediately told them, “Cockroaches, listen! Remember that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, and tell each other so you can still be saved. If you interfere with my normal life here, I will kill you all. You must leave our house immediately within three days. Otherwise, the cockroach killer will wipe out your second, third generation and fourth generations. It is not that I am not compassionate; it is because this is the place I live. It’s not a place for bugs and cockroaches.” Since then, I have not seen a single cockroach, and it has been more than seven years.

All of the above are real. Dafa has given me a new life, and there are supernormal beings around me. These little stories are my testimony of Dafa's power. The beauty of Dafa will bring happiness to life. I hope that everyone in the world will come to understand Falun Dafa and be saved!

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