Take My Experience as a Lesson—Seriously Treat Cultivation

Orally relayed by a Dafa disciple in China, transcribed by another practitioner

PureInsight | November 28, 2022

[PureInsight.org] I am a veteran practitioner who started practicing Falun Dafa in 1995. Not long after I started practicing, when I just got home after from getting off work, my wife scolded me for no reason, and I immediately thought of Master's teaching in Zhuan Falun, "That’s because whoever the karma falls on, that’s who feels the pain.”

I was very grateful for Master's painstaking arrangements, and I burst into tears. When my wife saw my tears, she thought I felt wronged, and further reprimanded me, "Ah, you can't stand it if I criticize you with a few sentences?" Actually, she did not know that I was overwhelmed with gratitude to Master and shed tears.

At that time, I lived in a bungalow and bought coal to use at home. When I was loading coal into the car, I thought that I was a cultivator and should not be picky. Therefore, I loaded the bad and good coal into the car together. The coal seller thought my eyes were not good, so he purposely put the bad coal into my car and I pretended not to notice. Master encouraged me that I did well; I saw a large black chunk of karma fly away from me in my dream at night. While doing the exercises, I saw a large flower spinning atop my head.

I am a township cadre and work in the township government. When I went to work in the countryside, some village cadres saw me as honest, and thus bullied me. They piled all their grievances on me. I treated myself as a cultivator, and knew I should not treat them the same way.

In that year, a river dam was built in the village, and stones were required to be transported across. The township leaders asked me to supervise the work and record the amount of stones. The village cadres and the people who transported the stones wanted to take advantage of the situation and benefit themselves. Therefore, they tried to persuade me to record more stones than the actual amount. Knowing I am a cultivator, I was definitely not going to engage in fraud. I rejected their requests, so they tried bribing me with money. I firmly rejected, so they were angry. Later, the village cadre scolded me for no reason in front of many people, and even pulled me by the collar and tried to beat me. I felt so humiliated; I could not tolerate it anymore, and had a physical brawl with him. After returning home, I felt very uncomfortable at heart. I felt that cultivation was too difficult. I told Master in my heart, “Master, my karma is too huge, I can’t cultivate.”

That night I had a dream: Master took me to a place like an ancient temple. There was a man in the room. Seeing me, the man raised his gun and shot at me. Master quickly blocked me with his own body, the bullet pierced Master's chest. Master covered his chest with his hands, and the blood flowed down his fingers. I just didn't know what to do, then Master turned around, smiled at me and said, "It's fine now, you can cultivate."

Upon waking from my dream, I was at a loss as to how to express my deep gratitude to Master. Since then, the village cadres never bullied me again.

I know a local female practitioner. During her meditation, she saw Master's law body meditating beside her. Suddenly, four big men came in from outside, with hammers and drills in their hands, stating that this practitioner owed them her life, and today they wanted her life. Master's law body said, "I'll pay it back for her." Those few people used the iron drill to drill a hole into Master's forehead, the whole iron drill went into Master's brain. Master opened his eyes, and the iron drill came out by itself. The four big men were so frightened that they knelt down and begged for mercy.

Our compassionate Master has endured too much for disciples!

After July 20, 1999, the evil frantically framed Dafa and attacked our great and compassionate Master. Fellow practitioners and I tried our best to clarify the truth to the world. I sent truth-clarification letters to the leaders of government departments at all levels and township governments in the county. Some leaders learned the truth through my letters, and thus secretly protected Dafa disciples.

During the craziest period of the evil persecution of Dafa, I was kidnapped and sent to a brainwashing center. Because of my lack of righteous thoughts, I was deceived by a “Judas,” (a former practitioner who stopped practicing due to brainwashing, and turned to the evil's side to betray Dafa, and assigned to “transform” practitioners with the evil CCP's lies). I was “transformed.” I said bad things about Dafa, creating huge karma.

Master did not give up on me, and arranged local practitioners to share with me, telling me that the “transformation” was wrong. Everything the Judas in the brainwashing center said was all lies, and the purpose was to trick me into giving up cultivation. If I stopped cultivating, I would become an ordinary person, and would no longer be able to raise my level. Only then did I understand, and started to practice again.

I knew that Master has suffered countless hardships to save His disciples, and I was determined to cultivate well and live up to Master's merciful salvation. I spent more time in my Fa study, tried to be diligent, participated in a local Fa study group, and did not slack off in doing the Three Things. One day my son told me, "Dad, why do you have swastikas all over your body?"

The township committee secretary understood the truth about Dafa, he really trusted me, and he let me manage all villagers' financial accounts in the township.

This is a job that ordinary people are very envious of. I am responsible for millions or even tens of millions of yuan, which flow in and out of my office each year. I require myself to act according to the standards of a cultivator, manage my accounts in an orderly manner, and never allowed any money to go missing. The leaders in private all said amongst themselves that Falun Dafa practitioners are most reliable.

Later, I dreamed that my cultivation level was extremely high, and I was very close to my heavenly home. I was a little complacent, and gradually relaxed in my cultivation. I did not place the same strict standard on myself as before. I did not participate in group Fa study, and I didn't read the Minghui Weekly anymore. I thought what practitioners talked about I could enlighten to by myself. In fact, my complacency had begun to attract danger.

For more than a year, I had often browsed ordinary people's websites after studying Zhuan Falun each day; sometimes I also played chess and poker online. Sometimes I played until midnight, with my non-cultivator wife telling me more than once, "You are a cultivator, why don't you read the Fa? Why are you still playing with your phone?" It was merciful Master who was using my wife's mouth to enlighten me. What makes me even more ashamed was that, driven by curiosity, I used a fortune telling app on my mobile phone to learn my destiny by entering my birthdate.

Over time, I became skinnier and skinnier. My wife said I had diabetes and told me to go to the hospital for a checkup. I said that cultivators would not have disease. My wife called my son who was working out of town and told him about my situation. My son and daughter-in-law returned home immediately.

Before he got home, he went to the hospital to pay 3,000 yuan for a medical examination and asked me to do a comprehensive examination. I did not want to go, but the money was already paid and it could not be refunded, so I agreed to have a medical examination.

The diagnosis was "Severe diabetes!"

My family forced me to take medicine. Although I did not take medicine, my heart was already unstable.

One day, I had a strange dream: Master came to me on a lotus flower, accompanied by two Fa guardian gods. Master was very unhappy, did not say a word, and then performed a set of large mudras for me. The two Fa guardian gods eyed me very seriously. I did not understand what Master's mudras meant, and I was very anxious. Master still did not speak, looked at me very seriously and left with the two Fa guardian gods.

As soon as Master left, another god came, and this god was very, very angry. He pointed at me and scolded me, "We arranged for you to be a god, yet you don't want to be. You just want to be a human being? Your Master has endured so much for you, but you just do not cultivate hard! You take your Master's mercy as child's play. Do you think it is good to be human? We will give you back all your karma, but how can you repay the debts you owe to gods and your Master? You don't cultivate well, it's not just about destroying yourself, how many gods will be destroyed because of you..." The god scolded me for a long time before he left in anger.

I was woken up and knew that this was not a dream, it really happened! I really want to cultivate more seriously and return to the state I was in when I practiced at the beginning. However, it felt like it was too late for me ... it was just too late ... and a bad force was attacking me...

One day I arrived home but could not open the door with the key. I felt dizzy, my eyes seemed to be unable to see the keyhole, and I could not open the door even after a long time. My wife heard the key sound outside the door, but she did not see anyone entering the house for a long time. She felt it strange, so she came to open the door. Seeing how abnormal I appeared, she hurriedly called my son who was out of town.

My son rushed back and took me to the county hospital. The doctor said that my condition was critical, I should go to a better equipped hospital as soon as possible. I was sent to a large hospital in a city where I was diagnosed with cerebral infarction and diabetic complications. After more than 10 days of hospitalization, I went home with some improvement, and continued to take medicine at home. From the moment I was hospitalized, I almost lost my memory and could not see clearly. During the entire hospitalization process, I forgot everything. I could not even recite, "Falun Dafa is good." Only the words "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" were still imprinted in my mind. I could barely remember anything that related to cultivation.

Practitioners caught word of my situation and rushed to see me one after another. They encouraged me to study the Fa, and told me if I could not read, I should listen to the Fa. I did so accordingly, with some practitioners also sending me an MP3 player with recordings from "Remembering Master's Grace," as well as Master's new scriptures "Wake Up" and Hong Yin 6.

Studying the Fa was too difficult for me. I wanted to study Zhuan Falun, but I could not even recognize the Chinese characters, and my eyes were out of focus, so I could not even read a page in a day. A practitioner read the scripture "Wake Up" to me, and then it took me more than two hours to read it once by myself, but I did not lose my faith nor gave up.

With practitioners' help, and through my persistent efforts after awakening, my physical condition and cultivation state returned to normal. However, my family keeps a close eye on me every day and always remind me to take medicine. My family once knew that Dafa is good, but because of me, my family no longer believes in Dafa! How great my sin is!

Master said in “Dafa Can Never be Plagiarized” from Essentials for Further Advancement, “It’s difficult to practice cultivation, yet very easy to fall. When a person fails a test or can’t let go of a strong human attachment, he might reverse himself or go to the opposite side. There are too many lessons in history. Only after having fallen down will a person begin to regret, yet then it’s too late.”

Cultivation is really too serious, it is too serious! Because of my complacency, I relaxed in my cultivation, so I fell down a big hole and almost destroyed myself totally. I am extremely regretful! My tears of remorse are endless...

Today, I share this unbearable experience with the utmost guilt. The purpose is to remind practitioners that they must take my experience as a warning, they must take cultivation seriously, they must never relax, never become complacent, and never become arrogant. Do not play with your mobile phone, do not look at ordinary people's websites, you must be firm in your cultivation to the end, and you must take the Fa as your guide, not your dreams! Do not take Master's mercy for granted! All that almost cost me my life in order to learn this bloody lesson!

I kowtow to express my appreciation toward Master! Practitioners are welcome to share with me!

Chinese version: https://big5.minghui.org/mh/articles/2022/7/14/望同修以我為戒-嚴肅對待修煉-446171.html



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