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PureInsight | March 17, 2023

[] Everything has its root, and this root is from another dimension, so when we face things that happen around us, we must understand that there is a root, because the space of the universe is connected, and the surface of human level is just a reflection in the human world, and what really works is in another dimension.

What happened recently made me see this. For a long time, my husband and I have always been in disharmony. On the surface there is no big conflict between us, but for some reason, sometimes a little trigger point can detonate the landmine, and a series of negative effects will appear. Because this state lasts for too long, sometimes I don’t know how to deal with it. When I am in a good state of cultivation, I can keep myself from being influenced, this can often pass smoothly, but if the state of cultivation is not good, I would be triggered by superficial illusions, and I wanted to use the evil methods to counter back his evil. Both of us suffered, but both didn’t want to give up. No one wanted to take a step back.

Because this issue had not been solved fundamentally, and I had no real improvement on the Fa cultivation, the conflict became more and more intensified. It was like an explosive bag that was about to explode. Neither of us could communicate with each other with an open heart, and both thought about each other in our own perspective. There seems to be a wall between us. This wall prevented us from forming one body, prevented us from sharing on the Fa. I felt very depressed, I had nobody to talk to, I felt helpless. Eventually these turned into resentment.

During a recent conflict, he kept talking about things he thought that were my faults and about his resentment against me. I suddenly realized everything had its root. For a long time, I didn't follow Master's words, and I always looked at the other party's shortcomings, so I didn't think what's wrong with me. It seems that Master has also given me wisdom. At this moment, I immediately saw the false self who looked outwards and complained outwards. In fact, I didn’t truly cultivate on this matter. I was driven by the human notions and karma. I was not able tell which was my true thought, and I didn’t understand there was a reason behind the conflict. My starting point was already wrong. I kept making the same mistakes again and again, and what was even more ridiculous was that I still thought my cultivation level was higher than my husband. This manifestation of demonic nature made me completely lose myself, I used Master’s Fa to judge others, but not myself.

Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital, "So there will be problems between Dafa disciples, and, moreover, such things play an additional role. Namely, once the conflict or tension surfaces, it will affect other people. Once others take notice of it, the conflict or tension will intensify, which will then make the cultivators involved take notice of it. If [a cultivator] can look within when going through that, he will be able to find his shortcomings. If the conflict or tension were not brought to the surface or didn’t appear, you wouldn’t be able to discover your attachments and identify them. When all is calm and smooth, can you cultivate yourself?”

Master’s teaching made me see my own shortcomings and the factors that did not conform to the Fa. I did not regard myself as a cultivator on this issue and did not rectify myself according to the requirements of Dafa. I was blocked by human notions and karma, I was blinded by the superficial illusions and I was driven by the demonic nature. I didn’t realize there was a root cause behind the conflicts. The conflict is like a bomb, the explosion shows the areas I need to improve clearly in front of me. It depends on whether I can do it according to the Fa. From the perspective of cultivation, there are also many ways to cause conflicts. If I don’t look inward in conflicts and rectify myself according to Dafa, then I have given up on the exam and don’t want to improve, because I haven’t looked at the problem from the perspective of a cultivator, and I haven’t seen the factors behind the conflict clearly.  Thoughts and behaviors are just like ordinary people, and the factors behind the conflicts have not been changed at all. This will only intensify the contradictions, and finally lead to the explosion. At that time, I will not be able to control the situation. It will affect my cultivation and I can't help Master to rectify the Fa and save the sentient beings.

From this lesson, I learned that Dafa disciples should form one whole body, and do not let the conflicts between each other last too long, otherwise the evil will take advantage of the loopholes. Exchanges and discussions can also bridge the gap, because when we communicate with each other, we are walking the path arranged by Master. Master's Fa Shen is behind every Dafa practitioner. When I stand on the basis of the fa, let go of what I cling to, and openly express my views and suggestions to the other party, the other party will be melted by the peaceful environment, the so-called contradictions will be easily resolved, and the gap will disappear. If I can always do it well, then the contradictions becomes a ladder for me to improve. Take the path arranged by Master well which Master gives disciples to improve.

If there is something not in line with Fa, please kindly correct me!

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