400 Million People Who Disappeared in Mainland China During the Last Three Years

Xiao Xia

PureInsight | April 17, 2023

[PureInsight.org] Master recently mentioned that more than 400 million people died during the three-year epidemic, which caused a sensation all over the world. Many friends used various data to calculate, but no matter how they calculated, it was difficult to come up with such a huge number. Some Dafa disciples also have doubts. In fact, they look at it from the perspective of human beings. If they look at issues from the perspective of cultivation, or from the perspective of gods, they will get the correct solutions.

The total number of people in this world is a fixed, and a person is born for every death. But in the stage of Fa-rectification, a person will be eliminated after doing bad things, and this life will be eliminated, so that there will be one less person in the world. Some people die, which is normal, and another person will be reborn, and those who are eliminated will lose their body and spirit. Calculated in this way, it is easy to understand that 400 million people died in China due to elimination during the three-year epidemic. Because many people are aware of the reduction in the number of people around them. And some people may not have died from the "Covid", but they were eliminated. In this way, the 400 million number can be understood.

Some people may think that this population reduction is caused by the evil results of family planning and has nothing to do with elimination. If you don’t believe in God, you will be abandoned by God, so what else can you say? Only by standing on the basis of God can we see the truth.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "And that is why each has proven hard for regular scholarship to make sense of. Their secrets won’t be revealed to those whose thinking or perspectives are steeped in a secular worldview." It doesn't matter if the world can't understand 400 million people, as long as they look at the truth around them and wake up, that's enough. But one day, the truth will be revealed, and people will find that the 400 million data is real. This is also a question of whether a person still has righteous thoughts.

In the latest scripture How Humankind Came to Be, Master clearly mentioned that "And in this place that is devoid of truth they could, by holding fast to the higher truths taught by God and persevering in goodness and kindness, achieve the elevation of their souls.”, “a person can still keep his thoughts virtuous; if he can hold his or her ground against the onslaught of modern values and views, and stick to traditional ones; and if he still believes in the divine in the face of assaults from the atheist and evolutionary camps, then that person will fulfill his purpose” People who don’t believe in God naturally don’t believe it the saying of 400 million people is naturally very difficult to save.

I did not look for those data for reference, because the data itself is not accurate and it is difficult to explain the problem. Speaking out and communicating with fellow practitioners, there are some things that are inappropriate, and I hope fellow practitioners will not hesitate to correct them.

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