Some Thoughts about the Future of Life

Ming Xin

PureInsight | March 4, 2002

People have different kinds of feelings regarding the future, such as longing, hesitation, or fear. Some people try to forecast the future with scientific methods, while others attempt to see into the future by supersensory capabilities. No matter how, people always think that being able to grasp the future will act as a safeguard for themselves. Being able to survive means they still have hope for the future, although they do not know what that future will entail.

If we regard time as a straight line, then, 'now' is the future of 'the past.' With that view of time, 'the future' absolutely has not occurred, cannot be known, and simply does not exist, let alone can it be forecasted or changed. On the other hand, if we accept the viewpoint that understands that time and space are in harmony, and that the universe has different levels of space and time, and exists at higher levels, then 'the future' actually exists in another space. Therefore, we can not only know what is going to occur in the future, but also are able to look at how history will arrange matters.

The understanding of the future by human beings shouldn't rest on trend analysis, the method used by the social sciences. In order to foresee the future, we must understand time and space. If we go beyond time and space as viewed by everyday human beings (four or more dimensional spaces), we know that space and time exist layer upon layer in a boundless universe, are arranged by higher level gods, and the human society is ultimately determined by celestial phenomena. What 'the future' will be in different space-times is related to the movement of the cosmic bodies, and a human being's future is the final node of the universe. If we look at the future of an individual, a nation, or the world solely from the point of view of human society, we will never find the answer. Therefore, human beings cannot direct the future. Rather, what one is supposed to do regarding the future is to create one's own future by aligning oneself with the intention of the host of the universe, thereby securing one's place in the universe.

Look into the heart of humans. If they continue to be so selfish, and if the essential characteristic that constitutes their life deviates, they will inevitably destroy each other until they are all completely destroyed. If this kind of phenomenon of deviation appears in the universe to a greater degree, then this entire universe will face a crisis. If this is true, then what life is able to have a future in the universe? No egg survives whole in the broken nest, and the tooth must be cold after the lip perishes.

Then, looking from the perspective of generalized causal relationships, if we want the future life to be good, we must conform to the standard of good from now on, and return life to its original purity. As it is universally true that 'good will be rewarded with good, and evil met with evil,' today's tribulations are caused by the karma created in the past, and if we want a happy future, we must do good deeds in this life. As the life of cultivators unceasingly returns to the congenital boundary that originally existed in this universe, the happy life in the future will be with the Buddhas, Taos, and Gods at different levels of the universe. Therefore, with respect to their future lives, cultivating Falun Dafa is what people are supposed to be doing.

Mr. Li Hongzhi revealed the significance of the Fa-rectification to save the lives in the entire universe, to rectify the displacement that has occurred in the universe, to eliminate the disturbance to the Fa-rectification by the old forces, and to create a glorious future for the lives at different levels of the universe. This deed derives from the great compassion and mercy of the Fa passed on by Mr. Li Hongzhi. The old arrangement for the future has already been eliminated, and the new cosmic body has already been formed. The Fa will rectify the human world, and human beings will have a glorious future. When we maintain this universal law with all our effort, we are truly creating the future.

Notwithstanding the apparent power of evil beings that persecute the Fa, the future of those evil beings will be endless sufferings for the karma they have committed. Their sufferings will continue until they are extinguished because there is no room for their positions in the new universe.

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