Thoroughly Oppose the Evil Forces' Arrangement of Our Thoughts

PureInsight | March 18, 2002

The life of a human being is predestined or prearranged. The thoughts that one generates in this lifetime are also prearranged. But because a person's thoughts do not seem to be as concrete, obvious or physical as one's actions, and sometimes either waver constantly or even disappear suddenly, people tend to mistakenly regard their thoughts as being generated spontaneously and accidentally. In 'Fa-lecture at the conference in Florida USA', Master Li said:

'So in other words, this has been systematically arranged even since a time that remote. Then think about it: could the human society, and everything that we can see exist by chance? Even each Dafa disciple's every move, every action, every word, and even the questions you ponder, none of it is that simple. In the future you'll see that everything was very carefully arranged. But it's not me who arranged this, it's the old forces who did.'

We have seen that the old forces not only arranged today's persecution of Dafa, but also arranged Dafa disciples' behaviors and thoughts. Why do our thoughts deviate at certain times? Why do we imagine ourselves being arrested? Why do we have strong fears? Why do we doubt the principles of the Fa? In fact these are the arrangements of the old forces. It is their way of undermining Dafa.

As Fa-rectification disciples, we oppose all of the arrangement made by the old forces, including their arrangement of our thoughts. They arranged unrighteous thoughts in our minds during the persecution. They planned their persecution according to our attachments and our fears. Master gave us the magic weapon to clean up our thoughts, we have the ability to change the fate of our 'thoughts', and deny the old forces' arrangement of our thoughts. Whenever an evil thought arises, such as "I am going to be arrested", or when my mind conjures the image of a policeman, I deny them immediately. Whenever I start to imagine all kinds of dangerous situations, and when my attachments surface, such as the mentality of showing off, zealotry, the competitive mentality, fame and self-interest, and the like, I deny them immediately. I consider them to be the arrangement of the old forces. All of these bad thoughts are like toxins. They were generated for persecuting me. I stood outside my thoughts and immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate them. When I did, I found my fate was really changed. The evil's arrangement was destroyed.

When the practitioners around me were all arrested, or when someone told me that the evil has already gained a clear picture of what I was doing, it would have been easy for my imagination to run wild and my attachments to easily surface. According to human's logic, it was inevitable that I also would be arrested. But I denied this kind of human interference and imagination thoroughly. According to the principles of the Fa, nobody can impose anything on me that I do not accept. Otherwise, they would be violating the heavenly principles and would fall down completely, regardless of the height of their level. When I denied human notions, the "inevitable" never happened.

Sometimes, I neglected my duty of maintaining righteous thoughts. One day, I generated a deviated thought: "Why are the police looking for me?" As a result, a policeman called me that very night. Another time, I encountered a police car which I thought would come after me. As a result, I bumped into this same police car at three different places on the same day. Later, I realized the loopholes in my thoughts, and sent forth righteous thoughts immediately to eradicate this evil.

We should even oppose all of the bad dreams. The evil also arranged all kinds of dreams to disturb me and cause me to believe that they are some kind of premonition. I once had a dream that I was arrested by a policeman, but I was able to clarify the truth to him. Finally, I ran away. When I awoke, I realized that there were some problems with this dream. On the surface, the dream was positive. In fact, the evil tried to deceive and persecute me by allowing me to accept this kind of persecution. I denied this dream thoroughly. This matter does not exist. On several occasions, I even dreamt of my return to the detention center. But I also denied these dreams. These dreams may be arranged in another dimension by the evil forces, but my main body in this dimension can still change them. The process of life in another dimension can be rearranged. By the way, many of those who enlightened along the evil path were deceived by "indications" or "premonitions from their dreams. Dafa disciples should be rational. We should eliminate all of the thoughts that do not conform to the principles of the Fa.

In 'Expounding on the Fa,' Master said, 'You should also be clear that 'natural' does not exist, and 'the inevitable' has reasons behind it.' When things do not run smoothly on certain days, some practitioners would regard that as an indication of danger. I denied this kind of thought. I would eradicate the demon if there was one. If there were difficulties, I would overcome them. Nobody can stop me from proceeding along the path of my Fa-rectification. Those obstacles may be arranged by the demons. They also may be caused by ourselves, especially when we do not conform to the Fa in certain aspects. There are so-called omens for many things, but it does not mean that the inevitable result has to take place. How could a god be limited by the lower principles? When we deny this kind of human's principle of inevitability, we are obeying an even higher principle. Consequently, the human's principle of inevitability does not exist any more.

It is most important for us to correct our thoughts. Whenever my heart was swayed by the environment or by the bad thoughts of others, I understood that those were also pre-arranged and should also be opposed. We should stabilize our hearts. In the past, whenever I heard that evil was going to heighten the persecution, I would remind myself to be cautious since the situation has tightened again. Now I also deny these kinds of human notions. Actually, isn't this a golden opportunity for us to eradicate the evil when they appear?

Along with the enhancement of our levels, we should pay more and more attention to our thoughts. In "Zhuan Falun Volume 2" Master said that an environment changes as soon as the higher god generates one thought. Whenever I did not have righteous thoughts, negative situations would arise. So we should oppose all those bad thoughts as soon as they appear.

When we deny the human notions thoroughly in our thoughts and deny every thought arranged by evil forces, then we are really in charge of our thoughts and thus in charge of our new future.

These are just some of my understandings. Please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.

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