What is Important in Truth Clarification? Is it To Persuade or Extend Compassion?

Nian Ci

PureInsight | April 22, 2002

For a very long time, I have wondered how to clarify the truth. Which is better, speaking from a high level or a lower one? Generally speaking, it should not be too high because if it is too high, many people of low morality tend to reject it. But why is it that many Dafa disciples in China face the police and say very high level principles, and the police have accepted what they said and agreed? Often, people tend to understand a conversation from a lower level. However, why do so many people argue with Dafa disciples and are unwilling to give ground even when they cannot defend their argument?

I have always studied the Fa in a steadfast manner and tried to find the best approach on how to clarify the truth through my real-life truth clarifying efforts. Now and then the effect was not too bad. But I always felt that in responding to some people and certain questions, my desire was there but I just could not accomplish what I set out to do. Unable to break through this, I knew that I had not enlightened to the Fa principles, around this issue, yet this inability simply lingered.

One day when I overcame a tribulation, there was suddenly a breakthrough in this regard. My xinxing was upgraded and I had a deeper understanding of the difficult and complicated reality of Fa- rectification. My wisdom suddenly opened to the way to do truth clarification. Everything became very clear. Truth clarification is extending benevolence to a sentient being's life! Benevolence to a person, selfless, without desire, just to be kind to someone with a firm and pure righteous thought to save the precious life of the person, which requires informing him of the way that is the truth. It is as simple as that. In this task, there is no mental jostling or showing-off. Neither does it involve any logical reasoning or arguments at a xinxing level identical to that of the person that one is trying to save. When a person's heart is opened the truth and truthful Fa will be placed right before him, which everyone can then recognize. This explains why many less- educated disciples in Mainland China can use their words to change the hearts of others. What they say may not be beautifully phrased by an everyday person's standard, but what works is the firmness in their mind to compassionately save sentient beings. The formation of words on the surface is quite important but what is paramount are the connotations in the words and the state of mind when the words are being spoken. Furthermore, when the mind is upright and full of compassion and concern for others, wisdom flows out like a running stream and the words spoken go beyond those words preconceived with human techniques, and these words really fulfill the needs of the listening party.

In order to save a person, our understanding and xinxing must rise beyond humanness. Our mode and frame of thinking should no longer be restrained by modern mankind's framework of logical reasoning and argument. Moreover, when Gods and Buddhas are saving people, although they speak a human language, they are not attached to the everyday world. Therefore, they do not disdain, criticize, or complain about people. Neither do they become emotional or lose themselves in logic or in a trivial issue by digging into a bull's horn. Likewise, when we are clarifying the truth with the approach of only extending compassion to others, it will no longer feel as if we are doing a job. Neither will we be concerned about personal interest, being misunderstood, fatigue, or bearing too much. We should think more frequently of how Master has treated everyone of us and protected us all the way up to today. In addition, we should be reminded how "In an era a long time ago, in the immense colossal firmament, the lords and kings of cosmic systems at different levels -- out of compassion for sentient beings and in order to attain the Fa at this moment in time when the Fa rectifies the cosmos and thereby save the beings that they represent -- fully experienced the hardships of history and endured disgrace and dishonor by coming down to the human world. Upon entering the three realms they became lost in the mortal world, and exhaustively suffered the mistreatment of low-level beings in the three realms, and in order to survive, they also created innumerable quantities of karma (From Clearwisdom Editors, "Make the Best Use of Time to Clarify the Truth to the Precious Chinese People").' Yet today, not only have they not obtained the Fa, but they have also been deceived and poisoned by vicious lies. Out of compassion as cultivators, we must, and are, able to do better and better in a short time in our truth clarification work.

Before the Fa-rectification concludes, the significance of saving one more life is extraordinary. Consummation through the Fa-rectification is not like any previous consummation through individual cultivation. It is to consummate and save the lives we pledged to save, the lives who have been waiting painfully in their realms for their master or king to receive the Fa in the three realms, and who have put all their trust in us that we will assist Master in the human world to save those supreme lords and kings who have been placed into great danger by lies and deceit.

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