The Significance of Clarifying the Truth From Within the Fa

Jingxin, a Dafa Disciple from

PureInsight | September 23, 2002

In Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference (July of 2002), Master said: “This is why each Dafa disciple needs to realize the importance of clarifying the truth. This, more than anything, is what you should do with all your effort, and it's the most magnificent. The salvation of sentient beings and the Consummation of cosmic bodies that correspond to you are all part of this. Every single Dafa disciple needs to do this. Don't miss a single opportunity.” Master is stressing the importance of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. Master is emphasizing that clarifying the truth is part of our current cultivation path during the Fa-rectification period. Everyone should take clarifying the truth earnestly. Do not miss a single opportunity! Clarify the truth to the people of the world with compassion in your heart.

“Actually, there are a few students who have always been reluctant to do things that are for destroying the evil and clarifying the truth--as if that would be doing something for Master, or as if that would be putting in extra for Dafa.”(From “Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples”) Some practitioners I know are reading Zhuan Falun, doing the exercises at home but not stepping outside the door to clarify the truth and validate the Fa. Or they go back and forth between doing truth-clarifying work earnestly and not wanting to do anything at all. The root cause of the problem is that they have not studied the Fa well enough and have not understood what Fa-rectification cultivation is on a fundamental level. As a matter of fact, during the Fa-rectification period, clarifying the truth, exposing the evil and saving sentient beings are cultivation. If you just do the exercises and read the books at home and do not step forward to validate the Fa, your gong will not grow, nor can you consummate your own world. Consequently, you won't be able to achieve the goal of cultivation practice in the Fa-rectification period. Meanwhile, “If you are still unclear about what a Fa-rectification disciple is, you won't be able to step forward in the current tribulation, and you will be led by the human world's pursuit of comfort to enlighten along an evil path.”(From “Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples”)

In my personal experience, whenever I studied the Fa conscientiously, sent forth-genuine righteous thoughts and clarified the truth from within the FA, I feel uplifted, content and refreshed. Work or housework is no longer a chore. I no longer feel tired. On the other hand, if I tell myself that I need a vacation and relax a bit, I became exhausted. Senior management of my working unit wanted to demote me from director to a lesser position, because I refused to write a statement not to cultivate in Dafa. I was able to speak to them with compassion, told them about my experience and the benefits I derived from studying the Fa, and urged them to be sympathetic to Dafa. That night, in my dream I saw beautiful lotus flowers. There was another veteran disciple who used to be quite diligent. He was stuck at home in another city where he had to take care of his elderly parents, and was unable to read Master’s new articles and from Minghui web for quite some time. Now he is just too overwhelmed with personal responsibilities to take even one step out of his home.

Clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are things that Dafa disciples must do. Just as what Master said: “Especially since these things and everything that you’re now doing are all interwoven with your responsibilities to Dafa, and since they include Dafa disciples’ own profound and critical factors. … You’ve got to try hard, and you’ve got to do well, because what you want is to consummate everything, and you have responsibilities—you have come with the mission and responsibility of saving sentient beings.” (From Touring North America to Teach the Fa)

As long as we are able to recognize the significance of clarifying the truth from within the Fa, study the Fa well, take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously, we are fulfilling the duties of a true Dafa disciple. I feel that if all of us actively clarify the truth as true Dafa disciples and from within the Fa, the evil will be eliminated and the moment of the Fa rectifying the human world will arrive.
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