The Limits of Modern Science

A U.K. Dafa Particle

PureInsight | December 24, 2001

In the “highly developed” technological society of today, the problems that face the public include environmental, air, and water pollution brought on by misapplication of technology, declining morality and increasing social and economic turmoil. Many people may have noticed that the human world is becoming increasingly devoid of spiritual content as technology develops. Many people may ask, “Where will today’s science lead us? What is the direction of future developments in science and technology?”

If humanity can calmly take a fresh look at this so-called “development” and “progress,” it might choose a new direction for future development. Mankind cannot just watch shadows on the cave wall anymore. A way to access truth is desperately needed. It is time for mankind to think “outside the box” and explore a new path for the future development of science and culture, to provide pure insight to those with open minds and pioneering spirits.

1) Modern Science Has Its Limits

Modern science has changed the way humans live over the last 200 years. Technology seems to have made life “easier,” but at a very high price in terms of the physical and emotional side effects and the decline in moral standards and quality of life.

Can mankind see the limits of science and technology? In the last century, for instance, nuclear energy has made the production of electricity much easier and cheaper. Yet in the form of weaponry, nuclear energy has also nearly been used to destroy civilization on several occasions. Manned flight has made the world very small, but has provided new opportunities for terrorism.

Mankind believes that it is making progress and developing. It does not see that these so-called advances are in fact simply producing more problems. In other words, mankind is trying to solve problems caused by it’s own development without realizing that every “solution” may spawn another ten new problems. Mankind tends to follow science, which ignores all that lies beyond the boundary of that which can be measured by its instruments.

2) Modern Science Is Based on an Inadequate Foundation

Modern science is based on empirical science and does not accept or admit spirituality. Its understanding of matter is wrong. The material world is all that exists according to science. It is therefore very difficult for science to discover anything beyond the boundary of the material world. Science has been made absolute and become an absolutist belief but ignores its boundaries. Today it is very difficult to explore the limits of science. People’s desire for material goods is drastically increasing. Mankind totally abandons moral restrictions in the pursuit of fame and personal interest.

Science only pays attention to people’s material needs. It excludes spiritual fulfillment while it has been used to encourage and strengthen people’s desires to conquer, invade and take away the material benefits enjoyed by others. It does not concern itself with the existence of spirituality or the concept of morality. Some of its advocates consider humanity as something separate from nature and the environment. They ignore the harmonious relationship between mankind and the natural world in which we live and, instead, their recommendations have led to serious problems and conflicts between humanity and nature. Following such recommendations as led humanity to damage and perhaps eventually destroy nature and the environment. The truth is, environmental problems are caused by the erosion of moral standards.

3) Modern Science Is Approaching an Impasse

Has modern science brought a more peaceful and a more harmonious life for mankind? No, it has not thus far provided a better, more stable, and more harmonious environment for mankind. Instead, there is severe environmental pollution, drastic ecological damage, increasing conflicts between people and nations, continual natural disasters, new diseases, and so on. There is crisis, trouble, and uncertainty. Unrestrained application of modern science has set mankind against the nature that has nurtured it. The more intense this conflict, the more tribulations and uncertainty it will bring to mankind. So-called “development” simply leads to more “new” problems requiring further “development.” Eventually mankind will be caught in a vortex and will no longer be able to escape. Humankind will be more and more confused and lost.

Modern science is reaching a dead end because it has excluded spirituality. The truth is, matter and spirit are united and cannot be separated. To maintain the development of science in a healthy way, it must accept spiritual content and morality. The damage to and pollution of the environment are caused by people’s unlimited exploitation of it as a consequence of lower moral standards. It is evidence of the decline of civilization and mankind.

In the future, science and culture must respect moral principles. They must acknowledge spiritual experience and values. They must assimilate with the principle of the universe, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” Only then can a new and upright culture can be born. Culture is not based on knowledge and academic research, but on the truth that gives guidance to mankind’s way of living.

Falun Dafa brings a new science and new culture to mankind. It provides fresh new pure insight. The millennium ahead will witness a new era of harmony and fulfilment.

“The guiding ideology for modern human science is confined only to this physical world in its research and developments. It follows such a path that a subject will not be studied until it is recognized. As for the intangible and invisible, but objectively existing phenomena that are reflected into our physical dimension in concrete forms, people will not dare to approach them and dismiss them unknown phenomena. Opinionated people will try to reason groundlessly that they are of natural phenomena, while those with ulterior motives simply label them as superstitions against their conscience. Those indifferent people will stay away from the issue with the excuse that science is not as advanced yet. If mankind can take a fresh look at itself as well as at the universe and change its rigid mentality, it will make a leap forward.” (from “Lunyu” in Zhuan Falun)

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