Things Are Not Always What They Seem

A New York Practitioner

PureInsight | November 26, 2001

The development of anti-bacterial drugs brought many infectious diseases under control. However, since more and more such drugs are used, commercially and clinically, drug-resistant diseases have become an ever more difficult problem that the modern medical community has a tough time to solve. The speed with which people develop new drugs cannot match the rate at with which mutated bacteria develop drug resistance. This has caused speculation among many scientists.

During my clinical experience with infectious diseases I found something quite similar to what was reported in much of professional literature: the bacterial symptoms caused by drug resistant strains are more serious. In the meantime, patients affected by such strains usually also suffer from other diseases and have a medical history of using certain drugs repeatedly. People now recognize that infections caused by drug-resistant strains are more severe. What is the reason behind that? Let me explain it from the standpoint of a Falun Dafa cultivator.

Since I have cultivated Falun Dafa I understand that the real cause of disease is karma. Now I can fully understand the dilemma mentioned above. Disease is caused by karma, which is a black substance in a deep dimension. Karma, when manifested in our dimension, can assume the form of viruses and bacteria. Drugs can kill the bacteria on the surface, but what really caused the disease – karma - was not killed. Usually, people who suffer from drug resistant strains of infectious agents are using a certain drug repeatedly. They were infected repeatedly and used the same drug again and again. So the karma accumulated and caused more severe symptoms. As I have learned, because karma can transform, these patients might also suffer other diseases. Let me put it another way: it is the accumulated karma rather than the increased toxicity of the bacterial strain that causes the more severe problem. So if we shift our target from external causes, bacteria and viruses, to internal reasons, karma, people will have a new understanding into diseases and their treatments.

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