Anomalous Facts--Anomaly #3 Man';s Skeleton in a Coal Bed

William Barkley

PureInsight | June 18, 2001

Again in Forbidden Archaeology, page 454, there is the following account from the December, 1862 edition of a journal called 'The Geologist'. The skeleton of a man was discovered in a coal bed located in Macoupin County, Illinois. A certain Mr. C. Brian Trask of the Illinois Geological Society provided information to Cremo, et al, regarding the age of the coal beds in Illinois. From this information it appears that the age of this skeleton is at least 286 million years old, possibly 320 million years old. So, the possible age range of this skeleton (approximately 34 million years), in and of itself, is 7 times the maximum time of 5 million years ago allowed by the scientists in our course textbook for the 'appearance of the first humanlike creatures'.

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