The Legend of Uluru

Chi Wen from Australia

PureInsight | July 2, 2001

Uluru, a great red rock in the heart of Australia, is the largest, and the most peculiar, stone in this world. It is eight kilometers in circumference, two and half kilometers in thickness, and 300 meters from top to the ground. Standing there silently—and a bit lonely— for centuries, the stone carries with it some little-known history.

With the accompaniment of the folklore from the aboriginals' "dreaming period",
And carrying with it the aboriginals' totem through generations,
The Great Red Stone experienced more remote ages than the imaginations during the "dreaming Period."
It stands there the same as its first day,
Refusing as always to be mixed up with the soils.

He has a fickle face, its coloring changing from deep blue to scarlet;
From classical music to rattling of swords and firing of guns, shrouded is he in a most ancient mystery.
In him, we see flashing of knife alternating with the neighing of horses.
Where is he from? And why is he here?
What is he trying to tell the world?
Is it about the brevity of human life and its unpredictable destinies?
Or, is it about joy and sorrow or a resignation to human life?

The stone, however, says, No!
He wants to tell us:

In the remotest era,
Sentient beings started to deviate from the Great Law.
With the emergence of a wicked evil king,
Descends the Holy Lord carrying a wheel,
So unfolds the classic battle between the evil and the righteous in this universe,
Which rocks layers upon layers of the universe.
Since then, the title of the Holy Lord resounds in the universe.

In the end, the evil king is killed, and the Holy Lord also suffers from a light injury.
A combined drip of blood from the evil king and the Holy Lord,
Drops to the human world, in the land of Australia.
So the Great Red Rock that frequently shows the color of blood.

Even in the drop of blood, the battle continues unabated,
Because evil and benevolence can never reconcile, and the righteous differs from the evil as ice from charcoal fire.
Evil shall be eliminated, and thoroughly shall the wicked be killed.
Safeguarding the Buddha Law and Great Tao, is the nature of the universe.

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