The Mistake of Scientific Information Classification

A Falun Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | June 25, 2001

Modern science creates classifications for light, electricity, magnetism and sound. Information emitted by different objects is classified into different subjects and studied. Scientists also put the same information emitted by different objects into the same class. For example the sounds emitted by different musical instruments are studied as the same class of sounds in the scientific field. Scientists regard the sounds emitted by different materials as the same thing, they only differ in how they are described and their features. Various kinds of scientific instruments are able to detect different kinds of information.

Just like the eyes of humans are in charge of looking, the ears are in charge of listening, the nose is in charge of smelling, and the skin is in charge of touching objects, all kinds of scientific instruments seem to be the extension of a human’s sense organs.

Such a detecting method is similar to the ancient story of ‘The Blind Men Describe an Elephant‘. One man takes a pictures of the elephant (records the message of light). One man receives the sound sent off by the elephant (records the message of sound). One man records every minute movement of the elephant (records it bio-ecology). People studying different subjects are observing only a certain part of the whole. Although each part is observed in detail, the whole scene remains unknown.

Currently, there are cartoons utilizing the latest techniques to capture the bio-ecology of animals, although they look very similar to real animals, they are not real. No matter how true to life a cartoon is, even a child can easily distinguish a real animal from a cartoon. A scene of a real elephant playing with water is by no means to easy to capture using any modern scientific techniques.

Master said, “I have participated in an experiment, and many other qigong masters have also undergone this experiment to measure their energy. The material elements in gong can be detected by many present-day apparatus. That is to say, as long as there is such an apparatus, the elements emitted by a qigong master and the existence of his gong can be detected. Modern apparatus can detect infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, ultrasonic waves, infrasonic waves, electricity, magnetic force, gamma rays, atoms, and neutrons. A qigong master possesses all of these substances, and there are some other substances emitted by qigong masters that are undetectable because no such apparatus exists. As long as there is such an apparatus, everything is detectable. The substances emitted by qigong masters are found to be extremely abundant.” (Zhuan Falun)

Modern scientists have many different instruments but there are still many things that are undetectable. If scientists want to describe an object based on emitted phenomenon, it is similar to a blind person describing an elephant. Although scientists can compile and record much information they still cannot tell others what the elephant is.

Different messages are sent off by different materials. They look the same, but because the essence of the materials which send off the messages are different, these messages are different fundamentally. Sounds sent off by the violin and the piano are totally different. However, scientists use the same theory to describe them. They claim that the vibration of the air causes sound waves. Scientists spend lots of energy to study and compare the different features of acoustic waves, such as frequency, phase, velocity and wave front etc, however they do not study the material itself that give off the sound. So although they expend much energy, when they recreate the sound it is still lifeless and cannot touch people’s heart. No matter how good the music synthesized by a computer is, it gives an unreal feeling.

The molecules composing the human body are composed from layers and layers of extremely microscopic particles. When one listens to a concert, not only the superficial layer of molecules are listening, but also the inner microscopic particles are “listening” to it. From another point of view, when considering the instrument which sends off the sound, not only the superficial layer sends off the sound, but also the microscopic particles are “sending off the sound”. (The microscopic dimensions are not necessarily presented with sound, so I use “ “ to express it). Sending off sounds is just the manifestation in this space; the beautiful melody played by musicians and the noise emitted by a car horn are both sounds caused by the vibration of air. Currently science only studies the manifestations of the molecular level and messages sent off by various materials. Isn’t it very superficial?

The development of science is quick, but because of mis-classification, different types of materials are classified into the same category (various superficial messages), while the same class of materials are classified into different classes (materials having similar or same essence). Development in the future will therefore be based only on this superficial understanding.

The above is my personal view point, please do not hesitate to correct it.

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