A Doctor’s Surprise

Xi Yuan, a Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | April 11, 2016

[PureInsight.org] On a summer night a few years ago, my grandson was returning home on his motorcycle on a country road without many people. The road was full of holes. Suddenly, his motorcycle was heading towards a big hole, so he immediately tried to avoid it. Right at that moment, an SUV rushed towards my grandson, and with a “Bang!” they collided. My grandson was knocked to the ground, and his motorcycle landed on top of him. He tried to pull himself out and found that one of his legs was broken with blood oozing out.

My grandson called out for help. The SUV driver must have been shocked as well, but as soon as the driver realized what had just happened, he sped off and drove away at once. My grandson then phoned his family for help, but no matter how hard my grandson begged for help, no one dared to venture out to help him.

He kept losing blood while the night grew darker. A couple of indifferent people stood in dark corners, whispering amongst themselves. My grandson felt desperate and hopeless as he started experiencing dizziness and difficulty breathing.

At that moment, my granddaughter passed on a bus going back home. She saw the motorcycle on the ground and decided to get off the bus to take a look. To her surprise, the victim was her own brother. She shouted loudly for help, and people came out of the bus to move her brother onto the bus. They were then rushed to the city hospital.

After my grandson was hospitalized, the principal doctor responsible for caring for my grandson approached my granddaughter and told her that her brother’s body was almost depleted of blood and that he was in immediate need of fresh blood to keep him alive. However, the hospital had to be paid 30,000 Chinese Yuan before they could start the blood transfer and operation.

How could my granddaughter get hold of so much money by herself? She was so desperate; she tried phoning her family for help but got no response. Then some family members and friends arrived at the hospital. One friend gave the hospital his cheque account as collateral for the operation cost, and the hospital began to operate on my grandson. After a short while, the principal doctor appeared and said that my grandson needed more blood, so the family had to prepare for another 40,000 Chinese Yuan. The doctor also asked the family to go back to the accident scene and bring back any pieces of broken bones to use in the operation.

My son and his wife then went to the accident scene some 20 miles away and collected the broken bones using a flashlight at night. When everything was ready, the principal doctor made a statement to the family indicating that he would be solely responsible for the operation and that he would do his best to perform the surgery on my grandson, but since there had been severe blood loss and so much time had elapsed since the incident, the operation was still dangerous. Moreover, the broken bones were not complete, so even if he were able to help my grandson keep his leg, my grandson would most likely become handicapped.

My grandson’s mother—my daughter-in-law—was completely shocked to hear this. “Danger! Handicapped!” she exclaimed. Her son had just married less than a year ago, and her daughter-in-law was pregnant. How would the family live? My daughter-in-law burst into tears. I pulled her aside and said to her, “Don’t cry. Look, if your daughter had not found your son, he would have lain there throughout the night, and you might not have seen your son alive. How much blood can a person lose without losing his life?” My daughter-in-law nodded. I then continued, “Who do you think could have arranged such good timing for your daughter to spot your son at such a critical moment? And look, you have just found so many broken pieces of your son’s bones even though it was so dark outside. Even though there might not have been many people walking on the road, surely there were cars passing by, but none of those bones were crushed. Also, we did not ask any favors from the hospital, but the principal doctor that took care of our kid is the best one, an expert; you cannot get such an excellent doctor even if you bribed the hospital. So, who do you think is helping us out?”

My daughter-in-law immediately understood what I was talking about and said, “Oh, yes, it is Master that is helping me out!” I replied, “That’s right, your family has always supported Falun Dafa and you have also done so many good things for Dafa. You have also quit your CCP membership. How can Master not help you out? Your son’s life was saved by Master. We should believe in Falun Dafa even more. We should thank Master even more. Pretty soon, your son’s operation will start, so from now, let’s all chant with our hearts: ‘Falun Dafa is good; Zhen Shan Ren (truthfulness-compassion-forbearance) is good’. After the operation, please ask your son to chant these phrases even more and ask Master for help. I am sure nothing serious will happen to your son!” My daughter-in-law was much encouraged by this.

The operation went very smoothly. The principal doctor later said that he had never in his life performed such a successful operation. The doctor also told my daughter-in-law to take good care of my grandson to avoid any infections, as the weather was so hot. If his wound became infected, he could still lose his leg.

After the thread was removed from the wound, my grandson felt so good with his recovery that he decided to move to another cheaper hospital to save medical expenses for the family. On the day of the transfer however, my grandson’s wound appeared a little swollen as if there were an infection. Faced with such a possibility, the family was worried, but everyone then calmed down as my daughter-in-law did not cry and instead seemed to know what to do. As per her suggestion, the whole family stayed up all night together and took turns chanting “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen Shan Ren is good”. The swelling was gone completely by the next day. My daughter-in-law later said to me, “Whenever my son recited the word ‘good’ in ‘Falun Dafa is good, Zhen Shan Ren is good’, he appeared very energetic and he would then try hard to stretch his leg. He did this the whole night and did not feel tired at all afterwards, especially when he noticed that the swelling was gone. He was so happy. He did the Heshi hand gesture and kept thanking Master.” Tears filled my daughter-in-law’s eyes while she recounted this miracle to me.

Soon afterwards, my grandson left the hospital. He stayed at home and kept chanting “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen Shan Ren is good” while stretching his wounded leg. Time went by and two crutches reduced to a single crutch until eventually he could walk by himself without support. Before long, my grandson started working as a truck driver for a cement company. By the time their first child was born, my grandson had become a skilled truck driver.

Everything went well for the family, but my daughter-in-law sometimes still worries about the hospital debts and she also cannot stop complaining about the SUV driver. I showed my sympathy to her, but I also tried to talk to her, saying, “The money has already been spent and there is no need to think about it anymore. Also, we do not have to keep blaming the driver. Nothing is more precious than one’s life; your son is living happily now. People always say, ‘Staying content prolongs happiness’, so don’t bother yourself now.”

Later, when it was time to remove the steel nails from my grandson’s leg, my grandson brought with him the X-ray photos of his recovered leg to show the principal doctor. The doctor was really surprised to see my grandson in such an excellent condition. He carefully examined the X-ray photos and murmured to himself, “Incredible! How did you recover so well?”

After the steel nails were removed, the principal doctor approached my grandson and said, “Young man, you must be lucky; your new grown bones have completely replaced your broken ones. The recovery is so amazing! No wonder you are so strong today. At that time I was really afraid that you might end up handicapped. I have never come across such a case. Can you give your X-ray photos to me? I would like to study them thoroughly.” Of course, my grandson did not refuse such a request. The doctor would never realize that it is just impossible for modern day hospitals to perform miracles that only the power of divinity is capable of, no matter how skilled the doctors may be.

Five years later, my daughter-in-law suddenly showed up, saying, “Mom, the SUV driver has just been caught. He is now in the detention center. They are asking us to go there to close my son’s traffic accident case.” We went there, and the case was successfully closed. As a result, my grandson’ family received around 80,000 Chinese Yuan as compensation. My daughter-in-law exclaimed, “This is a blessing from Falun Dafa; it is Master who has saved the whole family!”

My grandson’s story has spread very quickly among our neighbors, friends and relatives. Those who hear the story cannot help being touched by the power of Dafa and thank Master for his compassion. Many people have asked for help in quitting their CCP memberships.

Whenever I read the list of names of people who have just quit the CCP or hear stories such as this one, I am always moved to tears. People have really awakened!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/150241


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