Saving Life from the 'Heart' – Comments on the Prophecy 'Notes by Ge An'

PureInsight | June 11, 2001

Dear Editor:

After reading the article 'Inspiration Regarding The Well-Known Korean Prophecy Book Notes by Ge An’ ', I have some deep thoughts. Just as Master Li mentioned, everything has been arranged many billions of years ago. After a thorough review, however, I found one thing that contradicts this writer’s current understanding. Please look at this alternative interpretation proposed by several practitioners after considerable discussion. Use this as an opinion only:

In the 18th statement of the prophecy, it emphasizes that cultivating Xinxing is the fundamental key for this period of cultivation. It says 'Saving life at the half moon shape under the Triangle Mountains (Changchun Jingyue Pond).' Some of the other practitioners think that 'Saving life at the half moon shape under the Triangle Mountains' is a certain Chinese character, though it does not refer to the Changchun Jingyue Pond. The specific meaning is:

The Triangle Mountains are 3 mountains with a triangle shape;

'Half moon shape' is a crescent moon:

Thus, the half moon shape under the Triangle Mountains is exactly the Chinese character for 'Heart.'

This is to tell those reading the prophecy to save life from their heart. Only by focusing on Xinxing cultivation can you be protected during the Fa rectification process. The above is the personal understanding of several practitioners, including myself. If you find anything incorrect, please do not hesitate to let me know.

A Practitioner from Mainland China

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