Prophecies by Maya II: Fa Rectifying the Universe and the New Humankind

Hao Zhang

PureInsight | June 18, 2001

“A memory revolution will take place between 1987 and 2012 (by western calendar), which enables the people to echo the memory of the universe. And the new humankind will possess special capabilities, rationality and emotion.” (Mayan Prophecies)

According to Mayan prophecies, our earth, as it exists now, is in its “fifth solar epoch”, or the last solar epoch. This epoch began at 3113 B.C., and concludes in 2012 after the solar system has undergone, in the seasonality of the Milky Way, The Great Cycle of five-thousand-year duration. After the Cycle, a fundamental change will set in—the so-called “Galatic Synchronization” by the prophecies.

The earth will enter the last phase of The Great Cycle between 1992 and 2012, an important period—as documented by Mayas—before assimilation into the Milky Way. In fact, Mayas called it “Earth Regeneration Period”, during which the earth will attain complete “purity”. The earth, however, will transcend the scope of rays to enter a new phase of Milky-Way-assimilation after the regeneration period.

As is well known, the year of 1992 heralded the start of Dafa’s widest spread. The prophecies even predict that, between 1987 and the beginning of the Dafa’s spread, early disciples of Teacher would have already shown characteristics suggestive of “humankind possessing special capabilities, rationality and emotion.” More strikingly, they presage in detail today’s unique historical period of Fa rectifying the universe as well as humankind—isn’t the “purification” referring to the elimination of all that is un-righteous, that is wicked, degenerated and corrupt? And this is precisely the true meaning of “Fa-rectification.” If the sentient beings in the universe did not deviate from the Fa, there would be no reason for purification—moreover, I’m wondering whether “the earth will attain complete “purity” implies “the more microscopic matter that damages mankind has been cleaned up” (p. 47, “A Dialogue with Time”, Falun Dafa Essentials for Further Advancement.) What, then, are the meanings of “memory revolution” and “the people to echo the memory of the universe” in the prophecies?
Since it uses “the people”, it obviously does not refer to a few only. Personally, I believe the “memory revolution” represents reformation in human mentalities. Besides, we all know that Dafa can rectify human mind, therefore during the Fa-rectification more and more people will send forth “righteous thought”—Isn’t it true that “echo the memory of the universe” refers to the “righteous thought” that people reconcile with the universal laws? At the Great Lakes Conference in North America, Teacher says, “…many beings, as well as many humans--for humans also have a side that's aware--no longer want to do bad things, and they also want to obtain the Fa in a positive way. About twenty to thirty percent of people are like this. That is, seventy to eighty percent of humankind will obtain the Fa--obtain the Fa in a positive way--and not create tribulations for the Fa. This is how people of the future will obtain the Fa. So quite a lot of people will obtain the Fa.”

Speaking of “possess special capabilities, rationality and emotion”, it characterizes the capabilities (even supernormal capabilities in Buddha-Fa) that future Dafa disciples will gain, new and genuine knowledge that scholars will uncover after attaining their enlightenment in cultivation, and the new human race build upon virtues and compassionate benevolence. This leads the new humankind in the prophecies to point out explicitly that Dafa will carve out a human race that is entering the next new epoch after the Fa-rectification (purification), which also brings to the new epoch brand-new culture and science.

This is why there are only five cycles in the solar epoch. When the fifth epoch finishes, the prophecies dictate an upgrading of the earth and coexistence of old and new human race. What follows is my interpretation of the part in the prophecies about the conclusion of the solar epoch: When the Fa-rectification within the In-Triple-World comes to an end; the old earth will cease to exist, and the old humankind overloaded with unrighteous thoughts will, as in prior four concluding periods of solar epochs, vanish in a stirring grand finale of destruction.

Of course, the widest spread of Dafa has rendered many ancient prophecies inaccurate. What is of our interest now is not whether the fifth solar epoch will finish in 2012; instead, we should care about the trajectory of every living being’s evolution.

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