More Ancient Prophecies in the Context of Fa-Rectification

Another Falun Dafa Practitione

PureInsight | July 9, 2001

Foreword: These prophecies are considered for their relevance to the current process of Fa-rectification (a more complete understanding of this term can only be obtained through study of Mr. Li Hongzhi’s original works. Briefly, 'It is because a very large scope of the cosmic body has deviated from the fundamental nature of the universe that it has to be rectified by the Fa' (Awakening, Essentials For Further Advancement). 'Dafa can rectify the universe, so it certainly has the Fa’s power to repress evil, eliminate disorder, harmonize everything and remain invincible' (Definitive Conclusion, Essentials For Further Advancement). The author neither endorses them in their entirety, nor affirms their correctness. Indeed, as Teacher wrote in the article What Are Supernormal Abilities, 'The future of the cosmos that beings at different levels have seen actually does not exist and is an illusion. At present, humankind’s every day is arranged according to Dafa’s needs…' Furthermore, no affirmation whatsoever is given to any ‘doomsday’- type or ‘end of the world’ scenarios:

'As you know, in our history there have been many prophets, qigong masters, and people enlightened in religions who have made a lot of comments about different catastrophes that would take place in human society at the end of this century. They even mentioned that human beings would be in an extinct state. Of course, these words aren’t mine—I’m just telling you what these prophets said. I can give people a clear answer as to whether or not these things will happen…So even though mankind won’t have big catastrophes as predicted by prophets, there will still be many unfortunate things happening in some regions, since they don’t have Fa there.' (Lecture at the US East Coast Conference, New York, March 27-28 1999)

Some Prophecies from Zarathustra

Zarathushtra (known to the Greeks as Zoroaster) was an ancient prophet from about 3000 years ago. The religion of Zoroastrianism was later founded based on his teachings, and it was the dominant world religion during the Persian empires (559 BC to 651 AD).

The main scripture is known as the Avesta, but there are others.

To begin with, in one of these, Zand-i Vohuman Yasht (Translated by E. W. West, from Sacred Books of the East, volume 5, Oxford University Press, 1897.) we can find the following pieces of prophecy, referring to the time period around now (approximately 2000AD)

2. 'All people will worship greed and be of false religion. They become fat of body and hungry of soul (56).'

- This is perhaps the most interesting of these few here. Mass materialism and consumerism, in effect, reflect a type of greed-worship as humanity manifests strong demonic nature. As Teacher said, 'The Tao and the demonic ways are taught at the same time and in the same world'(Enlightenment). There are countless false religions being spread 'As for the religions founded in this century, or not just this century but also the many new religions founded in different parts of the world in last several centuries, most of these are sham.' (The Buddha School Qigong and Buddhism, Lecture 3, Zhuan Falun). Obesity is becoming a major problem in the developed world, particularly in North America. At the same time, mental depression rates are the highest ever recorded and on the rise; why? Perhaps precisely because humankind has become ‘hungry of soul’. The material objects and empty desires are not able to fulfill the true purpose of human life; atheism and empty doctrines leave a void in man’s inherently spiritual nature. Luckily, the genuine Fa of Falun Dafa is being widely spread in the world, and all these deviations and falsehoods are being rectified one after another.

3. 'Clouds and fog will darken the whole sky.'

- Perhaps a reference to airborne pollution. In Beijing last year there were dust storms that indeed darkened the whole sky. Persecuting Dafa practitioners to death and attempting to negate the principle of the universe, Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, is a huge crime and will surely bring about karmic retribution.

4. 'A hot wind and a cold wind will come and carry off all fruits and grain.'

- A Native American prophecy from the Onondaga tribe (see Part 3) also mentioned a great wind that would come. This may refer (as in the following) to severe instances of drought, crop failures and shifting weather patterns. It is possible that this prophecy will not come to pass, however in light of the prophecy, we should keep a close watch on events occurring in China.

5. 'The rain will not fall at its due time.'

- Seems very vague. But at the moment we see in China severe drought, the likes of which have not been seen in a very long time. In other parts of China, there are severe rainstorms and flooding. Indeed, it appears that the rain is not falling at its due time in China…

'Righteousness is so worthy and great and valuable, that in one place it is revealed that Zarathushtra asked Ohrmazd (God; 'Wise Lord'): 'How much time remains until the time of Frashegird, that is the making of Frashegird and the Future Body?' Ohrmazd said: '3,000 years'.' (From Pahlavi Rivayat, ch 25. based on translation of A.V. Williams, 1990.)
The term Frashegird (literally 'making wonderful') refers to the renovation of the universe, the last judgment. The ‘3,000 years’ figure can be extrapolated to our time now, around the millennium. According to their doctrines, the cosmic battle between good and evil will ultimately lead to the destruction of all evil.

From the Avesta (Pahlavi Rivayat, ch 48. based on translation of A.V. Williams, 1990.) we can examine and comment on the following passages:
'85. And the Mazda-worshippers will likewise perform a Yasna [a kind of ritual], and through their Yasna (it will) not (be) possible to withstand them.'
- Could this be referring to Falun Dafa practitioners? The type of 'ritual' – or Fa-rectification activity – might well be the sending forth of righteous thoughts…
'87. Those demons will thus fall from this earth to Hell, just as a stone, 88. when it falls or is thrown into water, quickly sinks to the bottom of the water. 89. Then when punishment is inflicted on the wicked ones, the Sosans will perform one act of worship and one-fifth of the other demons will be destroyed, and he will perform a second act of worship one-fifth (will be destroyed), (with) a third act of worship one-fifth (will be destroyed), (with) a fourth act of worship one-fifth (will be destroyed) and he will perform a fifth act of worship and all the demons will be taken away.'

- The 'acts of worship' here could also be referring to all Falun Dafa practitioners world-wide simultaneously sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in the Three Realms, at set times. However, at present, as every day of the future is being rewritten, the exact number of '5 times' need not be taken as exact. Also, they could also be referring to the hand gestures that have been recently taught to Falun Dafa practitioners, to be used when sending forth righteous thoughts.

'95. Ohrmazd will expel the Evil Spirit out of the sky, with the hateful darkness and the evil which he first brought when he invaded, and he will expel all (of it) from the sky through the hole through which he [i.e., the Evil Spirit] invaded. And that hole will make him so stunned and senseless, (that) after that (his) stupefaction will remain.

96. There was one who said: 'The eternally-existing ones will make him powerless by killing his form. The Evil Spirit will be no more: no (more) of his creation!'

97. At that time, when the wicked will have been punished […] reward and punishment will be given to every person (according) to the number of good deeds he has done. […] '

- This sound like the karmic principle of reward and retribution. The wicked are perhaps the unsaveable ones who are eliminated during the process. The good people receive their rewards. 'Dafa is evaluating all lives' (Further Comments on Superstition, Essentials For Further Advancement)

The above interpretations merely reflect my personal understanding at present. They are meant for thought, discussion, and reference and should not be taken as ‘conclusions’. Other pure interpretations on these passages, and others, are bound to be made.

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