One Can't Gain Through Pursuit or Impatience

PureInsight | January 23, 2003

One Can't Gain Through Pursuit or Impatience

There are two common sayings, "This is not something that you can just wish for" and "You have to have the patience to wait for your turn to come." From the perspective of cultivation, these words do have meaning. When doing Dafa work, if one pursues too hard or is impatient, he will be unable to attain the results that he desires. With a peaceful mind and righteous heart, all that we want will come to us naturally and we will obtain it without pursuit.

In order to save sentient beings, we already have the good intention to "hurry up and tell them," but we also need the wisdom to make them willing to listen. In this way, we can manifest a Dafa disciple's compassion and tolerance. In my opinion, the words "hurry up" in "hurry up and tell them" tell us not only the urgency of saving beings, it also contains the connotations of further giving up our attachments during the cultivation process while clarifying the truth.

Based upon the Fa principles, Master tells us "with attachments left behind, the lightened boats sail swiftly." ("The Knowing Heart") Before we can achieve the state of "the lightened boats sail[ing] swiftly" we must give up our attachments. Only through giving up attachments quickly can we truly realize our good intention to "hurry up and tell them".

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