Light Appears When Meeting Congresswoman

A North American Dafa Practiti

PureInsight | February 7, 2003

[] I had faxed my congresswoman for nearly two years regarding the persecution. She had replied with one letter to me in support of human rights. When the opportunity came that she would be in my city just a few blocks away, I went to see her. I asked her if she knew about Falun Dafa. Her answer was "No." I thought, "How could she not know? I have been faxing her for two years. I have talked with her aides."

So, I started from scratch. I told her about the benefits of the practice and how it changed my life. I told her about the unjust persecution. The next time she was in town, I visited her again. I arrived early and SFRT for nearly an hour. This time, I told her about being recently blacklisted and blocked from taking a flight to Iceland. I also told her about our rally and activities in DC in July 2002 and that I was planning to go there for the rally. She promised her support for U.S. House Congress Resolution 188. I was very happy for her and her sentient beings. With my arm behind her back, and a U.S. flag behind us, we had our picture taken together. I had decided that no evil would interfere in my saving my congresswoman and her sentient beings, so as the photo was being taken, I intensely SFRT.

The picture was taken with an instant camera. The congresswoman signed the photo as we waited for it to develop. Then the image began to appear, the photo was full of light and they thought something was wrong, so they took another picture. I decided to relax a little and this time there was only a ring of light around us.


After I returned from my trip to Washington D.C., a fellow practitioner told me that my Congresswoman had spoken up for Falun Gong on the floor of the Congress. I was again speechless. I thought that she would just support us with a yes vote for H.Con.Res.188, and did not expect anything more from her. I was helping to organize the distribution of lotus flowers to congress and was unable to visit her office. I felt sad about being unable to go to her office and see her and her staff.

I decided to visit her again when she returned to my community. I am very fortunate that she visits our district for public activities at least once a month. Two fellow practitioners joined me. She was so happy to see me again and to see them. We both smiled like we were very old friends and I was nearly in tears. We gave her a thank you card along with Pu Du and Ji Shi and a Falun Dafa Chinese knot hanger.

I did not pursue anything but eliminating the evil that was preventing her from accepting Dafa, only this. I only wanted to save her and her sentient beings, truly from my heart.

In November, this congresswoman and her sister were both elected to office. Her sister was running for office for the first time. They made history as the only two sisters in Congress.

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