Break Down Barriers and Form a Solid Whole Body

Ling Yun

PureInsight | February 10, 2003

[] I used to have some problems with another practitioner. I could not stand certain things that he did. Even though I knew that I should search inward, I still felt somewhat uncomfortable when I was in the same room with him. Later on, I realized that unless I changed the situation, it would have negative impacts on Dafa work that we were doing together. As soon as this thought occurred to me, I knew that Teacher would arrange opportunities for me. This practitioner and I had to hold an in-depth discussion over a certain piece of Dafa work that we were working on. During the conversation, I found that I was able to open up my heart and tell him what I used to feel about him. He told me that he had felt the same way. Somewhere along the way, I found that all the bad thoughts that I used to have toward him had vanished.

We are still in the process of cultivation, and it is normal for us to still have human thoughts. But we should be clear-headed about it. Otherwise the old forces will take advantage of us. When we have problems with one another, the more we don't talk to one other about it, the bigger the problems become, and the less we feel like talking to one other. Then the old forces will take advantage of this state of mind of ours and cause interference. If we can just take the first step and talk to one other with a sincere heart, we will see that all the barriers among us are things that are low-level things and not even worth mentioning.

In Dafa cultivation, we are cultivating a whole body. When we do things with one heart, we will be able to do them well.

All the Dafa disciples should form one body. In addition to practitioners from the same practice site forming one body, we should also break down barriers among regions and even countries. We also should break down barriers among different Dafa projects. Practitioners from different regions and from different project teams should share the resources. This way we will avoid wasting manpower and materials unnecessarily. As a collective entity, our wisdom is also greater.

In the past, I only concentrated on doing one or two Dafa projects, and rarely shared my experience and understandings with fellow practitioners who were working on other projects. After a while, I found that I was becoming very narrow-minded and had the tendency to go overboard in certain situations. Later on, I had opportunities to participate in other Dafa projects and come in contact with more practitioners. Now I am able to see a more complete picture of everything. In addition, I frequently am able to apply what I learned from one project to another one. For example, in the past when I tried to write articles, I sometimes found it difficult to put my thoughts into words and even wrote articles for the sake of writing articles. Now I often clarify the truth to the Chinese people by chatting to them on the Internet. When I try to write down many of the personal experiences that I have had while chatting on the internet, I find it a very easy thing to do. This way, I can share the things that I learned with fellow practitioners.

Many times in the past, after spending a great deal of effort creating something from scratch, practitioners in our region found out that it had already been done in other regions. If practitioners in different regions can communicate more often, we can avoid this type of waste.

In summary, there are many components to Dafa disciples forming a whole body, which is a manifestation and result of elevation in our cultivation.

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