Short Stories about Clarifying the Truth

A Practitioner in Mainland Chi

PureInsight | February 3, 2003


1. We Shouldn't Only Partially Do the Truth Clarification Work

One fiercely cold and windy winter morning before dawn, a Falun Gong practitioner went to a village in Northeastern China to distribute truth-clarifying materials. The frozen ground and the road were covered in ice and snow. When he passed a villager's house, he thought that the house looked very plain, and the family might not have a video-CD (VCD) player to watch the video he was distributing. In Mainland China, many low-income families could not afford a VCD player. He thought that he would give the video only to families with prosperous-looking houses, which indicated that they could afford a VCD player. So he passed the plain-looking house without stopping. To his surprise – wham - his bike fell down on the slippery road. He suddenly realized that he shouldn't hold on to his attachment when clarifying the truth. He shouldn't discriminate against people with meager means. Nobody with a predestined relationship should be left behind. Although some families may not be rich, they may have predestined relationships. Their compassionate hearts and strong righteous thoughts could help them overcome difficulties. Although they may not have a VCD player themselves, they could go to the house of friends, relatives, or neighbors and play the video there. This way, they will fulfill their wish to learn the truth, and widen the circle of predestined relationships, which will have a benevolent solution. On the other hand, although some families are wealthy and have a VCD player, they may have no interest in watching the video. We should not have any pursuit in our clarifying the truth and saving people of the world who are lost in this maze.

2. We Should Let Go of Human Notions When Clarifying the Truth and Be Responsible to All Sentient Beings

A Falun Dafa practitioner was distributing truth-clarifying materials, giving them to every other family or one in every three families. He thought that because the materials were expensive to print, transportation was difficult, and he had limited time, leaving the information for every other family would most efficiently use the materials he had, since families could share with their neighbors. Once after leaving Dafa material at an apartment, he noticed that the resident tore the material up. This shocked the practitioner. He suddenly realized that in clarifying the truth, human notions can be dangerous, and can cause people to lose the opportunity to be saved. Dafa practitioners working for Dafa differs from non-practitioners' helping out. We can't have any attachments, notions, or ordinary human thoughts. We must be grounded in the Fa and be responsible to all sentient beings, so no one is left behind.

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