The Power of Righteous Beliefs

A Dafa Practitioner from Mainl

PureInsight | January 27, 2003

[] As we strengthen our righteous beliefs, our awareness of Dafa rises up from perceptual understandings to rational enlightenment, and in the end we find the origin of wisdom.

We ask ourselves: Is each cell, each thought of ours, pure? Does each life in our dimensional space have indestructible righteous belief about Dafa? Are the righteous beliefs like a diamond, without a single streak or blemish? Do we possess sufficient wisdom to recognize, distinguish, and clean out the insufficient beliefs about Dafa or do we conceal and feed them with notions from the human side?

In the course of upgrading, we still have this and that to be cultivated. Everything remaining to be rectified in our own bodies, our space and our world will surface in our minds, reflecting the people and things that we are involved with in the ordinary world. We undertake cultivation, dissolve the impure things, rely on our revered Teacher, and are nurtured within Dafa. Under the transforming mechanism of the Fa and the benevolence of the new cosmos, our increasingly strong main spirits are being upgraded as the automatic revolving mechanism of Falun quietly protects, eliminates, rectifies, and improves everything.

We often ask ourselves: How strong are our righteous beliefs? Should there be any fears, worries, nervousness, or pursuit? With a home to return to, we are considerate, harmonious with the whole universe, and enveloped in light.

In the light, I tour the firmament, penetrating among the stars, passing layer upon layer of galaxies. From the enormous, very familiar, turning nebular clusters, spinning out one colossal lotus flower with a thousand petals coming to me, together we spin without stopping. In a clear, graceful dimension, looking back at the Milky Way throughout history, I see dynasty after dynasty, with differing apparel and adornment, flash in front of me. Is it possible to distinguish which one "I" am? As if in a trance, I look down at the multiple forms of me—my body in the Han dynasty, my face in the beginning of Tang Dynasty, my attire in early Ming Dynasty, and the palace court of the flourishing age of the Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong during the Qing Dynasty. I don't know which one is the current "I." Is it in the Han dynasty, Tang, Ming, Qing? Or is it in the 20th Century? What era is it now? Where am I? In what dimension, galaxy, or celestial kingdom? Am I on the Earth, in China, in a heavenly kingdom, in Shanxi, or South of the Yangzi River area?

It seems the dust has been shaken off. I search hard, and, finally, among many of my surnames, I am sure of the coordinate system in relation to time and space. I am clearheaded and return to the present time of "me." I perceive the message from the present time-space even as I am immersed in my various current notions and thoughts. I am very clear that the soaring one is "I." I am traveling in search of true intent and genuine thoughts. The search is coming from me. I am not any of "my" numerous attached and chaotic notions. They do not belong to me.

Let go! Let go! Drop all the attachments. We are particles of Dafa. Let us eliminate the bad thoughts, karma, bad notions and the external interference. We return to our origin, rectify ourselves to our true nature, and let go of all our attached and chaotic notions. Let us do Dafa work with the spirit of a wholly cultivated being who has neither notions nor selfishness. If we can do Dafa work without having the "I" get in the way, the evil will have no place to hide. The self-revolving mechanism of our main consciousness, no doubt, will lead us to the hearts of the sentient beings and provide the key for each lock. It will enable us to dissolve their hindrances and open their hearts with our honesty and straightforwardness. Yet in the eyes of many gods, these are done so cleverly that neither gods nor ghosts can figure out the wonder and complexity of it all.

On the road that we have traveled through with righteous beliefs and righteous thoughts, each rock and each blade of grass that we have passed through are nurtured in Zhen-Shan-Ren, and thus new lives are born. The energy source of the Fa manifests in the new world through our eyes and through our unselfish words and actions in blessing others. It brightens the darkness-shrouded souls to eliminate all the demonic evils that are slaughtering living beings. Whether it is in jails, labor camps, brainwashing classes, at Tiananmen Square, or being forced to leave their homes and wander on the streets, practitioners are dealing with all types of people in various environments.

We have no fear. We are as calm as if we were in our mothers' arms. We've already attained the Fa, "Having heard the Dao in the in the morning, one can die in the evening." (From "Melt Into the Fa" in Essentials for Further Advancement) Whatever we may encounter on the Fa-rectification path, we are able to carry it on our shoulders openly and nobly without having to prepare ourselves mentally. We don't need to make any prior arrangement or tell our families what they need to do for us in case something would happen to us, as we have no regrets. Our eyes are like particles in the Fa. They are the compassionate light of Zhen-Shan-Ren. Through them, we are able to see the clear streams of the new cosmos. Our faces, like lotus flowers after the rain, are formed by righteous thoughts and transformed from the principles of the Fa. The renewed firmament is displaying its auspicious beginning.

We have surmounted the separation before and after July 20, 1999 and have crossed Mainland China and overseas boundaries. We have conformed to the demarcations of the complex dimensions and have dissolved and untied the knots of misunderstandings from life after life. We have harmonized with Dafa from ancient times until now, penetrating the whole cosmos. We are disciples of Dafa, responsible for all positive elements. We are diligent and persistent in assisting our Master in Fa-rectification. The present moment is only a flash at the birth of the new cosmos in the boundless colossal firmament as Fa-rectification cleans out the dark, dense haze, and we will never stop our effort.

Tranquil at the beginning in facing the Fa-rectification of the human world and with hearts like still water, we continue on the journey of returning to our own places. We are preparing. We have already prepared.

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