My Grandfather Saw the Southern Gate of Heaven

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland Ch

PureInsight | January 27, 2003

[] Atheism is prevalent in modern China. This is one reason why people often consider ancient legends and mythologies as superstition or fiction. I want to use my grandfather's experiences to tell people that many mysteries and legends are real.

My grandfather was good at astronomy and geography, describing the theory of balance in all things (Ying-Yang), and predicting present and past events through the Eight Diagrams. He had many mysterious experiences in his lifetime. The most amazing occurrence happened when he saw the fairy-tale, "Southern Heavenly Gate."

One night in the 1920s, a clear and bright moon hung in the sky. Everybody in the family had gone to bed except for my grandfather. He seemed to be waiting for something and could not fall asleep. He looked up to get a view of the moon, while standing in the courtyard. Before long a miracle happened. He first saw that the three stars closest to the moon were moving, and then two shining golden gates appeared. When the door opened slowly, delicate Chinese buildings and pavilions emerged. Next, heavenly soldiers and guards in heavy armor appeared, as well as heavenly girls with clouds at their feet. He was amazed. Later on, as the heavenly beings were going back through the gate while riding the clouds, he suddenly remembered that he should have gotten the rest of the family up to see this. He shouted in the courtyard and told everyone to wake up and look into the sky. All of the family members woke up from their deep sound sleep, but only my grandmother was awake enough to get up and come to the backyard. Grandfather told her to look up and see the celestial beings. When she realized what was going on and looked up into the sky, she saw that all the heavenly persons were behind the gates, and the gates were closing.

When the other family members came out, they only saw the bright moon and stars in the sky. They did not know what had happened, and so they had to ask my grandfather. My grandfather heaved a sigh and said that they were not fortunate enough to see this miracle happening in their lives. He told them that Cheng Gou Moon had opened the Southern Heavenly Gate (this gate in ancient astrological texts was recorded as "the three stars bow to the moon"). The three stars around the moon were the three heavenly persons who guard the Southern Heavenly Gate. When they move their positions, the southern gate opens. When they return to their original positions, the southern heavenly gate closes. It opens in a 60-year cycle and only a few people ever have the opportunity to see it. Only those with a predestined relationship and good fortune get to see it.

My grandfather told all the members of the family that the family would have fortune and happiness, even those born after the occurrence, but that these lucky events and fortune would be gone once he passed away. My grandfather asked everyone to take good care of themselves. He also predicted many things that happened later in the family and even left words of warning. These prophecies were all fulfilled afterward. My grandmother often told people these things. Moreover, she burned incense and revered the gods. She was willing to do good deeds and give help to the poor. She passed away, disease-free, at age 88.

The purpose of my writing this story is be kind to people by informing them that, although ordinary people cannot see things in other dimensions, and that things in other dimensions are real and not illusions. We should not blindly follow the mean persons who are in charge and who slander Buddha and Dafa. "Don't say that doing evil will not be known! There are immortals three feet above your head."

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