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PureInsight | February 27, 2003

[] I have some potted plants on my balcony. I know the names of a few of them, but there are others that I don't recognize. All my plants had not blossomed for a long time. One day, while I was out on the balcony watering them, I said, "Why don't you blossom? How nice it would be if you blossomed." Several days later, a little bud emerged on a jasmine and then a pure white flower came into bloom, filling the area with a faint scent. The gentlest breeze would carry the fragrance directly into my small room. There was only one flower on this jasmine, yet it produced such a strong fragrance. It seemed as if that plant was using all its strength to thank me for my watering. I smiled to the jasmine and said, "Thank you."

That night, in my dreams, I saw that a plant on my balcony spoke to me. Since I did not hear it clearly, I got closer to it. Upon seeing things that resembled strings of pearls draped on the slight stalks of the plant, I asked, "Well, who are you? Are you coming to bring me a dream?" When I woke up the next morning, I remembered what happened in the dream. I went out on the balcony and looked around carefully. Suddenly, I found strings of small green balls on a bonsai that was beside the jasmine. There were over a hundred of these tiny balls, and they looked just like what I saw in my dream. I could not help laughing loudly and exclaimed, "It was you! How can a bonsai yield fruits? I can't even recognize you. What's going on?"

A few days later, the small green balls burst into bloom. There were six purple florets in each ball. Every floret had five petals and a pistil that appeared to be a golden circle shining in the sunlight. Every day, tens of these small balls bloomed and almost a hundred florets opened. This went on for more than a month. The entire balcony was radiant with color.

Later on, I realized that this event probably occurred because I had praised the jasmine in front of that other plant, and it felt ashamed.

One day, I accidentally broke a plant in the middle when I pulled out dried leaves. I felt very uneasy. After I put the broken piece in a glass filled with water, I said to it, "I didn't do it on purpose. I hope you can also grow well. I'll bring some of your neighbors to keep you company, so you will not feel lonely." I then took a leaf cutting from a plant that was beside it and put it in the glass with the broken one. Then I said to them, "You two were neighbors originally. I hope you can still get along with each other!" At that moment, I saw a small segment of cactus on the ground, which was still alive. I put the cactus in the glass too and said, "Cactus, your body is full of trouble-making thorns. If you cause others to suffer or make any trouble here, I'll throw you away."

In this way, three different kinds of plants that should have been planted in soil were now growing together in a glass of water. Furthermore, each one was fragmentary. They have been growing very well now for several months. The leaf cutting is growing the best. However, it has not developed any roots. I wonder how it is able to absorb water.

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