Another World in a Drop of Water: (Part 5) Impressions of Spring Water

Luo Jia

PureInsight | March 17, 2003

[] There are more and more people who have heard of the water crystallization experiments conducted in Japan. In "Message from Water," a two-volume collection of photographs from the experiments, several photographs of spring water caught my attention.

Fig. 1. Crystal of Water from Three Branch Spring

This picture shows a crystal of water from Three Branch Spring (Fig. 1). The spring is located in Kita Mikoma County of Yamanashi in Japan, which split into three branches at one point, and thus called Three Branch Spring. There are also three branches at each arm of the crystal.

Fig. 2. Water Crystal of Dingdong Spring in a Cave at Tenkawa Village in Yoshino County in Nara Province

Fig. 2 illustrates a water crystal of Dingdong Spring in a cave at Tenkawa village in Yoshino County in Nara. This famous spring comes out from the mouth of a cave on the mountain and makes "Ding Dong Ding Dong" sounds like a bell. The people living nearby are all cultivators, and they believe that the spring has mysterious water. From the crystal we can imagine the mysterious cave and the clear sounds of a bell.

Fig. 3. The Water Crystal of a Spring on a Mountain at an Altitude of 500-700 Meters at Hiroshima

This picture depicts spring water from a mountain at an altitude of 500-700 meters at We can see the source and its environment from the shape of the crystal without being told where the spring is actually located.


Fig. 4. Water crystal from Hongfa Spring in Kanagawa.
Fig. 5. Water crystal of from Hongfa Spring in Hiroshima.

The above pictures are from Hongfa Spring in Kanagawa and Hongfa Spring in Hiroshima, respectively. Although the cities are quite far away, the water crystals from the two springs are amazingly similar to each other. Are they somehow connected? Legend has it that twelve hundred years ago, a famous monk, Master Hongfa traveled on foot to teach cultivation. In one place, many people suffered from a strange disease. The monk broke a huge stone and a warm spring came out. The spring water healed those people. After that, many warm springs came out of the ground in places where he had been. They were all named after him.

From these pictures, we can see that a crystal from one drop of water reflects the whole shape of the spring and its sources and its environmental information. Water is just like a hologram. People who understand laser imaging know that any tiny piece of a hologram will reflect the entirety of the image. This appears to be true for the above water crystals.

How long can such information be stored? Will it change as time passes or through environmental changes? These questions are worth further investigations in the future.

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