The Cultivation Environment and I


PureInsight | March 24, 2003

[] Long ago, I talked often with my fellow practitioners about the drawbacks of the group cultivation environment in our area. I complained a lot and I thought I was correct from the standpoint of the Fa principles. But gradually I realized that my complaining was not right.

In Zhuan Falun, Master wrote, "There are also some qigong masters who claim that hospitals cannot cure illnesses, and that the efficacy of hospital treatments is just like such and such. How should we speak of this? Of course, it involves reasons from many areas. In my view, the principal one is that human moral values have hit a low point, leading to a variety of odd diseases that hospitals cannot cure. Taking medicine is not effective, either. There are a lot of phony drugs as well. It is all because of the extent to which human society has become corrupt. Nobody should blame others for it, as everyone has added fuel to the flame. Consequently, everyone will come across tribulations in cultivation practice."

Suddenly I realized that practitioners acting as one body are building the environment present in group cultivation. Problems of our group could not be attributed to one or several practitioners, but to everyone in the group. Based on this, I looked inside, searching where my problems might lie. I asked myself why I am cultivating in such an environment and why I noticed the problems. I thought about whether or not I brought any negative influence to our environment, and what I could do to improve our environment. I found that thinking this way was painful and difficult, as is looking at one's attachments. Most of the time I cannot find them. Changing ourselves has already been so difficult; changing other people will be a lot harder. The best way probably is to improve ourselves; to clean up our spaces in the environment and to remind others to study the Fa and look for their attachments.

We should strengthen group cultivation awareness and point out others' shortcoming in an appropriate way, at an appropriate time. When our cultivation awareness is very strong, we will look inside when we have problems. Otherwise, if we lose control, the old forces can use the opportunity to create more tribulations and impede the process of the Fa rectification.

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