Clarifying the Truth to a Poisoned Young Chinese Woman

A Western Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | May 19, 2003

Last October, I was attending the second of a series of medical workshops when I noticed someone who was not present during the first course. She was Chinese, appeared to be in her 20's, so I knew this was a situation that had been placed in my way to clarify the truth to her regarding Falun Dafa.

We spoke for a while, and she mentioned that she was from Mainland China, but left when she was 7. I asked her if she was familiar with Falun Gong. "Yes. It's a cult." "It's not a cult," was my reply. "It's political," was her abrupt reply. "It's not political," was my response. "I don't want to talk about it anymore. I can make up my own mind about what it is," she concluded.

Faced with this request of hers not to speak about it further, I asked my wife to mail me a truth-clarifying VCD in Chinese and a Chinese booklet about Falun Dafa. They arrived on Friday, and the course was scheduled to end the following day. In the late morning, during a break, I handed her the material, telling her that it was a present. She smiled when I gave it to her. Shortly after, before the break was over, she walked up to where I was seated at a table and slammed the VCD and booklet down on the table. "I told you that I can make up my own mind about Falun Gong," she said hatefully, and marched off. I took a deep breath, and thought that my truth clarifying efforts during this conference were not going very well. At that point, I had forgotten to send forth righteous thoughts.

Much to my surprise, after lunch, the physician who was coordinating the course approached me. Without asking me what had occurred, she rather severely chastised me for exercising "undue influence" on the young woman. To say I was shocked was putting it mildly. I had been acquainted with this physician for several years, and we never had any disagreements. Indeed, we always got along rather well. Recovering from my shock as quickly as I could at the time, I briefly related the facts of our encounter and then clarified the truth of Falun Gong to this physician. Subsequently, I emailed her information concerning the unanimous vote on HR 188 supporting Falun Dafa and condemning the Chinese Government's interference.

Our next course was scheduled for April of this year, and I really wondered how to proceed. The young woman had been poisoned so successfully that she thought that she had her own thoughts about Falun Gong, when, in reality, the Chinese Government had planted them in her. This was the first time I had seen, right in front of me, the insidious nature of the Chinese Government's poison. It was so evil!

So, what should be done? Prior to attending the April session, I consulted a couple of other of Dafa disciples regarding what to do. I was not sure myself the correct course of action. However, the knowledge that not only she, but also all of the beings of her realm were at risk motivated me.

The day before the first day of the course, I saw her pass by, and said, "Hello!" Then I turned around and said, "Or should I say Ni Hao!" She looked at me in a very unfriendly way.

The first day of the course, I assumed a low profile and considered what to do. Although it would be unlikely that she would spread poison about Falun Gong, I was taking no chances. From the second through the fifth day of the course, I wore the large, yellow "I SUPPORT FALUN GONG" pin. Several participants of the course of 80 people came up to me to ask what Falun Gong was, giving me the opportunity to briefly explain what It was, but concentrating on the persecution of It in China and overseas. A friend walked up to me, motioned to the pin and said to others around, "You know, if you wore that in China, you would be put in jail." It was an unusually good opportunity to clarify the truth.

During these days, the Chinese young woman was pleasant and vivacious to the others, but always looked at me in an unfriendly manner. I needed to break through to her, but how? On day 4 of the course, I sat at the end of a table during lunch, and to my immediate left was a German student and to his left there she was. He turned to me and asked, "Just what is Falun Gong?" So, I told him in a loud enough, but not too loud voice about It's principles and about the persecution. Although she was speaking to someone across from her and pretended to ignore me, she had to have heard every word. So, despite her stated wishes, she did, in fact, hear quite a bit about Falun Gong.

She was no friendlier following lunch. I had been sending righteous thoughts during my stay at the course. So, what to do next?

During breakfast the last day, I got up from my chair to have a second serving and she sat down at the head of the table from which I had arisen. She was only two seats away. She had not seen me get up, for she had made a point of sitting at other tables. Knowing how much she liked to be pleasant around others, I engaged her in a conversation, since she would not be unpleasant around others. She wasn't. I found out that she was from Beijing and complimented those from her city on their clear enunciation. She had a shirt of a rather attractive blue color, which I also complimented. The person between us said, "Yes, it is really nice. Too bad you wear a coat over it and cover it up." Interesting metaphor, I thought. We had a nice breakfast together.

Following the final lecture, I was ready to leave and did not plan to stay for lunch. I had wanted to compliment her on her active and helpful class participation, but I thought I had lost my chance. So, I got into my car and was leaving when I noticed that she was right in front me in the parking lot, speaking with someone else. After they finished, I stopped the car and rolled down the window and complimented her on her class participation. She was friendly and complimented the others on their participation. She then asked me to have a safe drive home, and I thanked her. I pulled out slowly. On the back window of my car, there is a decal which can be clearly seen, stating:

Falun Dafa
Truthfulness Benevolence Forbearance

The above appears to be an ongoing project. At least we are now on speaking terms. The next course is in October.

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