Some Casual Thoughts about Cultivation: Hints from Trivial Occurrences

Bai Leke

PureInsight | April 21, 2003

[] I have gradually come to realize that nothing happens by chance on our cultivation path in Fa study. Everything is related to our cultivation. However, I am kind of oblivious about things and to people around me. After cultivating for a long time, I have started to notice the hints that are being given to me.

For instance, two days ago my computer crashed due to hard disk failure. I replaced the old one with a new one. When I installed the software, I encountered an error with my printer. The error message was a "miscommunication" between the computer and the printer. It suddenly reminded me of the fact that my opinion is different from the viewpoint expressed by a fellow practitioner in an open letter. Before the computer failure, I tried not to think about it and pretend that the letter didn't exist. However because of my computer problem, I realized that we practitioners should communicate well and should not avoid differences of opinions. Otherwise, they won't be resolved. Soon, the printer was up and working.

A few days later, I found the heating in my house was not working. The repairman said that the water pump was too old and a new one should be installed. When I heard his words, I started to examine my recent cultivation state. Since I had participated in some long-range Hong Fa activities, I had grown apathetic and mistakenly believed that Fa-Rectification was a slow process. Therefore, I slowed down and forgot Master's words of "Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them".

There have been numerous hints similar to the ones just mentioned above. My shortcomings have been exposed by these trivial things, which has been very good for me. In other words, cultivation is so interesting that all the things around us are dynamic and related to our cultivation practices.

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