Cause and Effect --- A Note for Humans of the Future

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | June 16, 2003

Tolerance is for the sake of upholding the truth, and is unconditional compassion toward all beings without exception.

However, a being chooses its own path. If someone wants to cultivate, any God will lend a hand, and help that person reach the goal of consummation with no consideration of the difficulty involved, and no thought of a reward.

If a being chooses to commit huge sins, or even decides to attack the Heavenly Fa; the consequences will be tremendously dreadful.

Whatever way any being wants to go, that is totally up to their own choosing. The only real assistance that any being may offer in these matters is kind advice.

If a being truly takes the last steps toward destruction despite constant persuasion to do good, how they are dealt with is a matter of being responsible to all other beings. The Fa has standards. Sentient beings who become un-savable can only do so through their own will, and the actions that they themselves have taken. The truth of such matters must be made known to any such being, and should be repeated many times so that it has a chance to be saved. However, it is not allowed for intolerable sins to be committed with no end. If a being indeed wants destruction, that is what it will receive.

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