Stepping Forward

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PureInsight | June 16, 2003

I have seen many articles about those practitioners that do not do the work, that have not stepped forward or have stopped stepping forward.

I find that one of the reasons for this is that the ones that do the "work" sometimes have very little tolerance for those who don't. In fact, this approach causes great hindrance to the one body, not just to the task at hand. I find personally that what happens is that one group has notions about being busy, being righteous, instead of thinking like a disciple with immense compassion.

If I was a supervisor or a manager in a job and someone was not doing his/her job, the truly kind thing to do would be to talk to the person about the job and find out what is going with them that has him or her unable to perform. Ordinary people usually just judge the person and call them lazy and stupid and a slacker.

We should be asking, "What would help other practitioners to step forward more?" Have we sat down to ask them what that would be? If, in our minds, we are thinking about how others should be this or should be that, what does this create in this dimension? Lack of trust of each other. When one judges another, splits start to occur.

I myself have been very judgmental and intolerant of many practitioners. I know that it is now up to me not to be this way even if others are. It is difficult to want to do things with others at all when judgmental thinking abounds. So my answer was to do nothing except just personally, which, of course, generated its own problems as a mode of operation.

I hope that, in the future, these things will change and the One Body will become what its name implies. For me it is an ongoing process.

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