Separation and Connection

A California Practitioner

PureInsight | June 16, 2003

"...since the old forces have separated the surface and Dafa disciples' original natures..." ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa")

Since, as I understand it, the evil tries to separate a practitioner's good part from his ordinary part, it is up to us to help those who are being attacked to keep connected to the Fa. This applies especially to people detained and imprisoned. It also seems to me that it is a big part of supporting Charles Li, helping him stay connected so he stays in the Fa so he can do whatever it is he needs to do.

I came to another understanding lately, that we can apply the same principle to the people doing evil things against Dafa. We need to separate them from the evil that is influencing them, and destroy the evil and have compassion for the people, giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

One way to do that, I think, is by sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, to fill the space around them with Gong. And by having that thought to separate it, and finally, by calling forth the part of the evildoer that knows what is good. I might be way off base here, but I strive to hold these ideas in my heart without pursuing or having attachments to "my idea" or "what I want," but to put forth the ideas with the thought "if this is in line with the Fa-rectification", and the thought that "Master has told us the Gong has intelligence and knows what to do".

It's as if I'm shining a light into a dark cave and drawing the good part of the beings toward the light just as plants are drawn toward the sun. Then that part of them gets stronger and rejects the evil.

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