Previous Incarnations and Present Life: Princess Taihua

Shi Wen

PureInsight | June 16, 2003

[Series note: People encounter and befriend one another because of predestined relationships. With that in mind, one cannot talk about predestined relationships without talking about reincarnation. In this series, we will introduce stories of incarnations from ancient Chinese historical books. Hopefully these stories will inspire us all to treat everyone we meet with kindness. ]

[] Princess Taihua was the daughter of Emperor Gaozong in the Tang Dynasty. It is said that she was the Queen of Emperor Gaozong in a previous life. The queen was murdered by one of Emperor Gaozong's concubines, Madam Wu. After the queen died, Madam Wu gave birth to Princess Taihua. Princess Taihua never smiled. Even though Madam Wu was her mother, every time Princess Taihua saw Madam Wu. she would become very angry.

When she was several years old, Princess Taihua suddenly asked for her rosary. The servant asked where the rosary was. The princess insisted she had a rosary but the servant didn't know what she was talking about. Although the Queen had died a tragic death, the palace she lived in was kept undisturbed and some of her personal items were still there. One day when the servant and the Princess passed the palace where the Queen used to live, the princess pointed at the palace and said, "My rosary is in the northeast corner of the tent in the palace." Somebody was sent to the palace and found the rosary.


A Detailed Record of the Netherworld (Ming Xiang Ji)

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