Spreading Dafa and Clarifying the Truth Using the Example of a Fish's Pineal Body

A Taiwanese Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | January 21, 2002

Modern sciences have clearly led human beings into another boxed in situation. When I was spreading Dafa, a lot of people shied away when I mentioned the third eye. They thought it was beyond imagination. They even believed that the "third eye" was baseless superstitious nonsense. Once I saw a practitioner spreading Dafa to everyday people just using examples of objective scientific experiments to illustrate certain points. In this way, he avoided debate-style explanations. Eagerly expecting others to obtain Dafa is an impure human emotional attachment and it undermines our ability to clarify the truth. On the other hand, the wisdom of Dafa disciples can help people break conventional concepts and learn the truth of the universe using modern science.

This practitioner used an experiment as an example to explain the concept of the "third eye." In this experiment, scientists removed one fish's eyes. The scientists let the blind fish without eyes learn how to react to light. They irradiated every part of fish body with a light beam and studied the reaction of the blind fish. They found when light beam hit the head of the fish, specifically the place just above the pineal body on the fish's head, the blind fish behaved actively as if it sensed light. Furthermore, when they placed a mini electrode into the pineal body of the blind fish and then irradiated the fish with light, active electrical potential was generated. When the scientists destroyed the pineal body of the fish, the fish's sense of light was completely lost. So the scientists discovered that the vast majority of fishes have "third eyes" in their heads. They even believed that fish could receive light waves beyond visible light, just like a satellite can take pictures of infrared, ultraviolet and visible light. They thought it was very likely that fish had abilities that surpassed modern space science and technology, which made it possible for them to swim freely in the deep sea and dark night.

Then why can't we human beings see?

The practitioner said, "It's not that we can't see, but we have to be good people to be able to see. If bad people were allowed to see so much truth, the world would be in turmoil. So I believe in this Fa, and I am willing to be a good person.' When the shell of an everyday-person's concepts is broken, a living being is then exposed directly to the true universal principles.

I have realized that spreading Dafa and clarifying the truth in a way that conforms to everyday people's mindsets is the manifestation of our Dafa practitioners' wisdom. Moreover, it demonstrates our compassion.

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