Exploring Cycles of Incarnation: Karmic Relationship Between the Four Sisters

Hang Ming

PureInsight | June 27, 2005

[PureInsight.org] A good friend of mine has been through many trials and tribulations in her life with a puzzle in her mind. Like many people before her, she often sighed in front of me, telling me in distress that she had no idea what the meaning of her existence or of her life is.

For as long as she could remember, her three older sisters had never been able to get along with her. Even when the four of them went shopping together for clothes, her three sisters would walk together hand-in-hand, leaving her behind and completely ignoring her. She is the youngest of the four sisters, and has always wanted to be close to her older sisters. She tried very hard to get to know them better and to look after them, but her three sisters had never cared to share any interest or topic of discussion with her. As a result, she had always been terribly hurt and distressed, and she wondered why.

After the four of them grew up and got married, she continued to care about them and look after them. However, her three sisters still refused to show any affection or even any appreciation for her devotion. Twice she literally almost got herself killed trying to help her sisters. Later on she moved to the United States. After she had worked a few years, she saved up some money and gave all of her savings to her three sisters in China for them to start their businesses. She had only less than 50 USD left for herself. She did not even have money for her rent for the next month. Her only income was her part-time job.

Later, her three sisters moved to the United States one after another and all of them moved in with her. For a long period of time after her sisters moved in, serious conflicts between her sisters and her took place on the daily basis. How matter how much she did for her sisters, they took it for granted and remained as hostile to her as ever. She had to translate for her sisters in countless daily matters and had to drive them around. In order to help them adjust to their new lives in the United States, she tried her best, giving them a speedy orientation and teaching them the American customs and work styles. However, her well-intended orientation was interpreted as criticism, insulting and snobbish by her sisters. Sometimes the conflicts were so severe that they would even physically fight each other. Once she was so furious that she kicked them out of her home. She made up her mind to disown her sisters, but soon afterwards she collected her sisters and apologized to them. Then she continued to devote herself to them as usual.

She was truly worn out. She was physically and mentally drained. Sometimes she would ask God why this was happening to her. She thought, "Why do I have three sisters that treat me as their enemy? If I have done bad things to them, I should have already repaid my debts by now!"

During a visit to my home, we talked about the subject of reincarnation. She believed in reincarnation and the karmic, or cause and effect, relationship, but she couldn't begin to imagine the karmic relationships between her three sisters and her.

When I told her that I have a good command of hypnosis and that during the hypnosis she might be able to visit her previous lives and learn the karmic relationships between here sisters and her, she was very excited and asked me to hypnotize her at once.

During the hypnosis, she saw a fierce battle between four martial art disciples in ancient China. The four of them were disciples of the same martial arts school. Three martial art disciples were chasing the fourth martial art disciple. The fourth disciple was the most talented and skilled of the four. However, he had no chance of becoming the heir to the martial arts school because he was the youngest disciple of all and seniority was the most important factor in determining who became the heir. Driven by his ambition and his jealousy, the fourth man betrayed his master and turned to an opposing martial arts school. [Note: To the ancient Chinese loyalty was paramount. One must not change to a second cultivation or martial arts school once he has become a disciple of one.] In ancient China, death was the default punishment for a traitor to a martial arts school. As a result, the three disciples began to pursue the fourth disciple. They fought for three days and three nights. All four of them were severely wounded. Finally, they had a decisive battle at a Buddhist monastery on a mountain peak. They fought from the roof to the ground and from the ground to the roof again. During the fierce battle, they punctured many areas of the roof. They also fought in the hall of the monastery and during the process damaged a terra cotta bodhisattva statue. Still, neither side was winning. The fourth disciple knew that in this battle of one against three, the three fellow disciples would take turn fighting with him and he would wear himself out sooner or later and die on their swords even though he was much more advanced in martial arts. Finally he devised a plot. He asked for a timeout and poisoned his sword in secret. In the subsequent battle, he injured his three fellow disciples with his poisoned sword and killed all three of them. Thus he committed a terrible sin and obtained a lot of karma. After a few hundred years, the debt was still unpaid. In the present life, all four of them were born as women and as sisters. This is not only a fine illustration of karmic retribution, but also a fine illustration of group reincarnations.

After my friend learned the horrible karma she had obtained from the murders, she realized why her three sisters had been consistently hostile to her since their childhood. Now she no longer complains about her sisters' behavior towards her. She is no longer upset by their hostility. She has learned to accept things as they come and maintain inner peace and tranquility.

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