A Story of Reincarnation: A Predestined Relationship between A Husband and A Wife


PureInsight | February 6, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Upon encouragement by fellow practitioners, I am writing this article to describe my dream mentioned in an earlier article in further detail. This dream has enlightened me to appreciate that nothing we encounter in life happens by chance, especially the fate that brings man and wife together. Accordingly, as Dafa cultivators, we ought to recognize marital disagreements as ripe occasions to improve our xinxing.

When I married my husband in 2002, I made a promise to Master that I would assuredly blaze a trail for the future. Before the Fa portrait, I saw the Buddha body of Master smiling compassionately. Within his lotus palms was a crystal lotus calyx.

Our marriage turned out to be more difficult than I had expected. I remember in Master's Fa lectures, a disciple asked about the matter of divorce. Master said, "[…] those things won't be allowed in the future." (From "Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students") After I read it I was excited, yet ashamed, as Master knows everything. My marriage had hit a rough patch. One day my husband and I had an argument, and he hit me. I was extremely depressed and was determined to leave my home and run away. It was then I returned to my mother's home. And it was that evening the dream took place.

The setting was 14th to 16th century England as the fashions were all of that period. Ladies dressed in skirts that had corsets. The gentlemen wore bird feather suits and tight trousers. My husband was my fiancé in the dream. His name was Alex Alexander. He was a duke. He was extremely arrogant and proud. I was a daughter in the royal family. The house rules were very strict, and my disposition was very traditional. I was a very forthright person, and did not know how to sweet talk. I liked quietly reading or walking in the garden. My name at that time was the same as my English name in this life, Marion.

We were both considered good matches, so he and I were engaged to be married. One day, while at the manor of my fiancé, he invited a huge group of gentlemen and ladies from upper society. On the second floor balcony, I saw a woman with great sex appeal. That woman was the type who can make men grovel over her at a single glance, with her figure-flattering pomegranate-patterned skirt . She acted especially intimate to my fiancé in front of me. Furthermore, she asked my fiancé to tell me that he would marry her. Her eyes were telling me that the person that my fiancé loved was an fawning woman like her, not an old-fashioned woman like me. I saw through her venomous heart and realized that she did not truly love him. She only wanted his status and fame, while proving to herself that she was alluring enough to hook a very arrogant man. I felt very sad and left. I knew one day my fiancé would see this woman clearly, and he would regret it.

Afterwards I cried continuously. On the street I paced back and forth, hesitating. I did not know how to confront this sudden attack, how to face anyone. My heart was filled with shame and anger. This kind of thing was very humiliating in the upper class society of those times.

Just as I was aimlessly roaming about on the street, I saw a group of people who were gathered in front of the royal palace. There was a performing artist who was very tall. He was spitting fire. There was another man there, telling them how it was done. However, bystanders didn't seem to notice this person who was teaching it, only I saw it. It was like there was a reason to let me see it, calling something to my attention. Isn't that Master? He looked the same as in this life. My heart thought: Wasn't this Master? I shouldn't be this sad, I should go with Master.

However, because I was excessively sad, I watched just a bit more and left. I walked along the peaceful Thames riverside, hoping to calm myself down. At that time, my fiancé arrived. I remember it was a very beautiful carriage. He brought me to a manor. After entering the manor, I saw a huge sculpture. The foundational base was approximately as tall as a man. Above it was a rider on top of a huge and strong horse. The entire statue was plated with gold, it was very grand. The foundation was engraved with three words, "Marion Alex Alexander." I was very shocked at that time. Why was my name and his surname engraved on it? There were many other sculptures in the manor, all engraved with my name on the base. My name was everywhere. There was a huge fountain in the center of the garden. There were lots of flowers in the pond, as well as a sculpture. Besides, gold railings encircled the fountain. Behind the fountain was a very large villa. There were many servants and gardeners in the manor bustling to and fro. When they saw me, my fiancé instructed them to call me madam. The servants seemed to already know the duke's business. From their eyes I could tell that the duke was very regretful. He had already recognized that woman's real identity, and didn't have the ability to break away from her. Thus, to calm his conscience, he built this manor as a gift for me. The servants sympathized with me as well as respected me a lot. However, I wasn't happy at all, for I knew that to accept it would be to forsake my reputation. A woman's reputation at that period of time was so important. I left. I cried as I walked, and the tears had no end. At that time within the manor were four to five musicians playing violins for me. It was all very melodious, yet the songs were sad.

Until I woke up, my heart still hurt and my eyes were still wet.

Left: A small brook in the mansion
Top: The mansion
Center: Fountain

In October 1993 at the Yuelu Mountain temple, for the first time I kneeled before the Buddha solemnly praying that the Buddha would bless me in this life and allow me to cultivate and achieve real fruit status. At the moment when I closed my eyes, I saw a huge Buddha in front of me, with a laughing face, carrying a strand of Buddhist pearls. The big Buddha used his thumb and threw pearl beads to me. One after another the Buddhist pearl beads flew towards my head, nine of them all together. In November 1993, yet to attain the Fa, I went to London, England on a business trip. I went to Westminster Abby for sightseeing. While in the church I felt the surroundings were very familiar. The names of everyone on the wall all felt familiar, like they were all my relatives. I didn't feel as if I was a first-time visitor to the city. Instead, I felt very familiar and intimate with my surroundings. I never got lost, as if I was walking in my own garden. While visiting Buckingham Palace, it was the same, as I felt as though I had lived there before.

My husband told me before a story of our past life. That was during the Kuomintang period during the World War II. He was a high-ranking military officer of the Kuomintang. He went to South Korea to assassinate a Japanese official. After he was discovered he was being hunted. Later, he ran into a dead alleyway. With no outlet and death waiting, a back door of a courtyard opened. A young lady saved him. That young miss was I. At that time the young lady may have fell in love with the officer, hoping he could stay. The officer also adored the young lady, but was duty-bound to fight the Japanese. He couldn't marry her, so he told her they could only wait until the next life.

In 2003, in order to avoid the stalking and persecution of the Chinese Communist Party police, we went to Guilin City. Once, after sending forth righteous thoughts I saw an image of our scene in heaven. My husband was a huge dragon-horse, with a horse face and dragon body. His silver body was several miles long, while I was a life without body and shape. I could gather together like clouds to support and hold up dragon-horse, playing with him. Dragon-horse would pass through and fro in my body. There was also a small cloud, my child. Dragon-horse would hold him to play. We were very happy, indeed.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/12/23/35050.html

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