Maho Remembers

PureInsight | July 8, 2002

Maho is a little Japanese girl who is not yet four years old. One day, she started talking to her mother about her previous life. Her mother recorded these events.

This report was sent to Dr. Kazuhiko Nakahara, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NTT Hospital in Kumamoto City, Japan. Dr. Nakahara then delivered it to Professor Toshiro Fujimura, who researches reincarnation at Fukushima University, Japan.

The following are the conversations recorded by Maho’s mother between and Maho and herself.

October 7 (Monday), Maho was 3 years and 9 months old.
Maho: “Mom, do you feel happy to see me?”
Mother: “Of course! Thanks for being Mom’s child.”
Maho: “Thanks. Did you know that I was a girl before I was born?”
Mother: “Yes. When I talked to you when you were inside me, I felt that you must be a girl.”
Maho: “That’s right. I talked to you a lot before I was born. I lived in a place where gods live and I reincarnated in order to see you!”

October 26 (Saturday), Maho was 3 years and 10 months old.
Maho: (She spoke as she was drawing.) “Maho will protect Mom because I came here just to see Mom!

November 3 (Sunday)
Mother: “Maho, what did you do when you lived with gods before you were born here?”
Maho: “I played a lot. But, one day, a god called me to come over and he ordered me to reincarnate in order to see you.”

November 8 (Friday)
Mother: “Maho, can you tell Mommy some more details of things that you did when you lived with the gods?”
Maho: “Sure. This god had a beard on his face. He looked very elegant and peaceful. Sometimes, this god played with us. There were many infants and kids. We were very happy. After playing, we were called to go to the second floor. On the light stairs, we saw this god sitting in the middle. Even though it is on the second floor, there was no roof. I saw the beautiful sky. Then this god talked to me with his soft and kind voice, “Hurry up and go down to see your mother.” Then I felt myself become a light ball and I could not remember clearly what happened afterwards. I was in Mom’s belly when I came to myself again.”
Mother: “Maho, who were you when you were with the gods?”
Maho: (a little bit angry) “Maho was Maho! But I was bigger than I am now.”
Mother: “What was your feeling when you came in to Mom’s belly in the form of a light ball?”
Maho: “I was very pleased. I felt warm and comfortable when I lightly came down. I gently kicked, and then I fell asleep. After I woke up, I talked to Mom a lot.”
Mother: “What did you feel when you came out of Mom’s belly?”
Maho: “Dark, scared, and I had a headache. Then, it felt like going down a slide. My head seemed to hit something. Then it became bright outside! I was surprised when something was put into my mouth. I cried loudly afterwards. Then I saw Mom’s smiling face and the doctor’s face too. The doctor cut my umbilical cord with a pair of scissors. I wanted to shout, ‘Stop! It hurts!’ But it was not as painful as I imagined. Mom, do you really feel great to see Maho?”
Mother: “Yes, it is really great. Mom feels very happy.”
Maho: “Me too! The reason that Maho came here is to protect Mom!”

Associate Professor Toshiro Fujimura thinks that these recording of the conversations between Maho and her mother are hard to fabricate. Maho, a child who just learned to talk, used phrases and expressions that are beyond her years.

For example, “This god has a beard on his face.” In fact, it isn’t necessarily true that the god has a beard. The beard may actually be a symbol of power and benevolence of the god in her memory prior to her birth. For a child Maho’s age, a “beard” stands for “power and benevolence.”

In addition, expressions like “going to the second floor” and “no roof” could be interpreted as “a feeling of moving up to a high and enormous space.” Maho could only explain it using words and concepts she knew. Regarding “turning into a light ball,” it reflected the state before she reincarnated into her body.

After she got her body, even though her eyes and ears were still not fully functional, she could describe her movements inside her mother’s abdomen and her impressions of her birth. Maho could not open her eyes at the moment she was born, but she clearly knew that something was put into her mouth and her umbilical cord was cut with scissors. And it was painful.

However, the most important part of this report is a sentence that is concise, pure, yet with deep thought. That is, “Maho will protect Mom because I came here just to see Mom!”

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