A Story of Reincarnation

Qing Xiang

PureInsight | July 30, 2006

[PureInsight.org] This is a real story. It happened not long ago in a small town in China.


A husband and wife had a puppy named "Beibei." Beibei was very pretty
and cute, it had white hair all over its body, and the couple always
kept its hair neat and clean. Everyone in the family loved the puppy
and fed it with milk and ham. The couple would buy anything the puppy
liked to eat.

One should say the puppy was very fortunate. However, as a storm may
arise from a clear sky, the puppy Beibei suddenly died of illness. The
whole family wailed over its death. For months the husband and wife was
unable to get over it. Other people found it unbelievable, "Wasn't it
just a dog? Is it necessary to feel bad like this? I didn't even see
you cry much when your mother died!" Although the comments were
caustic, what they said was true. When the husband's mother died, the
whole family didn't really care much.

One night the wife had a dream. In the dream her mother-in-law told
her, "When I was about to die, you and my son were so into your
business that instead of looking after me, the two of you left me
unattended at home. As a result, when I died, nobody was beside me.
After I died, you didn't cry much for me either. That puppy was me. I
reincarnated into it to demand the debt from you. Do some math and see
how long you had raised the dog and how long you had kept me home
unattended before I died. In addition, I'll tell you where Beibei came
from, and you can do some investigation to verify my words. Doudou, the
couple's daughter, got Beibei from her college classmate, and the
classmate got it from her aunt. So Beibei came from the XX City. The
puppy's mom had five puppies at a time, and Beibei was the cutest one
of them. Go investigate." Then the old woman disappeared mistily from
the dream.

The wife woke up felling strange. She could hardly believe it, but
everything was so real and clear in memory. Everything that had
happened before came into view so clearly: how she and her husband had
left the old woman home by herself, how they only cared about making
money and forgot about fulfilling their filial piety as son and
daughter-in-law, and how the old woman had died wretchedly and

To verify what was told in the dream, the wife told her daughter Doudou
to ask her classmate about how she had got Beibei. Surprisingly, with
just a telephone, everything Doudou was told exactly matched what the
mother-in-law had said in the dream. The wife couldn't help walking out
of her home and telling everyone about it, and she was surrounded by a
big crowd. Suddenly a voice said, "So one has to pay back what one owes
others. Then is there retribution for wrongdoings? No wonder other
people say ‘the good is rewarded with good, and evil with evil,' and I
even laughed at them for being superstitious. Alas, there was a Falun
Gong practitioner told me not to persecute Falun Dafa, he said that one
would suffer retribution for wrongdoings, and I thought he made it up!
Hearing your story, I now really believe him. Alas..."

That's right. As a human being, if one doesn't owe others or do
unconscionable things, and especially if treats one's aged parents and
grandparents well, one would at least get a sounder sleep. And these
are the basic requirement for conducting oneself!

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