Celestial Phenomena, Righteous Thoughts, Judgment


PureInsight | July 7, 2003

[PureInsight.org] With the progress of the incredible force of Fa-Rectification, Jiang is facing a trial. It is a manifestation of changes in celestial phenomena. Being Dafa practitioners, we should assist with this manifestation of celestial phenomena by doing things that we should do at this human level. What do we need to do to accomplish this task? Master said in "Teaching the Fa in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003," "Of course, when the wicked humans act on the evil's behalf, as long as the Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts don't have omissions and are strong, then the wicked people will become timid and they'll even be conquered by the righteous thoughts. That's how things are." What are righteous thoughts that "don't have omissions?" I personally think that in order to have that, we must have the proper perspective of the issue at hand. There are many articles on Dafa websites on this subject. For example, practitioners have talked about things such as our validating Dafa with this lawsuit and thus saving sentient beings. We are not pursuing an end result in human terms. We are bona fide justices of the court, using human laws to rectify the Fa and bringing true justice to human society. This suit will serve as a reference for future mankind.

Secondly, in the process of the lawsuit, we need to break with many human notions, as everything during the Fa-Rectification is unique and there are no references or models. For example, instead of blindly complying with legal procedures, I think we must be clear that we are not involved in ordinary people's affairs, and we can't do things based on ordinary people's notions. At the same time, we must conform to the norms in human society, and we mustn't go the extreme. Accordingly, while making court appearances, our lawyers and plaintiffs should clarify the facts to the judge from the perspective of validating Dafa. No matter what kind of position the judge holds, he is also someone that we need to save. From the perspective of our state of mind, it means that we should take an active stance instead of playing a defensive role. When having direct contact with the judge, the side of practitioners that is aware should clarify the facts to the side of the judge that is aware. They should tell him the truth and give him the opportunity to position himself. Many practitioners wrote articles about this issue and some even talked about clarifying the facts to the judge's main consciousness directly.

Thirdly, all practitioners should participate in the lawsuit with righteous thoughts. We should remove all interference while conforming to the requirements of the Fa and conforming to the state of a Dafa practitioner. We should clarify the facts without attachments and omissions, since our pure thoughts can penetrate any obstacle, including distance and objects in the human world. Master told us in Zhuan Falun (Chapter 9), "For a practitioner, one's mind-intent dictates supernormal abilities to do things. For an everyday person, one's mind-intent directs the four limbs and the sensory organs to work …" As long as we do not pursue the outcome of the court's decision, let go of our human notions and purify ourselves, the Fa's mechanism will show us what we are supposed to do. As a matter of fact, the lawsuit itself is a means to clarify the facts to people, lawyers and judges. The reason that the law requires those who aren't directly involved with the lawsuit not to have any contact with the judge is that the judge must remain objective and impartial during the decision-making process. We must physically conform to that requirement. But if we accept that in our mind and decide to do nothing at all, then that is not right because everything in the human world is created for the Fa, for our validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. We can make use of any legal methods to clarify the facts to the judge. We need to use our compassion and righteous thoughts to affect the hearts of every single person who is involved in the process. We are not only influencing them, but also guiding them and saving them. Our pure thoughts are powerful enough to change people's mind and shake the world of ten directions. Lawyers and judges are not only individuals, but represent many giant celestial systems in which numerous beings live.

All of this is the result of celestial phenomena. If we conform to Fa principles and do Dafa work as Fa-Rectification disciples, we can make up for our inadequacies.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/6/25/22233.html

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