The Grand Trial

A Practitioner from Washington

PureInsight | August 4, 2003

[] The head of evil deserves a trial by beings of every variety in the cosmos for its persecution against Master, against Dafa, against Dafa practitioners, and against sentient beings. Dafa disciples act on the universal truth, have the obligation to put right the wrongs in the human realm, and leave for the future a benchmark for Fa-rectification. After an intensive period of preparation a public trial against the head of the evil of humankind is now finally ready. I will now discuss this issue about the trial against evil Jiang from the following three aspects:

1. It reflects the need of the cosmos's Fa-rectification

This trial is actually a Grand Trial of good against evil, because Jiang is humankind's chief representative of evil. Consequently, the rectification of the human world should start here. The victims of evil Jiang have not solely been Falun Gong practitioners, or even solely Chinese people. The entire world has been its victim. From this perspective, every righteous and kind-hearted person is a plaintiff. It is also our obligation to help everyone understand the truth behind this, using a collective force of justice to mend a path toward a bright future.

Where remnants of the evil stay is precisely the place where the world's people have confusion over the doings of evil Jiang. To a varying degree, people from both inside and outside China have all been deceived. This is why we shall file a suit against it from the heart of the world's people, to reveal its crimes to the world. With all of this proceeding like an unstoppable tidal wave, and with the people of the world becoming more and more clear-headed about this, the resistance and various misunderstandings from the people of the world about Dafa will all vanish. Using a plain analogy, if everyone and every government knows it is nothing but a heap of trash, they will all stay far away from it. They will also clear it up and start to have better understandings. In order for "every righteous mind to emit energy that eliminates the evil," the key is to have them know Jiang has been put on trial, to know the crimes it has committed against both humankind and gods, and to understand the historical significance of this event.

From the conspiracies of the evil's gang to its imposition of economic pressures, it is clear that one thing that it has been focusing on is to cover up the trial against Jiang, to keep the world's people from knowing about this trial. This is because they are perfectly clear from their heart that once the world's people know about this event on a large scale thus becoming hopeful for its success, the trial will have actually begun, and they all will be swept away when millions of fingers point at them. From this, we can draw a lot of inspirations from the many twists in the saga around Hong Kong's Article 23.

Since this is a need for the Fa-rectification, we, as Dafa disciples, should follow the celestial changes, and when such a thought surfaces in our minds, it will play itself out in the human world. Its manifestation will be the gathering of the various righteous forces in a bid to pull off this righteous feat. We all know that everything has been historically arranged for the Fa-rectification, and so it is likely that forces of various kinds have all been waiting for us to come out to lead the way and control the whole situation. It is also likely that at the last minute we will locate those people who are predestined with Dafa, and will work with them on creating history and walking towards the future.

A practitioner made a very lively analogy by saying that it is like we are boiling water. The fire has to be made and sustained, and then water will be put above the fire. You start seeing bubbles here and there, and then more and more bubbles, and finally the water is ready. Therefore, when we come to a correct understanding, we shall seize upon the opportunity and start working on it continually. When we Dafa disciples keep up our righteous thoughts, Dafa will have its own intricate plans: the bubbles will pop at the right time and right place, and the trial of evil Jiang, like a pot of hot water, will be boiling in time.

Moreover, the trial against Jiang isn't a means to an end. Our goal is to follow up on predestined relationships and to offer salvation to the world's people by clarifying to them the truthful facts about Falun Gong. Putting Jiang on the trial of history, however, is only an inevitable result of this process.

2. It reflects the need of human justice

Today, among the people living in Mainland China, including those Communist Party members, nine out of ten are criticizing that shameless scoundrel. It has been more so since the people found out it was that scoundrel that was responsible for the cover-up of the SARS virus. In a Chinese community overseas, we have felt similar changes in people as well.

A Chinese scholar at an American university asked me in private, "I heard you have sued Jiang, is that true?" When he got an affirmative answer, he said, "I heard the lawsuit was in Chicago." Quietly, people are paying attention to this event. When the scholar had heard that not only in the US, but many other countries were considering similar lawsuits, he was further emboldened and said even more.

When hearing the practitioners talking about Jiang's crimes and the lawsuits against him, a Chinese political dissident who had been jailed in China for over ten years said, "Bravo! Although I was jailed in prison, I was free in spirit; but for Jiang, although he is not jailed, his spirit already is." He also said, "The trial against Jiang is good news and big news. You should make him feel like an agitated bandit leader being chased around."

Once, a practitioner had an appointment with a counsel at a western embassy. At the beginning of the meeting, he was unenthusiastic and said there wasn't much that he could do. However, when we sat down to talk, from Article 23 to Falun Gong to Jiang's genocidal crimes, when we talked about the lawsuit against Jiang, he was quite moved. It looks like the more people who hear about the news, the more powerful is the force to subdue the evil and uphold goodness.

Everyone that has the capacity to think independently, and everyone who cares about China and world peace, all give a thumbs up whenever we bring up the trial and lawsuit against Jiang. They understand this is an event of historical significance, something that will be left as a good example for the future. The will of heaven has already been cast, and none of those evildoers can expect to be able to escape. No matter who you are, what awaits you is justice.

Along with celestial changes and people who are ever more clear-headed, everyone, whether inside or outside Mainland China or around the world are all waiting. As to what they are waiting for, they are getting more and more clues, but still don't know the truth. They will need our help to understand more.

All this suggests that the trend has been set and it is irreversible. A pile of firewood is always ready, the only thing missing now is for somebody to ignite the fire of justice, to let the world's people see more clearly, and then everyone will contribute to it, to make the fire larger and brighter, and to guide them to the future. Now, we have the responsibility to set the stage for this historical moment, so that the whole world can witness this event, so all the righteous-minded will be a part of it.

3. It reflects the requirements for Fa-rectification disciples

At this last stage of the advancing fast pace of Fa-rectification, it is incumbent upon us to clarify the truth to as many people as there are before the arrival of the Fa's rectification of the human world. This is also a sacred obligation bestowed upon us by the Fa-rectification. Celestial changes have moved to this step, making it so that we can no longer be satisfied with passive "fire-fighting". Rather, we shall take the initiative. During this stage, the righteous minds of Dafa disciples are crucial. As long as every disciple sets straight his thinking and has the mentality of a judge, what will play out in the human world will be a celestial change manifesting as a trial of the evil by the just.

Throughout the ages, no one has ever done this before. So we shall first fully understand what we are up to from the bottom of our hearts. Besides, we shall have the resolve and unwavering faith that this is a process of an expanding of the scope of truth-clarification, regardless of the stage we are at, and all this in and of itself is putting the evil head on trial step by step. Therefore, however strong our righteous thoughts are corresponds to the strength of the righteous thoughts that we can inspire in ordinary people. Furthermore, the more we do, the more confident we will be, and the more confident the world's people will become. They will see hope for the future, and will be more willing to join us in upholding heavenly justice.

This is an unstoppable tidal wave and its results, as well as its intermediate steps, cannot be reversed. It is for sure an invincible force sweeping up all the evil. We will work hard building up the momentum to let more people know. In the process of doing this those predestined ordinary people will follow us and act in sync with us. This means we have to let them understand the tremendous implications of this grand action, in a language accessible to them, so that more of the world's people will be moved and join us.

When the Chinese people and the whole world know about the evil head's wrongdoings, then the foundation and factors it has been relying on will be eliminated. It will definitely panic at any form of trial or exposure. And when the whole world is working to bring it to justice, 'it' will have to concentrate on protecting itself. Then the pressures on disciples in Mainland China will be greatly lessened and it will also not have enough energy to cause troubles outside of China. To put in a nutshell, we will take a vantage point that allows us to see at a higher level, and we should take control over the whole development. We should no longer engage in "fire-fighting", instead, we should ignite the fire of putting evil Jiang to justice, making it act like a cornered rat, and soon vanish in a flame of justice.

Some practitioners quoted what Master said (not the original words) that on the issue of keeping or eliminating a being, it all depends on one single thought he has regarding Dafa: If a person opposes Jiang but also has a negative attitude towards Dafa, what should be our stance? Our understanding on this is: everyone that is living on the earth today, the side of him that is clear-minded won't oppose Dafa, it is only the hindrance by the evil that has made him say some irrational things about Dafa. Our task is to create a righteous environment – then let's see what they have to say. Master has sent forth the greatest wishes of benevolence to save us, and so every being still has his chance before the conclusion of the Fa-rectification: Isn't it true that Master has also been repeatedly giving opportunities to the disciples? Those disciples who haven't done well enough have been given opportunities to make amends, why not those ordinary people who haven't had a good understanding of Dafa? In this sense, anyone who is in support of the trial of Jiang the evil is a good thing. Universal truth is absolutely fair: it is evaluating the case during the process, and the result will come out only at the last minute.

We shall harmonize and work on everything Master has said is needed in the Fa-rectification. This is the greatest benevolent thought. The Grand Trial of the evil scoundrel should come out with results in the intermediate steps during the Fa-rectification, and is a step that Master would like to accomplish. If so, it is bound to happen that the whole human race will have a trial to bring the evil head to justice, so that the field of negative elements will be weakened and even eliminated, so that the righteous factors will be created and reinforced, setting the stage for further truth clarifications, and for saving even more sentient beings.

At the recent Chicago conference, Master said, "If human beings were to end the persecution, what a disgrace that would be to Dafa disciples! We wouldn't have validated the Fa, we wouldn't have established mighty virtue in the persecution, and our Dafa disciples wouldn't have blazed their own path."

Now, let us walk an even more righteous path, and act more righteously, to finish the last leg in our journey to validate the Fa and to eliminate the evil.

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